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Coming July 5th!!

Hi everyone! I really hope everyone is doing well.

Reclaiming What Is Ours, the second book in the Reclaiming What Is Mine series, is coming July 5th (July 5th is also my birthday!)

Pre-order is available and will be released on all digital platforms:

Barnes & Noble:

It has been five years since Asia and Bryon have confessed their love for each other. Now, they are living their lives as a normal, married couple.

Or, so they thought…

Asia Smith-Gibson loves her new life as Mrs. Bryon Gibson. Not only is her personal life going well, but she is finally living her dream as a full-time author and publisher. She has everything going for her, but there’s one thing that she is missing, and that’s becoming a mother. When an unfortunate incident occurs in her life, will she be able to forgive herself or will she blame everyone around her, leading her to go back to making decisions that could cost her career and possibly her marriage.

Bryon Gibson is living his dream as well by leaving his police career and working full-time with his marketing firm. He’s trying to live a normal life, but when he gets a call from the department about a case he thought was closed, he contemplates going back to his life as a detective. He know he should to protect Asia, but there’s much more at risk if he does go back. Can he be able to continue living his life knowing what’s at stake?

Since Asia walked away from him five years ago, Dwight Alexander had to readjust his life in a major way. From immediately becoming a father, to getting fired, he knows he need to get his life back on track, including finding another job. When a chance meeting with the police commissioner occurs, Dwight is ecstatic to know about the new position, but will he take it once he finds out who his new partner will be?

A lot has changed for Asia, Bryon, and Dwight, but when old acquaintance comes back into their lives, will old occurrences lead them all to new issues? Find out in the newest installment to the Reclaiming What Is Mine series.

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