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Our Love Is No Longer Available!!!


Hi everyone!! When Our Love was published last year, I had such high hopes for the release. It was one of the first novels I’ve written before starting a career as an author, and I wanted to share the vision I had about teenage love with an audience. When the story was published, there were various issues, from the ending, to the story’s structure. Even after the story was proofread twice, there were the same issues, which made me wonder if the story should even be for sale. After months of debating the option, I decided to take the book off of all major websites; therefore, the book is no longer for sale. The book may be re-released in the near future, but right now, I think it would be best to have the story looked through with my new editor before it goes back on sale.

For those who have purchased the story, I truly thank you for supporting and reading the story between Charlie and Michael.

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