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More Books Coming Soon!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!

Last week, I did announce that the fourth book in the Into You series will be available in September, but that’s not the only book I have been working on.

I mentioned a few months ago that I was going to do another book in The Love Chronicles series, titled Endless Love, but it was going to be a Kindle Vella. Now, I decided not to do the Kindle Vella, but I will be releasing a brand new novella from the series coming very soon! I believe there is more to tell with Andie and Dexter, especially since they will be welcoming their first child, so I had to do a book on the two.

I do not have a release date for this book, but it will be released some time this year. This story is also a prequel for the brand new Forever Love series, so it should be released either in October or November. Once I do have the official date, I will make sure to announce it here.

I do have the cover, which is below:

While you all are waiting for this title to be released, please make sure to pre-order your copy of The One For Me, which will be available on September 16th. You can pre-order by clicking on the link:

Remember to check back to find out the latest news on both titles as well as other releases that will be coming very soon.

Until next time everyone! 🙂

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