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Baker 6 Chapters 30-32



Once Tamara and I noticed Gerald rushing out of the Thomas’ home and into his Tahoe, we automatically knew what happened. I called Camille to see if she was okay, but told me she’ll talk to me at the party later. As Tamara was leaving, she informed me that she’ll let me know how Gerald was doing once she talked to him. I shook my head at everything that has happened lately. I know Gerald is probably in a bad place right now. I wouldn’t blame him, so I know he’s going to need the support of his friends right now. And Camille, I know she’s hurting too, especially knowing that the two people she thought was always honest with her, kept this secret for so long. I sighed as I went up to my bedroom. I looked at my Halloween costume and smile.

Although the day turned out bad, at least we could have some type of fun at the Halloween Bash tonight. As I put the costume on my armchair, I felt a nap was in order. Since Camille and I been together, we hardly been getting any sleep. Trust me, I’m not complaining; I love being around Camille, but right now, my body saying otherwise as I knew I needed some sort of sleep before heading out tonight.  As soon as I lay my head down on the pillow, I quickly drifted off to sleep.

“I knew you would finally cave in to her.”

I looked over and jumped up.  Rachel was staring directly at me. She was wearing the same cream wrap dress that she wore at her funeral. Her black hair was flowing around her oval face as she lean in closer to me.

“Rachel, what you’re doing here? You’re dead.”

“Am I? I knew you would eventually give in to Camille. You couldn’t resist her, no matter how hard you tried.”

“She is my best friend, and I always had feelings for her.”

“I know, but I always thought you wouldn’t cross that line, considering what she done to you.”

I looked over at Rachel wondering what she was talking about.

“Remember, I know everyone’s secrets, including yours.”

“I don’t have any secrets Rachel.”

“Do you? I remember a while ago when you needed me for a favor. Actually, you needed me for a couple, including a time not too long ago when you called me begging me to help you.”

I gave Rachel a mean stare as she went up to me with a look of evil and lust. I knew that look. That look used to turn me on as well as frightened me, mainly because I knew she was up to no good and this time was no different.

“You better be glad I’m no longer living, because I could expose you just like that.” She said with a snap of her finger.

I quickly woke up in a cold sweat. I looked around the room wondering if what I experienced

was true. My breathing started to slow down as I realized I was dreaming. Although it was a

dream, a tiny voice in my mind was thinking otherwise. A part of me was a little relief to know

that Rachel was gone and could no longer expose me for my past mistakes, but why I have this

sinking feeling that my past will come back to haunt me?


After the weird dream I had, I no longer could go back to sleep, so I decided to get ready for the party. As I was looking at my costume, I noticed a missed call from Camille. She must have called while I was asleep. I listened to the voicemail telling me once I get to The Drake Hotel to meet her in the conference room. I didn’t know what that was about, but probably to talk about what happened earlier. Tamara still hasn’t called about Gerald, so she probably hasn’t heard from him either. Hopefully he’s doing okay with the news and not doing anything crazy.

Once I put the final touches to my costume, I grabbed my keys and headed to the hotel. Once I got through Baker’s traffic on Courtland Freeway, I pulled up into the parking lot of The Drake Hotel anticipating a fun night. As soon as I walked into the ballroom, there was already a huge crowd gathered inside, drinking and mingling around the DJ table and food table. While the DJ was playing Chris Brown’s new single, I headed over to the bar and grabbed two glasses of champagne and went straight to the conference room.  I got to the door and slightly knock, but as soon as I did, the door immediately opened.  Camille stood by the desk wearing a sexy nurse costume.

“How ironic that you dressed as a doctor.” She said as she walked over to me. She took one of the champagne glasses from my hand and took a sip.

“Well, I didn’t want to give my costume away.”

“I love it. Definitely suits you.”

“Just like the naughty nurse suits you?”

“Of course; I can be naughty when I want to.”

“Yes, you can.” I said as I went up to her.“Why did you want me to come up here?”

“I just wanted to see you. I know we didn’t get to talk earlier, so I thought this would be the perfect time to.”

“How are you holding up?”

“I’m good, but let’s not talk about that. Right now, all I want to do is stare into your eyes and kiss you.” Camille said as she touched my lips with hers.

“I can live with that. What about the party? Don’t you suppose to be working?”

“I will, in a little bit. Stacy and Clara have everything under control. And Tamara is here, but checking to see if Gerald going to show up.”

