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Hi everyone!! I hope you all are enjoying your 4th of July weekend. I’m especially enjoying today, since it is my birthday (yay!)!

Since I was not able to release Reclaiming What Is Ours today, I decided to do something else, which was release my short story, Love No Limit. This story was supposed to been released in September, but since I’m no longer associated with the boxset that the story was supposed to been in, I’m releasing the story independently.

Here is the blurb for the story:

Kristina Monroe is having a pretty rough day. From delivering a bad presentation in front of big time clients, to finding her boyfriend with his ex-wife, she pretty much wants a do-over with her day. Or her life for that matter.

When she decides to go out with friends, she interacts with the bartender, Julian McFadden. With his clear blue eyes, chiseled features, and perfect physique, she was already smitten and figures she needs a night of fun. After a night of wild, passionate sex, the two agree that it was just one night and they could both move on without any issues. Easy peasy, right?

When Kristina’s college roommate, Trish, asks her for a huge favor by taking in her new stepbrother from New York into her condo, Kristina decides why not. She has the space and since the person was paying, she could use the extra money. But when she realizes who the person is, she wishes she could take back that decision.

As Kristina and Julian adjust to seeing each other again, as well as living together, the two start to realize that maybe they shouldn’t had ended their relationship before it even started. Instead, they realize they things could be far more interesting between them beside their one-night stand together.

Love No Limit is only available on Amazon, so make sure to 1-Click today. 🙂

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