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Title: Maybe Forever

Author: Keyanna Butler

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: July 19

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When Harper got pregnant at fourteen, her family abandoned her to be a single mother with no support system. She survived the only way she knew how—hard work and determination. Now she is a nurse in her early thirties, and her son Jamie is ready to embark on high school. Harper can finally say they’ve made it. She can’t take all the credit, though.

Dakota Daughtry isn’t family, but when he signed on to be a Big Brother to Jamie, he finally felt at home…

Joining the Big Brother community program was only meant to boost Dakota’s resume while working on his GED. Once he met Jamie and his mother Harper, he finally found a place where he belonged. Years later, Jamie is graduating the program, and his obligation to hang around is over, but he can’t make himself leave. Jamie is more like a son than a little brother now, and Harper…well, he’s been trying to deny his feelings for her all along.

Jamie is thrilled about the blossoming relationship between his mother and Dakota. His birth father Aiden, not so much…

Aiden doesn’t want Harper—he’s too focused on his career for that—but he doesn’t want Dakota to have her either, and he’s willing to play dirty to ruin Harper and Dakota’s chances at becoming a real family. But things get complicated when Aiden starts to develop actual feelings for Harper’s best friend, and a secret is revealed about Dakota’s past that could change everything…

Harper must choose…family or love? Or can she finally have both?


Harper walks into her house smiling from ear to ear. She drops her car keys on the table by the door and walks into the living room. She sees no sign of Jamie or Dakota, so she walks straight to the kitchen.

“You can’t be serious, D. Come on,” Jamie says, his face contorted.

“I’m dead serious.”

“If you could be in any action movie it would be The Fast and the Furious?” The two are seated at the kitchen table, a tub of vanilla ice cream between them as they argue. Harper leans up against the archway, watching them while they are completely unaware of her presence. Dakota nods enthusiastically as he sticks a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into his mouth.

“Yes, and I don’t like your judgy little tone. Hot cars, hot races, hot chicks? Enough said.”

“Whatever, man. I would be Bruce Willis any day.”

“Bruce Willis? B. Willis? He has one facial expression and he talks in that same monotone voice like he’s constipated.”

“Oh and Vin is sooo much better? He’s incapable of wearing anything other than the tightest white or black t-shirt in the entire world and come on, you’re not fooling anyone with your racial ambiguity. Trying to be all mysterious.” Dakota almost chokes on his ice cream as he snorts, laughing at Jamie. Jamie starts laughing too. Harper can’t help but laugh too, blowing her cover.


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About the Author

Keyanna is a simple girl living in mostly fantasy worlds. She’s been writing since she was 13 years old, jotting down full length stories on construction paper and reading them to her childhood friends for entertainment. She’s a self-proclaimed dork extraordinaire and a library card carrying book nerd taking mental residence in the Wizarding World, coffee in an IV, collecting movie stubs like memories, and constantly contemplating what life would be like if she were one of the Avengers. Her hobbies include TV, sushi, Facebook, and incorporating movie quotes into everyday conversation.

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