“I wish we could find out how he’s doing. I know it must be rough on him.”

“I know, but right now, the only thing I want to hear are the sounds of us making love.”

I gave Camille a surprised look to what she just said.


“Oh please Trevor, like you never had sex in a public place. I never had, so for me, it will be thrilling.” Camille said as she began to take off her costume.

I watched as her nurse costume fell to the floor, revealing her white bra and white thigh- high stockings.

She walked over to me and pinned me to the wall. I pulled her towards me as we begin to engage in a heated kiss. She pulled off my shirt while I unhook her bra. We step over to the conference table as Camille lay down.

“You have protection?” she asked as she kissed me neck.

“Of course.” I said as pulled out a condom from my pocket.

Camille and I have been very carefully since our first encounter after homecoming. With the first time, we didn’t use protection, which could have easily been a scare for the both of us, but ever since then, I’ve always have condoms no matter what.

After preparing myself, Camille looked at me as she kissed my chest. Now, this party has gotten a bit more interesting.



Coming to this party was a huge waste of time. I was invited by an associate from Preston-Wheeler who received an invite and wanted me to come as a guest. I wasn’t going to come at first, but when I found out Camille was throwing the party, I wanted to see firsthand how she was as an event planner. From what I discovered, her party planning sucked. I decided to separate from my friend and explore the ballroom to see if any other action was going on. While walking close to the bar, I noticed Trevor coming in dressed as a doctor. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. Even though I despise him now, he sure does look good. As he was heading over to the bar, I quickly went over to the stage and pretend to look at the DJ booth. Although he may not recognize me in my Cleopatra costume, I didn’t want to take a chance of him spotting me. Trevor believed I went back to Dallas after our altercation, but of course, I never left.

I decided to take a leave of absence from Preston-Wheeler and stay in town looking for another job as well as a revenge plot for Trevor and Camille. When Chad reached out to me about destroying the happy couple, I was up for it, but now, Chad is going through some other stuff that could potentially destroy him in the process. Yes, he told me everything, and I was pretty shock about it, that’s why I decided to go solo on seeking any type of revenge.

I turned around to see Trevor going upstairs, which made me kind of curious to see what he was up to. Once he was out of sight, I went to the stairs and took one at time, so I wouldn’t trip on my long dress. When I reached the top, I saw him going into a room which was far off from the ballroom. I went closer to find out what the room was and noticed Camille through the glass window inside wearing a slutty nurse costume. Figured she would choose that, since she is a slut. The two appear to be talking when Camille grabs Trevor and kisses him. Camille took off her costume and pinned Trevor against the wall. The two start to kiss passionately, which made me even more furious.

So the two decide to have sex at a party? How juvenile!

“Well, let’s make this even more interesting.” I whispered as I made my way downstairs.

When I arrived earlier, I noticed a camera crew was set up near the stage to videotape the party. Now, I instantly knew what I wanted to do to seek my revenge, while possibly get Camille dethroned as the premier party planner. I went over to the group and gave a huge smile to one of the guys setting up on stage.

“Hi, can I ask you a question?”

The guy looked at me and gave me a huge smile.

“Anything for you pretty lady?”

“I see you’re videotaping the party. Will you be filming the entire party for guests to see?”

“Yeah, the feed will go through the monitors inside the ballroom.” Perfect!

“Well, I have a wonderful area that will be perfect for filming.”


“Where the hell is Camille?” I asked as I looked around the ballroom. The party was a huge success. Everyone was having a great time, but I need Camille to be present so I could do an once over with the guests. I’m pretty sure Clara can handle it, but I don’t want her to do all the work. There were two reasons why I might be on edge. One is Gerald. I have not heard from him since he stormed out of Camille parents’ home and sped out of Trevor’s driveway. Now, my concern is growing even further because he supposed to had shown up to the party. Another reason is Derrick and Melanie. I really don’t want to see the two together and hopefully they decide not to show up tonight.

As I look over at the food table, I notice something weird on the huge television screen above the stage. A crowd started to gather around looking at whatever was playing on the television.

“What the hell.” I said as I looked at the crowd.

Clara came up to me in a panic.

“Why are people looking at the television when they should be eating and dancing? This supposed to be a party!”

“I don’t know Tamara.”

 As I went closer to the stage, I noticed what everyone was looking at. I had to cover my mouth to keep from screaming.

