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Concealed Betrayal 4: My Saving Grace by Dominique L. Watson

Genre: Urban Christian Fiction

Release Date: March 29, 2016

Publisher: Diamond M’Press Publications


Harmony has just lost her father. In need of a mother’s touch, she goes to visit her mother only to find her knocking on death’s door. Meanwhile, Zora has found a new life and new love in her ex. She’s beaming from ear to ear and things couldn’t be better until she realizes the hurt and pain her Goddaughter is facing. Zora takes matters into her own hands bringing healing to those closest to her. Concealed Betrayal 4: My Saving Grace is the perfect end to a heartfelt series. With readers wondering about past enemies and new loves, all questions are answered while visiting past friends and mending broken hearts. Concealed Betrayal 4 will not leave you dry eyed.

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About The Author


Dominique Watson is a published author/entrepreneur. Dominique has published fourteen books in the genres of poetry, inspiration and urban Christian fiction, including her most popular series, Concealed Betrayal and Secrets and Deception. Dominique recently introduced her readers to a new series featuring Detective Scarlett Fry. Dominique is also the Founder and Owner of Diamond M’press Publications. She spends a lot of time mentoring authors and writers through Literary Career Moves. Dominique was voted as AAMBC Author of the Year in 2014. She’s the owner of PEN’Ashe Literary Magazine. Character Interview

Interview with Harmony & Zora

Question: As a fan of the Concealed Betrayal series, it’s so wonderful to sit down with two of my favorite characters in the story. How are you both doing?

Harmony: I’m doing pretty good. Much better these days.

Zora: I’m doing great. Happy.

Question: So book three left off with a crazy cliffhanger. I definitely want to talk about that but let’s go back to the beginning. Tina. How has that situation changed you, Zora?

Zora: Oh it was a life-changing ordeal. I never thought I’d be in that type of situation. Never thought I’d go through a divorce. It was a lot to deal with.

Question: How are things with you and Tina now?

Zora: We’re cordial. I do see her from time to time but that’s as far as it goes. I’ve forgiven her and I’ve forgiven Vernell. It’s in the past.

Question: Harmony, how do you look at your God Mother now?

Harmony: I’m so proud of her. I know it was a lot to deal with. She’s grown a lot. She helps me get through so much, her children as well. She’s like superwoman. I don’t know how she does it.

Question: What’s your relationship like with your mother now?

Harmony: We are much closer. My father’s death and her getting so sick really woke our family up. We’ve made a lot of changes. No more secrets. We have dinners together. We’re all very close now. My mom is back writing and letting a lot of her frustration out through her words.

Zora: I remember when Gail told me I needed to write to heal from the pains of my divorce. Seems like writing has done just that for her.

Question: Has Gail let go of her relationship with Michael?

Harmony: Yes she has. Thank God.

Question: Harmony how are you dealing with learning who your real father was and then him dying in such a short period of time?

Harmony: It was definitely hard. I’m getting through it but he answered a lot of question I’d had over the years. I’m glad he’s resting now. No more pain. I know he made a few horrible mistakes but he was a good man. I’m glad I got to see that side of him.

Question: Are you still in contact with your Aunt?

Harmony: I am. I visit with them often.

Question: The cliffhanger. Can you give us any good information on what to expect?

Harmony: Book four picks up right where book three left off. So all questions will be answered.

Questions: That’s it? (LOL)

Harmony: That’s all I can say. I don’t want to give away too much. It’s a nice closing to the end of a series. However I do hear that Dominique may have some other things up her sleeve concerning us.

Question: So book four has already dropped. Any details either of you’d like to share with those who have not read it yet?

Harmony: It’s gonna be an emotional ride.

Zora: I agree. A lot of tears and cheers. It’s gonna be fun.

Question: Thank you both for sitting down with me and discussing the books. I can’t wait to read book four. Concealed Betrayal 4: My Saving Grace drops March 29th, 2016.

Zora: Thanks for having us.

Harmony: Same here

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