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Dream Cast- Something Just Ain’t Right Series


Hi everyone! I was going to do this after I created my dream cast for both In Love With My Best Friend and the Love, Life, & Happiness series, but time has slipped away from me. Since I’m about to do a discussion for the series and needed images for each character, I decided to share them here with you.

Here are my choices for each character of the series!

Morgan Carter – Chandler Parsons


Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but he is the inspiration for Morgan. If anyone remembered a post I’d done last year about my story idea for this series, I mentioned that I was watching a Rockets game (before he joined the Dallas Mavericks)  when the concept came up. So, here is my idea of Morgan. 🙂

Hayley Stevens – Sal Stowers


I think she would be a great fit for Hayley. Here’s her with curly hair:


Lamar Stevens- Sinqua Walls


Tamara Morris- Kyla Pratt

th (8)

Paula Howard- Logan Browning


Brandon Harper- Jordan Calloway

th (14)

Will Carter- Robert Scott Wilson


Shantel Reed- Meagan Tandy


Kyle Baxter- Jesse Williams

th (9)

Travis McFarlane-  James Scott

th (10)

Craig McFarlane-  Daniel Goddard

th (11)

Rick Carter- William deVry


Caroline Carter – Michelle Stafford


Zoe Stevens-  Tamara Taylor


Cedric Stevens- Sean Blakemore

th (13)

Sophia McFarlane (Morgan’s mom) – Laura Wright

th (12)

So there you have it! I will add on more characters once part 3 is released (I have the perfect person for Kyle’s mom!).  But let me know what you think. Do you agree with some of the characters? If not, who would you choose? Feel free to post your comments below.

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