“Oh, my gosh!” Clara exclaimed.

“Show’s over! Clara, get the production team to cut off the feed. I have to find out where the hell they are.” I said as I headed for the stairs. I know when we did the walk through, there were several rooms on the second floor, so more likely, Camille and Trevor were somewhere upstairs.

I opened each room to discover no one inside, except for one, which was further down the hall. As I went up to the door, I tried to open it, but of course, it was locked.

“Camille, Trevor, open the damn door!” I yelled.

I know the two are not ignoring me, because no one answered. I continued banging on the door, hoping someone would answer.

“Open the door!”

A second later, Trevor opened the door. I had to turn my head since he only had his pants on.

“You know, I’m all for sexual exploration in public places, but not while we’re having an event!”

“Wait, how did you know what we were doing up here?” Trevor asked.

“Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who knows what you two were doing. The entire guest list knows. Congratulations, you two just made a freaking sex tape at the biggest party of the year!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Camille asked.

“Evidently, the production crew had cameras all over the place and it showed you two getting it on up here. I can’t believe you two! You couldn’t wait until later to have sex!”

“Oh my God; this is so embarrassing.” Camille said.

“You damn right it is! I stopped the feed, but you two have to get yourselves together and get out of here, now!”

Trevor looked from Camille to me before putting on his shirt.

“We’re really sorry Tamara.”

“Let’s just go.” Camille said as she grabbed her sweater that was on a nearby chair and walked out without even looking at me.

Trevor apologized again as he walked out behind her, leaving me standing at the door.

The whole situation would been pretty funny if it wasn’t so frustrating. Now, I have to do damage control.

“Hopefully I won’t have to do too much of it.” I said while going towards the stairs.



“Of all the days to be spontaneous!” 

“Baby, calm down; everything is fine. Tamara said she will handle it.”

“Trevor, the entire town of Baker saw us having sex last night! My career may be on the line because of the stunt I pulled!”

“You don’t know that.”

“Do I? Who would hire me after this?”

As Trevor tried to put his arm around me, I quickly jerked away as I got up from my chair. I started to pace around my living room in a daze, wondering what to expect from Tamara once she stops by my house.

After Trevor and I were humiliated at the party last night, we went back to my place to figure out what to do next. Now, morning arrived and I’m taking in the picturesque view from the window. A pair of hands went across my waist. I leaned back against Trevor’s chest as he breathed into my hair.

“Cam, it’s going to be okay. It is one thing I know about workplace ethics is that sometimes employees don’t follow the rules. Besides, you can’t deny that it was pretty fun and very sexy.” Trevor said as he began kissing me on my shoulder.

I smiled at the thought as I turn to face him.

“Maybe you should refresh my memory.” I said as I put my arm around him.

“Maybe I should.” He said as he kissed me.

As we begin to deepen our kiss, the doorbell rang, causing both of us to jump. I quickly went to the door, realizing that it might be Tamara on the other side.  My suspicions were correct as Tamara was waiting, giving me one of her awkward looks.  It’s never a good thing when Tamara has that look. 

As soon as I opened the door, she walked into the foyer without uttering a word.

“Good morning to you too.”  I said as I closed the door.

“I should still be pissed at you after what you two pulled, but being the person that I am, I decided to let it go.”

“I take things didn’t go well with the committee.”

“What do you think?  I spent an hour talking to the committee about what happened and how it possibly happened. To be honest, I don’t even know if either one of us will be asked back to host the event nor any other event for Baker.”

“Seriously; but I’m the only event planner in the area.”

“Well not entirely; they can always go to someone in Houston. That’s beside the point. Practically the entire town was in attendance last night, so we need to find a clever way to get back into the good graces of Baker so we can continue with our careers.”

I sighed as I went over to the sofa to sit down. The feeling of regret returned as I pushed some hair from my face.

“How are we going to do that?”

“I’ll figure out something; but there is one thing that kind of stuck out for me during the


“What was that?”

“From what I’d gathered, there wasn’t supposed to be any activity upstairs; therefore no

footage was supposed to been taken in the area.”

 “What are you saying? That someone deliberately filmed us?” Trevor asked.

“Maybe, but how would anyone know you two were upstairs?”

 “What if someone did discover us upstairs? The person accidentally thought the party continued on the second floor and came up.”  

