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New Release- One Wish by Cassie Edwards Whitlow


One Wish by Cassie Edwards Whitlow is a new release under SBinkley Publishing, and it a Christian fiction novel. This story is the first book in the Abounding Grace series.

This story is truly a must-read as it tackles every topic from mental issues, alcoholism, as well as the act of forgiveness. Cassie depicts a wonderful tale of a woman who feels as if she’s down on her luck as she slowly tries to get her life on track, but has a few missteps along the way.


An orphan at three years old, a low chance of ever carrying her own child, and on her second husband by thirty, Iman is afraid she will die alone. Everything that has ever gone wrong in her life, happened during the Christmas season. Needless to say, Iman isn’t thrilled about celebrating Christmas. …

Finally married to the man of her dreams, Micah Carrington is a successful oncologist who’d do anything to make her happy. But even he can’t give her the one gift she most desires.

Determined not to put too much trust in Micah’s promises, she ignores his plea for her to trust in God’s plan. Instead, she takes matters into her own hands.

Will Iman’s trust issues and need for control jeopardize her dream of having her own child with the man of her dreams?




Unlike many authors and others in various professions, Cassie Edwards Whitlow never dreamed of becoming an author. She spent a great deal of her childhood and teen years writing songs and pursuing a music career. It wasn’t until her early twenties that she discovered her love for writing stories.

During her early writing career, she has released two inspirational novels, “Temptation” and “One Wish”.

Not only does her knowledge and passion of women’s mental and physical health issues shine through in her stories, but her relatable characters and expressive dialogue will definitely keep readers turning the pages to find out the outcome for each character.

Cassie received a BS in Criminal Justice from Southern Arkansas University and an MS in Psychology from Grand Canyon University.

She’s also the wife of an Air Force Sergeant and has two children. She currently resides in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

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