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Coming December 13th!!

The Love, Life, & Happiness crew is back as they celebrate the holidays in A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas!

If you have read The Evolution Of Love, the crew made a pact to spend Christmas together at the Robertson’s cabin (the same cabin where Jay and Brit spent most of their time in Unconditional Love).

Now that it’s December, everyone is heading to the cabin; but the luggage is not the only thing they’re bringing. Each couple have a set of extra baggage that will make Christmas a bit more interesting.

Riana & Shawn:

While Riana is ready to have another child, Shawn receives the opportunity of a lifetime. Will their opposing views cause problems in their relationship?

Cheryl & Marcus:

As they adjust to the arrival of their daughter, Cheryl has to face the issues she still has with her mother. When she receives terrifying news about her, will she put the past behind her and come to her aid? And when Marcus encounters someone from his past, will he be able to keep the past from interfering in his present life?

Britney & Jayden:

Everything is falling into place for the two: They are happy new parents to twins, and Jay is trying out for a new basketball team in the States. When an unexpected visitor pops up, will their happiness be short-lived?

Monica & Donnell:

These two have always had problems in their relationship, causing them to make less than stellar decisions. As they come to grips with a shocking tragedy, will it bring them together or tear them apart?

Mika & Devin/Kevin & Carla/Elise & Jared:

As Mika and Devin prepare for their wedding, expect a few surprises for the couple as well as Mika’s bridesmaids since someone from Kevin’s past shows up to crash the wedding.

Although this will be a full-length novel, it will be broken into four short stories, starting with Riana & Shawn. Their story, The Hardest Decision, will be the shortest. Why you might ask; it’s because they will be getting a spin-off story of their own. When you read A LL&H Christmas, then you’ll have an idea why they are getting their own story. But it will be released sometime next year (preferably around March or April after Say That You Love Me)

Here is the cover to A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas:


The story will be available December 13th. Pre-order for this title will be available sometime this week. I will post the link once it is available.

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