“That could have happened. They probably noticed the two of you in the room and decided to ask the tech guys to run the feed upstairs. But the only way I noticed you two were in the room was because the door was locked.” Tamara said.

“That because we were by the window first. We moved away from it later on.” I said.

“That doesn’t make any sense. Why would anyone decide to put our act on display for everyone to see?” Trevor asked.

A thought slowly creep into my mind as I stared at Trevor and Tamara.

“Unless it was for a motive. You don’t think Chad could have done this?”

“How could he? He wasn’t even invited to the bash.”

“He could have gotten someone to do it for him.”

“I can call Clara to get the guest list and maybe find out any new guests that attended.” Tamara said. “Great idea, thanks.” I said as I headed to the kitchen.

Once I was about to go over the threshold, the doorbell rang. I went over to it and open it without even checking the peephole. I wished I did, because Chad was standing on the other end. I let out an irritated sigh as Chad pushed past me and went inside the house.

“I didn’t say you could come in.”

“Please Camille; this is still my house. I can come in as I please.”

He stood in front of me while scanning my entire body. I instantly wanted to throw up.

 “I never knew you were the adventurous type. Well, you weren’t with me anyway.”

“What are you talking about?”

He took out a piece of paper from his shirt pocket and threw it at me.

I gave him an evil glance as I caught the paper between my fingers. I opened it and noticed that it was the society page of The Baker Express. A beautiful picture of me was displayed with the headline “Local Event Planner Caught With Her Pants Down” in bold letters.

“Local event planner, Camille Thomas-Anderson, created quite a spectacle last night at the annual Halloween Bash held at the Drake Hotel.  Mrs. Thomas- Anderson was doing more than party throwing when a live feed was displayed showing her and an unidentified man having sex in the conference room of the hotel!”

“Pretty funny, isn’t it?” Chad said as he started laughing.

The Express couldn’t find anything else to report.” I said as I threw the article at Chad.

“You know, I couldn’t have planned a better scheme myself. I applaud the person who decided

to do the dirty work for me.”

“Are you admitting you had something to do with this?”  Trevor asked. He walked over to me and gave Chad a disgusted look.

“Please. If I wanted to do this, I would have done it myself. Don’t think I won’t use this in court.”

“I bet you will. In fact, why are you calling me out with all the cheating you’ve done before and during our marriage?”

“I never said I done it during our marriage. I was faithful, unlike you with your cheating


“It’s time for you to leave. “ Trevor said as he began to push Chad towards the door.

Chad jerked his arm away from Trevor as he goes up to me. He looks me straight in my brown eyes with a smirk on his face.

“Don’t get too comfortable staying in this house. Once I’m done with you, you won’t even have a pot to piss in.”

“Not if I get to you first.” I said with conviction. 

I know Chad cheated on me during our marriage, and hopefully, Melanie’s connections will help me prove it.

Chad gives me another smirk before Trevor pushed him out the door. Before Chad could say anything, Trevor slams the door. He goes over to the wall near the door and put his fist through

it, causing a slight dent to form.  I look at Trevor and shake my head.

 “I should have hit that asshole!”

“Would have been a highlight of my day.” Tamara said while walking towards the foyer.

“What did Clara said?”

“There were a couple of people that were first time guests. One in particular was Taylor Murphy.”

“Taylor Murphy. She works for Preston-Wheeler. How did she get an invite?” asked Trevor.

“Preston-Wheeler is a new sponsor for the event. They gave a huge donation a couple of weeks ago to help fund the party. Anyway, a handful of invites were received through the company.

Why does her name stand out from the rest though?” I asked.

“Mainly because of her guest. A Megan Parker arrived with her. Clara remembered her dressed as Cleopatra. She said she was acting very weird and was even talking to one of the tech guys before the incident occurred.”

“I did notice someone staring at me when I was at the bar. It was a woman dressed as Cleopatra, but I didn’t think anything by it at the time.” Trevor said.

“Megan Parker? It’s obvious it was Melissa who put this plan into motion.”

“Why assumed it was Melissa? Shouldn’t she be back in Dallas by now?” said Tamara.

“I don’t think she is. I talked to one of my old associates from the company and he said she took a leave of absence.” Trevor said.

“You think she used an alias to attend the party?” Tamara said.

“Why wouldn’t she? She wouldn’t put her real name down, especially since we would recognize \ her.”

“She’s been in town this whole time?” said Tamara.

