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Five Things You Should Know About The Way We Were


Hi everyone!! As always, for every book, I provide five spoilers to prepare for the story. With The Way We Were, there are five shocking spoilers to think about before the release on September 26th!

1. Monica and Donnell are involved with different people: In Unconditional Love, it was revealed that Monica was dating Jayden’s friend Zack, while Donnell was dating Dominique. They’re pretty happy to a certain extent, until the four are out together on a group date, which leads to the second spoiler…

2. Zack and Dominique share a past: Yes, the two share a past which was never resolved. The two are in the same situation as Monica and Donnell.

3. Cassandra: Cassandra is Monica’s childhood friend who her friends believe is a bad influence on Monica. She returns to Shaw and has some surprising news for both her best friend and Cheryl.

4. Monica and Marcus: Monica still never resolved the issues she had between Marcus and Cheryl. When an unexpected event occur in her life, she began to think about what made her result to that day at Reese’s and finally realized her actions.

5. Monica and Donnell receive unexpected news: The two receive some unexpected news, which will turn their lives upside down. This will also lead into a preview of Riana and Shawn’s story in Love Always.

The Way We Were will be available on all major sites September 26th. You can pre-order now on Amazon:

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