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Available Now!!!

Hi everyone! The Right Kind Of Love, the third book in the Into You series, is available now on Amazon!

Catch up with the crew from the Harrison store as Jamarcus is now the manager and dealing with a lot than just the store. Find out how he copes with that, along with his ex-fiancée coming back into his life, in the latest installment.

Before you all 1-Click, check out a sneak peek of the story on Book + Main! I posted an exclusive bite of the book, which you can read by clicking on the link below:

Also, for those of you who have not read parts 1 (Into You) or 2 (Resisting Temptation) of the Into You series, you can get them both on sale this weekend. I included the previous post that talks about the sale along with the links to both books.

  1. Suprise!!!March 4, 2023

Hi everyone! I’ve been very quiet the last few days, mainly because I’ve been busy with work, my classes, and with releasing a new book! I decided to write a book through Kindle Vella, which the first three episodes are now available to read, with a different episode released every week. You can read the […]

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