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12 Days Of Christmas: The Love Interviews – The Love Chronicles

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday! For the sixth day of the 12 Days of Christmas event, we will be catching up with the characters of The Love Chronicles during part two of The Love Interviews.

Back in 2017, I did a series of character interviews which caught up with certain couples from my most popular books. One of those interviews was with the main characters of The Love Chronicles, Andie and Dexter, which you can read by clicking on the link below:

Now, there has been a few years since the last interview as well as their last book, Love You For Life; but with the new interview, it will pick up from after Love You For Life was released.

Let’s catch up with them, along with the other characters from the series.


SB: Hello, everyone and thank you all so much for joining me for this interview. I know it was difficult to squeeze this in since everyone has such busy schedules.

Andie: It’s a pleasure to do another interview with you, Sheena. We’re so happy that you wanted to interview us again.

Dexter: I was actually shocked that you wanted to interview us. Our lives are pretty boring.

SB: I wouldn’t say that. You both are thriving in your careers and you’re having a baby. I wouldn’t consider that boring.

Andie: It’s definitely not. We’re both happy with our personal and professional lives.

SB: Can I ask if you know what you’re having?

Andie: You know we can’t say that, Sheena.

SB: I’m sure the readers what to know. It has been a while since the pregnancy news has been revealed.

Dexter: That’s true, but Andie and I do have an announcement to make.

SB: Curious minds want to know what that announcement could be.

Andie: Well, we were trying to keep this a secret, but Dexter and I will be doing another story to chronicle the pregnancy.

SB: Wow, that is amazing! I’m sure the readers will be happy to hear that.

Dexter: Yes, everyone will get a chance to know more about our lives and the pregnancy as it unfolds.

SB: And readers will get a chance to revisit your relationships with your parents as well.

Andie: Definitely! I’m sure everyone is wondering how our parents are getting along with the news.

SB: I’m sure, lol. That is amazing! Thank you both for sharing this wonderful news.

Andie: You’re very welcome, Sheena.

SB: We also have Mashawn and Andrew, Regina and Damien, as well as Sheree and Pedro. Thank you all for joining us.

Regina: Thank you for having us, Sheena.

Mashawn: This is pretty exciting. I didn’t think we all would be doing an interview.

SB: You all have made an amazing impact to the series. I feel as if you all grew up along with Andie and Dexter and developed your own stories to share.

Regina: I agree. There has been a lot of growth among everyone here, and it’s amazing to see that we all have become closer. Especially with Sheree.

Sheree: Thank you for only pointing me out, Regina.

Mashawn: I thought I was the one who was always shady.

Regina: I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I was just saying that we didn’t like each other, but now, we’re getting along. That’s progress.

SB: I agree. Life is about growing. Speaking of growing, how is married life going, Regina and Damien?

Damien: It’s wonderful, isn’t it, Regina?

Regina: Yep, it’s great. Couldn’t be happier.

SB: And your careers are going well?

Regina: Yeah, we’re doing great there. Damien even received a promotion at his job, which is amazing.

SB: Congratulations, Damien.

Damien: Thank you.

SB: Is everything okay, Regina?

Regina: Yes, it’s just a lot been going on with work, that’s all.

SB: I hope things get better for you. I know how hard it can be adjusting to a new job or an entirely new career.

Regina: Thanks.

SB: How about you two, Mashawn and Andrew? How are things going for you both?

Mashawn: Things are good. Couldn’t be better.

Andrew: Are they? Especially with your parents bothering us every five seconds.

Mashwn: Are you really going to talk about my parents during this interview?

Andrew: What other time are we going to talk about them?

Dexter: I really don’t think this is the time to talk about this.

Andrew: Fine, but we have to discuss it soon.

SB: Okay, I guess I shouldn’t have asked.

Andrew: I’m sorry for my outburst. I guess there have been some issues lately.

Mashawn: Too many.

SB: Why don’t I move along to Sheree and Pedro. You both are the new kids in the group, so how are you both adjusting?

Sheree: We’re doing well. I agree with Regina with us growing and being closer.

SB: How are things with you and your mom?

Sheree: That’s another story to be told on another day.

SB: And Pedro, I’m sure there’s not a dull moment at work with you and Dexter, aren’t they?

Pedro; Of course not. Dex and I are becoming great friends and just being around everyone is pretty awesome.

SB: That’s good to hear. And wait, aren’t we missing someone?

LaToya: Sorry, we’re late. It was traffic on 45.

Simon: LaToya couldn’t find anything to wear.

SB: Well, you’re here now. How are things going with you two?

LaToya: Things couldn’t be better, right baby?

Simon: They’re great. She’s happy, I’m happy, so life is good.

SB: I’m so glad for you both. Since Andie and Dexter already shared their news, and you all are here, why don’t you share yours?

Regina: Great. Well, each of us will have a story released under the new series, Forever Love.

Mashawn: It will tell our versions of our relationships as we go through our careers, families, and other aspects.

Andie: And besides our story which will be released soon, you all will be getting updates about Dex and I throughout the new series.

SB: There you have it, not only will there be a new story with Andie and Dexter, but there will be a brand new series centering around each couple from The Love Chronicles series. Congratulations to everyone and I know readers will be excited to read each couples’ stories.

Damien: Thank you so much, Sheena. We’re excited as well.

SB: I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out to be a part of this interview.

Regina: Thank you for having us.


A new story with Andie and Dexter will be coming soon in late January! This will be a Kindle Vella book, with new chapters released each week. More details about the story, including the release date for the first chapter, will be given towards the end of this year.

The Forever Love series is a spin-off series from The Love Chronicles as each couple from the series will be getting their own stories.

The first story that will be released is Down For You, which is Mashawn and Andrew’s story. The release date should be in March 2022. I will be releasing the actual date soon, so stay tuned.

The next books will be released in the order the covers are presented:

Will be released in July 2022.

Will be released in October 2022.

Will be released either in December 2022 or January 2023

Thank you all for joining me in the first interview of The Love Interviews part 2. Please check back tomorrow as we continue the 12 Days of Christmas with another Book Day for the holiday book, The Love You Give, which will also be the 2-year anniversary of its release.

Until next time, everyone! 🙂

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