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Excerpt: Something Just Ain’t Right

Happy Sunday! Since Something Just Ain’t Right will be released this Saturday, I decided to give an excerpt from the story.

The relationship between Morgan and Hayley will be a little different compared to the other couples you have all read about in previous books, but they will have the same passion and intrigue just like all of the other couples.

One thing I can say with Morgan is that he’s starting to become one of my favorite male characters (he’s on the top of the list with Shawn, lol). All I can say is that you all will love him. 🙂

The excerpt is the first chapter of the story and it’s from Morgan’s POV. I might post another one before the release on Saturday.


“Are you seriously going to do this right now?”

“Do what? I told you before we came in here what my intentions were. You agreed to them, so I thought everything was straight.”

The girl, Chelsea, Cecilia, whatever her name was, gave me an impatient glance before pulling down her skirt. I didn’t know what her deal was, but I told her point blank what I wanted right now, and striking up a conversation wasn’t one of them. I glanced at Carrie–that’s her name – taking in her medium-length honey blonde hair, smooth auburn-colored skin, and knockout body that I wanted pressed up against me, but I guess she had other ideas. When I told her I wanted to have some fun, I thought she automatically knew what I meant. I thought wrong.

“Listen, if you think I’m just going to give it up to you right now, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Hasn’t stopped most girls before,” I said with a sexy grin.

Carrie shook her head and sighed.

“I’m not one of these girls you’re occasionally with on campus. I have more respect for myself than that.”

“Maybe so, but I think you wanted to see for yourself what girls say about me.”

“Get over yourself, Morgan” she told me, going to the door and opening it.

I sighed and put on my shirt. Oh well, it didn’t matter. She wasn’t the first girl and definitely wouldn’t be the last. I knew I should stop being an ass towards women, but to be honest, I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to have fun and not be tied down to anyone. I mean, was it a crime to feel that way? To my knowledge, it wasn’t, so why should anyone else be upset about it? The only concern I had before graduating college was living my life, and if that included banging every female at Thompson University, then damn it, I would.

Maybe there was a reason why I felt this way. No, it didn’t have anything to do with a relationship that went wrong or a girl cheating on me; it’s just the fact that I hadn’t met anyone worth committing to. Most of the girls I’d dated were just like me, only wanting to have fun and not be tied down. But, of course, I was the one looking like the man-whore. My mom thought so, and even my best friend, Lamar thought so. I never really understood why Lamar would think that when he was the same way. Well, he was until he met his current girlfriend, Tamara Morris. The two met during our sophomore year at Thompson, and she automatically turned Lamar into a whipping boy. Nothing was wrong with that, but it wasn’t my style.

I walked over to the mirror near the dresser and looked at my reflection. There could be one girl who could make me change my ways, if I wanted to. Hayley Stevens. Hayley was the definition of perfection. Smooth, creamy skin the color of brown sugar, black natural curls that I want to twist my fingers through all day and night, and her lips. Full, thick lips that I want to suck and kiss on for eternity. Did I mention that girl had a banging body? Yes, she definitely did. I couldn’t help but notice how her hips were shaped in her favorite jeans or her long legs walking past me when she wore her signature baby doll dresses. She oozed sexiness without even trying. She just naturally was.

I shook my head, trying to shake my thoughts of her. I opened the door and saw her and her friend, Paula Howard, walking towards the stairs. She looked at me with a confident smile and pushed her curls away from her face.

“Hey, Morgan,”

“Hey, Hayley. I didn’t think you would be here.”

“What, I can’t be at a Kappa party?”

“Well, you know how Lamar is.”

“Well, what Lamar doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?” she asked, giving me a flirtatious smile.

I stared at her, thinking how sexy this girl was. I knew she was flirting with me, and being the man that I am, I could probably use it to my advantage, but I knew I couldn’t. Not with her.

Paula looked at us and sighed.

“Let’s go, Hales. Bye, Morgan,” she said, pulling Hayley along as they went downstairs. I exhaled and put a hand to my chest. Damn, I wanted her, but I knew if I pursued her, it would only cause trouble.

I could have any girl at Thompson University, and I almost did, but there was one girl I couldn’t have, and that was Hayley. The reason? Hayley is my best friend’s sister.

I also included a teaser from the story:

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