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31 Days, 31 Authors- Chelle Ramsey

Hi everyone! We are near the end of the 31 Days, 31 Authors event and today, I have Chelle visiting the event! One thing I love about Chelle’s writing is that you can find some way to relate to each of her characters. No matter if you have been through their situation or currently going through it, you can easily think about yourself in that situation and want to root for them to overcome them. For me, if I read a story and automatically identify with the character, then that story is a winner for me.

Now, let’s get to know Chelle as she talks about her journey as an author. 🙂



Women’s fiction author and blogger, Chelle Ramsey lives in the metro Atlanta area with her husband and three children. Chelle wants readers to become empowered to rise above life’s adversities, with faith in the Almighty God, and belief in themselves. During her “me time,” she becomes enraptured with the enthralling stories of Terry McMillan, Nora Roberts, James Patterson and Stuart Woods.

She hosts the annual 20 Days of Love authors’ blogging campaign, March Madness authors’ giveaways campaign, and showcases other authors on her blog at She is a ghostwriter for romance authors. She also blogs for Liyahmore Publishing and Amore Speaks. Her novels can be found online at Chelle Ramsey Amazon.

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1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

I love to read! I also enjoy watching Christmas movies with my daughter, and cheering my youngest son on at wrestling matches. I love escaping away from my kids to have a date night with my husband. ❤

2. What inspired you to become an author?

My husband. Writing has always been a method of relaxation, healing, and what I do when I’m bored, since the age of 12. Once he discovered my writings he began to encourage to publish them. I finally listened 16 years later. J

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I jumped up from my desk at work, and called my husband and did a silent scream into the phone. It was on our 9th wedding anniversary.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Writing and blogging full-time, and possibly doing motivational speeches.

5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

Follow your heart’s desire and write what you love. Most importantly get it professionally edited, and a professional cover designer.



Excerpt from Bejeweled: The Flight of an Angel

Angel and Alex sat at the table at Club Blue, she sipping on an Amaretto Sour and he was nursing a Black Russian. The music was jumping and they had danced a few rounds during the last hour they were here.

“Come on, let’s hit the floor one last time, then we’re outta here,” Alex stood, reaching out his hand for her to take.

Angel followed him onto the dance floor holding his hand. Bodies pressed tightly together in the hot, crowded club jumped to the sound of the music. It seemed as if everywhere they turned someone was popping their booty to the music, while bodies were gyrating, and arms swaying. Air currents streamed from the vents positioned all around the club, but it was no match for the heat generated by all the pulsing bodies on this hot summer night.

Angel had dressed rather sexy tonight despite the fact that she was chilling with her now best friend. She needed to feel beautiful and sexy, not to grab Alex’s attention, but as women sometimes do she wanted to see that men still desired her, and she knew her outfit would grab attention when they walked through the club doors. She wore a gold lame` bustier that showcased a slight flare at the waistline. Black tight jeans emphasized her small waist and clung to the curves of her plump behind. Her four inch black stilettos easily boosted her height to 5’5” bringing her closer to Alex’s height tonight. She wore black and gold accessories to match her gold purse. In recent weeks Angel had allowed all the color to grow out of her hair and she wore a long black weave parted in the middle, flowing down to the middle of her back.

Alex held on loosely to her waist with one hand as she wriggled her hips and shook her body from side to side. Her arms locked tightly around his neck and she gave him a flirtatious smile and winked her eye at him. Alex’s face did not crack a smile; she didn’t know what was on his mind, but she gathered he was enjoying himself despite the serious look he wore.

Angel turned around and with her back to him she continued to wiggle her hips back and forth. With a low growl emitting from deep within his throat, Alex pulled her closer to him almost crushing her in his

arms. There was something possessive about his hold on her as his body swayed back and forth to the pulsating rhythm of T.I.’s “Ball.” When he finally loosened his grip, Angel dropped down low and worked her way back up again, all the while making her butt jump to the rhythm of the beat, hair swinging back and forth. When she reached her full standing height Alex was standing behind her swaying to the beat.

“You’ve got moves for a white boy, if I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought you were a brother,” she teased.

“Alright, girl, I got your white boy. Maybe it’s the Armenian blood running through my veins from my mom and dad,” he winked at her.

When the song came to an end they were prepared to leave, but the DJ played Usher’s “Love in This Club” remix and Alex pulled her back against him. She held onto his neck with one hand while the other hung at her right side. She could feel his large hands tightening around her small waist and those green eyes of his were making love to her right there on the dance floor.

When he licked his lips, Angel thought she was going to lose control and go right over the edge. There was an intense passion ignited in her that she didn’t know existed before this moment, one she was not ready to take on. She had one leg between his and his manhood pressed itself against her thigh, growing and demanding attention. Alex’s head lowered as he pressed a soft kiss against the back of her neck. He wanted her and there was no denying it, she held her head up and looked in his eyes again and that was her mistake. Uh-oh, she thought, I think we just crossed the friends line.

Alex took her bottom lip in between his teeth and bit it. As soon as she flicked her tongue out to soothe the bitten spot, he used his tongue to claim hers in a passionate dance of loving. The kiss was demanding, sensual and powerful at once. All thoughts flew from her head as Angel struggled to maintain her composure. Things were moving too quickly for her and she wanted to regain control of the situation before it went too far.


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