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LLH: Book 2 Chapter 21

Two weeks later and Riana was still in shock over everything that has happened. Her relationship with Shawn was slowly going back to normal, but she still wondered if he would ever admit her indiscretions. There were times when she wanted to confess everything to him, but if she did, it would only bring more issues. For now, she’ll keep her mouth shut and work on her relationship.

She was at the lounge studying her chemistry notes when a familiar voice caught her attention.

“We need to talk.”

She looked up, seeing Marcus standing in front of her.

“We have nothing to talk about.”

“I’ve been trying to contact you for two weeks. We have to discuss what happened.”

“What if Shawn walk in here and see us talking?”

“I don’t care. I need to know why you’re avoiding me.”

“Because I’m trying to work things out with your brother. We let things go too far, so now we need to stay away from each other.”

“What if I don’t want to? Riana, I’m in love with you.”

She glanced at him, not sure if he was being serious.


“Ri, from the time we have spent together, I realized how wonderful you are and I don’t want to lose that.” “You’re not in love with me, Marcus.”

“Yes, I am. You all I think about. I want to spend every moment with you. Hell, it has been years since I felt this way about a woman, so I know you’re really special.”

“I can’t hear this anymore.” Riana said. She stuffed her book and notepad into her tote bag and pushed herself out of her chair. She walked past Marcus when he grabbed her.

“Let go of me.”

“Not until we talk.”

She saw the desperate look in his eyes and realized she should.

“Let’s walk.”

He nodded and they left the lounge. As soon as they went outside, Marcus started to speak.

“I know you’re in a tough position right now, but I just needed to put my feelings out there.”

“What about Britney?”

“Our relationship started too fast. We didn’t take the time to get to know each other.”

“And we did?”

“Yes. It may have started off purely sexual, but there’s more to you than that. You have a kind heart and you’re easy to get along with.

“Marcus, I enjoyed the moments we had together, but I realized it was all a mistake. I’m in love with Shawn and I had cloudy judgment when I was with you. I don’t know if I was missing Shawn too much and you were there or just needed someone to talk to. Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t had happened.”

“You’re saying the times we spent together didn’t mean anything to you?”

“Please don’t do this, Marcus.”

“You’re giving me no choice.”

“Whatever we had is over. Let me work things out with Shawn while you try to establish something with Britney.”

“Shawn is playing you, Ri. He’s up to something and he pretending to be the devoted boyfriend to keep you in the dark.”

Riana shook her head. Marcus could be right, but she’s going to do everything she can to get her relationship with Shawn back on track.

“I’m sorry, Marcus. I have to go.”

She turned around and headed to the science building. She knew she was doing the right thing; hopefully he would take the hint and let her work things out with her boyfriend.

*** Shawn was sitting in the control booth looking up decorations for Riana’s party. Even though he still had two months to plan everything, he wanted to have everything perfect.

The plan he had for her and his brother was slowly becoming a memory and he was actually having the party out of the kindness of his heart. After the time they spent on Valentine’s Day, the two has re-established their relationship in a major way. He could tell she was still in love with him and wanted things to work out. He must be really in love if he’s willing to look past her cheating and stay with her; but he figure everyone make mistakes. Hell, he even made a couple before he met Riana, so he shouldn’t had quickly judged her.

Dominique walked into the booth and took the seat beside him. She glanced at what he was looking at and sighed.

“You’re seriously planning a party for her?”

“Why do you care?”

“Because she cheated on you with your brother. You’re rewarding her by throwing her a party.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, so why don’t you concentrate on the news.”

She scoffed and looked ahead.

“Sorry if I hit a nerve.”

“Whatever.” he said.

“I just don’t want you to be taken advantage of. You’re a really sweet guy and the fact that she cheated and you’re overlooking it is irritating me.”

“I appreciate your concern, but honestly it’s none of your business if I’m with her or not. I love her and we will make our relationship work.”

Dominique nodded. “Okay. I guess that is something I will have to respect.”

“Thank you.” Shawn looked ahead at the reporters getting ready to sign on. He didn’t have time for Dominique’s issues. If he wanted to be with Riana, then that was his choice.

*** Cheryl went into her A&P class letting out a frustrated sigh. She just pulled a double shift at Patrick’s and she was exhausted. The supply of pills Devin gave her, which supposed to had last for two months, were gone a week ago. She tried to see if she could had purchased more, but she needed a prescription, which meant she had to go to the doctor. With the way her schedule was, she wouldn’t be able to schedule an appointment, so she had to do the one thing she vowed she wouldn’t do again and that was talk to Devin.

For weeks, the only time she associated with him was during class since he was still her lab partner. She tried to get a new one, but Professor Holbrook denied the request, stating everyone must stick with their partners for the entire semester. That didn’t go well with Chris, but what choice did she have? When Devin tried to talk to her, she’ll switched to discussions involving class work. After several more attempts, he finally got the hint and just talked to her about their assignments. Now, she was desperate because she needed more pills and he was the only person who could supply them to her.

She sat beside him at their lab table and pull out her notes.

“Good morning.” he said.

“Good morning.”

“I know I shouldn’t ask, but is everything okay?”

She glanced at him and gave a tiny smile.

“Everything’s okay. Just pulled a double at work.”

“And you were able to come here? That’s dedication. Those pills must be working its magic.”

She glanced at him again and sighed.

“About that…”

“First off, are we actually having a conversation?”

“Yes, we are.”

“Just wondering because we haven’t actually had one in almost a month.”

“I know, and I’m sorry about that, but you have to understand the position I’m in.”

“Yeah; your boyfriend is an asshole.”

“Don’t start.”

“I had to say it.”

Cheryl shook her head and sighed.

“Fine, I’ll drop it. Now, what were you going to say before I interrupted?”

She took a deep breath before speaking.

“About the pills, I sort of ran out a week ago.”

Devin gave her a surprised look.

“Those pills were a two month supply.”

“I know, but…”

“Were you taking more than one a day?”


“Cheryl, those pills are powerful. You have to watch your intake on those.”

“I know, but I’ve been so busy with work and school and pre-entrance exams I just needed a boost and they helped.”

“I understand that, but…”

“I just need a couple to help me get through the next few weeks. I won’t need them anymore once I take my last exam, I promise.”

“You know how much I had to do to get the first supply?”

“I’m sure it was a lot, but I really need them, just to help me get through everything.”

Devin sighed.

“Fine, I’ll help you, but after this, I can’t anymore. Not only will my dad get suspicious, but I don’t want anything to happen to you. I really do care about you, so if anything does happen, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”

Cheryl saw the genuine expression in his eyes. She knew he was being truthful, which made her feel even worse for asking.

“Thank you.”

“I’ll have them for you during the next class.”

“You think I could get them sooner, say later today?”


“What about tomorrow?”

“I can do tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”

Devin nodded and opened his A&P book. Cheryl sighed. Tomorrow, she will have her pills and everything will be fine again.

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