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Please Pray For Houston

Hi everyone. Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday. As for me, I’m sitting at home still reeling from Hurricane Harvey and the effect he has caused on my hometown.

In my 36 years, I have seen a lot with the weather in Houston, but never this. The impact of Harvey have left the city completely in a standstill. Every subcity, road, and freeway has been affected; tornadoes have ripped through cities, including my childhood area, Missouri City. And all the people evacuating from their homes have been heartbreaking to see on the news.

With me, I’ve experienced a lot of rain and flooding in my area. I’ve been at home since Friday and will probably still be here for many more days since the rain is still pouring down outside. Although this has affected myself and my family, it hasn’t affected us as much as the many others who have suffered from this horrific hurricane. I still have my home, my car, and my belongings. I’m just experiencing cabin fever since I haven’t been outside in almost three days, but many have lost their belongings, their vehicles, and their homes. Many businesses are underwater and most of my favorite places to visit are unrecognizable. It’s truly devastating.

There is one thing that I can say about the city of Houston; when disaster strikes, we are there to help each other, no matter what. There have been so many good Samaritans out helping others evacuate from their homes, and just being there for each other. That’s why I know that the city will get through this. We got through Rita, Ike, and I know we will get through Harvey too. It will take some time, but we definitely will.

If you are reading this, please say a prayer for Houston. And I know once I am able to leave my place, I will do my part as a Houstonian to help my hometown, whether it’s through a donation, volunteer work, what have you. Because this is my hometown; this has been my home since birth, so I will do what I can to help the city get back to where it should be.


#HurricaneHarvey #PrayforHouston

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