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5 Things You Didn’t Know About My Heart Belongs To You

Hey everyone! There are only two more days until My Heart Belongs To You is released! This book is the fifth installment in the Into You series, and I couldn't be more excited. As always, I love sharing behind-the-scenes insights into my writing process, and I have a lot to share about this book. Let's get started!

  1. My Heart Belongs To You was not going to happen.

Before writing this story, I was in the process of writing two other books: Wait For Me (the third book from the Forever Love series) and A Love Like Ours (the third book for the Reclaiming What Is Mine series). I was in the middle of doing the plot line for Wait For Me, when my mind told me to start reading The One For Me for research. Little did I know that I was setting up to start writing My Heart Belongs To You.

2.       The main characters from My Heart Belongs To You were not even mentioned in the previous book.

Although Kierra was introduced in The Right Kind Of Love and Sharif in The One For Me, there were no plans to make them each other’s love interest. In fact, Kierra was only mentioned in a brief conversation in The One For Me while Sharif was brought in towards the end of the book, so I was not going to write a story about them, but there was a tiny voice speaking to me that there was a story to tell about the two, both romantically and personally, so here we are.

3.        The story was going to be about Kierra and Jeremy.

After realizing that I wanted to write a story centered around Kierra, I was going to keep the male character with her boyfriend, Jeremy, but I realized that in order for the story to work with the series (since it centers around both characters either working at Suds), I had to change the male character to another Suds employee. I think it worked out better anyway. :-)

4.          Some of the scenes actually happened

Since the Into You series is inspired off of my job at a car wash, there are scenes from each book that actually happened. It’s no different in My Heart Belongs To You. I can’t say what scene, but that’s something you all will have to determine while reading. :-)

5.         There may be more stories in the future.

While writing My Heart Belongs To You, I realized there are potential for other stories with the younger characters. There is also a surprise in the story that I cannot reveal just yet. You will have to read it to find out. :-)

I also have the music playlist for the story, which you can listen to in its entirety on Spotify.

My Heart Belongs To You is still available on pre-order, so make sure to order now so it’ll be available on or before midnight on May 31st!


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