Trevor went over to the door and grabbed his car keys from the bowl sitting on a stand.

“Where you’re going?”

“I have an idea where she’s been hiding.” He said as he kisses my cheek.

As Trevor headed to the door, I looked at Tamara and sighed.

“Let’s hope your theory is right.”

“I know it is. Melissa was hurt by Trevor. A woman will do anything when she’s left scorned.”


I love being bad. I thought as I headed to my hotel room. Just seeing the look on Camille and Trevor’s faces gave me a sense of satisfaction.  Due to their sloppy escapade, this will give me the ammunition I need to destroy Camille in court.

And to keep my misdeeds hidden.

To be honest, I felt a little jealous of Camille and Trevor. Although I was the man Camille married, I never truly had her heart. It always belonged to Trevor. I was just the person she settled for.

As I opened the door, I noticed a shadowy figure standing near the window. I quickly pulled out my switchblade that I carried while traveling and held it out for protection. The person turned around and began walking towards me.  When I noticed who the person was, I let out a sigh and put the switchblade back into my pocket.

“Like you were going to use it.”

“I would have. How the hell did you get in here?”

“I bribed the desk clerk to give me a keycard. I had to do something. You haven’t been returning any of my calls. I was starting to worry about you.”

“As you can see, I’m fine.” I said as I went over to the living area. The person follows me. The person turned me around and gave me a fiery kiss. As much as I wanted to resist it, everything in my body was saying otherwise.

After a few minutes of making out in the middle of the living area, we pulled apart and stared into each other eyes. When I tried to lean for another kiss, the person gave me a hard slap across my left cheek.

“What was that for?” I asked in pure shock.

“That’s for being an asshole!”

“I guess I deserved that. I’m sorry for not being in contact with you, but you know I can’t right now. I’m going through a divorce, and I cannot have any type of distractions.”

“How can you say I’m a distraction? Chad, I want to be there to support you, and I can’t do that if you won’t let me in.”

“Believe me, I want to, but I need to try to get through this first before we can go into a relationship. I’m trying to hold on to my assets, and with the evidence I now have against my wife, I will be able to.”

“That’s great! Then it will show she was the cheater in the marriage. What’s stopping us from being together now?”

I sat down on the couch and stared at my guest with loving eyes. I truly care for the person standing in front of me, but I know we could never be together. There is too much at stake for the both of us.

“You know why we can’t be together.”

“Chad, I love you, and I am willing to do anything to make a relationship between us work.”

“What about your family? You can’t possibly leave them for me. I won’t let you.”

“You know my family is for show. I have to keep the charade going to protect myself.”

“Are you willing to walk away from your kids though?”

“I will work that out when the time comes. Right now, I just need you in my life and I will do

whatever it takes to make that happen.”

As soon as those words left those precious lips, I had to seal it with a kiss. That was the first time this person professed the word love or even attempt to fight for our relationship. I believe everything that was said was genuine, and I was willing to take a chance.

I stood in front of the person that truly made me feel loved and put my hand around the smalls of its back.

“You mean that?”


I stared into the eyes of the most popular player of the NBA, Demetrius Meyers and smiled. I

noticed that he was telling the truth just by the expression he was giving me.

With that, we went into my bedroom and declared our love for each other.



As I was driving down the winding road to my destination, my mind began to wonder on the woman I was going to marry. I cannot believe Melissa would do this! If she wanted revenge, she could have sought it towards me, and not Camille.

Once I reach the building, I pulled into the nearest parking spot and shut off the engine.  I took a deep breath to clear my head of everything that has happened and the potential scene I could face if my notion is correct.  I begin to stare at the bed and breakfast that Melissa and I visited in Cypress for my cousin’s wedding a year ago.  We visit a couple of times after, just to get away and be alone.  I remembered how much she loved the place and mentioned she will stay here if she ever returned. The place was in a secluded location, so no one would know it was even here.

Perfect place for Melissa to hide out.

As I stepped out of my car, I took another deep breath before going into the front entrance. Just as I suspected, Melissa was there standing near the front desk talking to the clerk as if they were old friends.

I cringed at the sight of Melissa. After all the stunts she pulled from Preston-Wheeler to now, I couldn’t help but to feel uneasy towards her. At first, those stunts were exciting and even a turn on for me, but now, as I stared at her beautiful face, all I could feel now was hatred and repulsion.

