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Dream Cast: In Love With My Best Friend & LLH Series

Happy Friday everyone!! Just the other day, I was thinking about my two favorite series and thought about if they were turned into movies. With so many books going to this route, any authors would be humbled, but happy to see their vision come to life on the big screen.

If this ever happen (which would be so awesome), I wondered who would play the characters? Some readers have asked this question and even gave their own suggestions; but for me, these actors/artists that I’m about to present would be my ideal cast for both In Love With My Best Friend and the Love, Life, & Happiness series.

Let’s start off with the In Love With My Best Friend series:

With this series, it all about best friends falling in love with each other. I didn’t have to think too hard on who I wanted to portray these characters. 🙂

Trevor Williams: Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake, General Hospital)


As some of you may know, General Hospital is my favorite soap, so when I started to write ILWMBF, this was the person that came to mind as Trevor.

Camille Anderson: Paula Patton (Baggage Claim)

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Camille is sort of quirky, but can also be very driven when she wants something.  If you seen Baggage Claim, then you all would say that Paula is a great choice for Camille.

Tia Simmons: Tia Mowry-Hardict (Instant Mom)


Tia S. is definitely a firecracker and Tia can definitely pull off this character.

Charles Robinson: Lance Gross (House of Payne, Temptation)


Is there an explanation needed? He is perfect to play Charles. 🙂

Chelsea Parker: Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital)


When I described Chelsea, this is the person I was thinking of. Besides, it would be cool to see two GH actors (whose characters are good friends on the soap) playing Trevor and Chelsea. 🙂

Eric Taylor : Robbie Jones (One Tree Hill, Temptation)


Eric can be very cocky and arrogant at times and from his portrayal in Temptation, Robbie can pull that persona off very well.

Shelby Connors: Meagan Good (Think Like A Man 1 & 2)


Shelby can be a bit conniving and ruthless, especially to Tia. Meagan has played various characters with this type of personality, so she would be great to go toe to toe with Tia.

Now, the Love, Life, & Happiness series:

This series describes the ups and downs of friends as they go through college life at a fictional Texas university. With these characters, they were a couple that were spot-on.

Riana Robertson: Keshia Chante (106& Park) 


The former 106 & Park host has the similarities to how Riana was described so she is a good choice for the character.

Shawn Walker: Trey Songz 


Okay, I know this is random. You would not automatically think of him as Shawn, but there’s a reason for this choice. Shawn can be a bit cocky, but also thoughtful, fun, and sexy. I think he will be perfect.

Marcus Walker: Jay Ellis (Blue, The Game)


When I watched The Game last season and even now, I immediately thought of “Blue” as playing Marcus. He’s everything Marcus exemplifies. That, and he’s fine.

Cheryl Thompson: Alexandra Shipp (Aaliyah movie)


I think she would play a great Cheryl; also, she and Keshia could pass off as cousins.

Britney Lewis: KeKe Palmer (TLC movie, Joyful Noise)


KeKe is a wonderful actress and I could see her playing Britney. She has an innocence to her that Britney displays, but can also show a mature and sexy side.

Jayden Roberston: Jesse T. Usher (Cam, Survivor’s Remorse)


While watching the first episode of Survivor’s Remorse, when I saw “Cam,” I immediately said, “That’s Jayden!” He’s the exact image of who I would like to play him.

Monica Taylor: Imani Hakim (Tonya, Everybody Hate Chris, The Gabby Douglas Story)


I could definitely see her as Monica. She’s spunky and a bit headstrong (from what I remembered on EHC), but also has a soft side to her.

Donnell Patterson: Rotimi (Divergent, Boss)


Recently played in Divergent (and will appear on Power later this year), there’s something about him that makes me think of Donnell. From his style to his persona, he could easily play the part. Besides, him and Imani would look hot together, making them my Monica and Donnell.

Zack Hall: Demetrius Joyette (Dallas, Degrassi)


I always thought of him as a mini-Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi (him and Drake do kind of look alike), but he’s perfect for Zack. I never fully described him in the series, and based on his character on Degrassi, he could pull off the funny, but determined guy who is also pretty easy on the eyes.

Dominique Sawyer: Paige Hurd


I never really described Dominique in the series either, mainly because I really didn’t have a face to the character. Now, I do. She fit Dominique’s persona to a T, and can hold her own with Donnell, Monica, and Zack.

Nathan Bradford: Michael B. Jordan


Is there really an explanation needed? He’s just perfect. 🙂

Isaac Harris: Tequan Richmond (Everybody Hates Chris, General Hospital)


He has really grown up from his days playing Drew on EHC. I think he would make a great Issac.

Rachel Montgomery : Shanica Knowles


Rachel is a bit classy, but also can show her wild side. I remember Shanica from the Disney’s movie, Jump In, and her personality fit that of Rachel.

And there you have it; my dream cast for both In Love With My Best and Love, Life, & Happiness. Could you see any of my choices playing these characters? Tell me what you think by adding your comments below. 🙂

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