Before I could reach Melissa, Wilma, the owner and desk clerk, greeted me with a huge smile.

“Wow, Trevor! Great to see you.”

“Hi, Wilma; how are you?”

“I’m wonderful! I should have known you would come since Melissa is here. How is my favorite couple doing?”

“We’re great! Couldn’t be happier.” Melissa said.

I gave Melissa a vile glance as I turned my head towards Wilma. I could sense Wilma picked up on the weird vibe as she gives us both a look of concern.

“Since Trevor is here, should I upgrade your room to the luxury suite?”

“That won’t be necessary, but thank you Wilma. In fact, could I steal Melissa for a minute?”

“No problem. It’s great seeing you again, Trevor.”

“Likewise, Wilma.”

As Wilma stepped over to greet a potential guest, I grabbed Melissa by the arm as we went toward the exit. As soon as we step outside, Melissa jerked away from me and began to walk swiftly through the parking lot. I started to sprint behind her as she quicken her pace towards the garden. Once I caught up with her, we both fell onto the green grass and began to scuffle. Melissa tried to pull away from me, but I grabbed the end of her shirt and pulled her towards me. I held her by her arms to keep her from moving. As she attempt to break away from my grasp, I held her tighter, causing her to wince with discomfort. When I noticed she was in pain, I firmly let go of my embrace. She turned around and tried to kick me, but I blocked her foot.

“What is your problem?” she yelled.

“What the hell are you doing here? I thought you went back to Dallas.”

“I took a leave of absence. Why do you care?”

“I didn’t, until now. What possessed you to pull that stunt last night?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Cut the crap Melissa! I know you’re the one who got someone to videotape Camille and I having sex.”

“I heard about that. Quite shocking that someone would go through that much trouble to expose you two.”

“Just admit you did it Melissa!”

“What if I did? Serves you two right after what I’d been through.”

“What you had been through? Please Melissa, stop playing the innocent victim. You knew damn well what you were getting into with me.”

“Oh, it’s my fault for getting played?”

“I didn’t say that. Why would you do this to Camille? You can be mad at me all you want, but leave Camille out of it.”

“Why should I? She’s a whore who couldn’t decide on who she wanted to be with.”

“Don’t call her that. And that was due to me. I was the one who didn’t know who I wanted. That little stunt you pulled could cost Camille her career.”

“Like I give a damn!  I wouldn’t care if she never throws another party.”

“Is this what it has come to? You being spiteful and vindictive because you didn’t get your way? You were the one who paraded around the office trying to get me to sleep with you. Yes, it worked, but did you really think it was going to be a happy ever after between us?”

“We were going to get married.”

“Yeah, we were; but I’m so glad I came to my senses. Now, it’s my turn to be vindictive.”

Melissa looked at me and smiled.

“What could you possibly have on me?”

“I knew a thing or two when I was at Preston-Wheeler; especially a certain rumor about you having an affair with a certain CEO. Now, I can see how you got your cushy position; it sure not because of your work ethics.”

“What the hell that’s supposed to mean? I do a damn good job for the company!”

“I can’t tell, especially when I was doing all the work! I could go to the executive board now and report your misdeeds and get you fired.”

“Not if I go to them first about our relationship.”

“Go ahead. Nothing will happen to me, since I’m now a former employee. You, on the other hand…”

“Where are you going with this?”

“I want you to leave Baker; in fact, I want you to leave Houston, go back to Dallas, and pretend you never met me.”

“Why should I do what you say? You’re neither my boss nor my father; so why should I take any orders from you?”

“Maybe because I can expose you for the evil bitch you are. Now, go back inside the inn, pack your stuff, and get the hell out of town.”

“What will you tell Camille?”

“I’ll handle that.  Just go.”

Melissa sneered before going up to me. She put her lips towards mine and kissed me before turning on her heel and headed towards the inn.

I watched her as she was heading back to the inn, making sure she was actually going inside the building. I would go and watch her pack, but I know she will leave. Especially with the evidence I have against her. To be honest, I didn’t know if the rumors were true, but judging from the expression she had when I mentioned the accusation, it actually was.

When I turned around, I noticed Wilma and another inn employee were standing in the parking lot giving me suspicious looks. I gave them two a nod before heading back to my car. I don’t know how long they were standing there, but hopefully didn’t get the wrong idea regarding what just happened.

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