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Swirling Around Love-ML Preston


Good Morning authors and readers! Welcome Back to Vaneka’s Book Blog. We hope you had an awesome weekend. Mines was great. Our family celebrated my Grandmother’s birthday on Saturday. She turned 84 years old on September 15th. She really enjoyed herself and it felt good to spend time with her. She’ll always have a big piece of my heart. Ok, enough about me.

Today marks Day 10 of the Swirling Around Love Multicultural, IR & BWWM blog Event. I’m truly enjoying featuring these awesome authors. I mean who doesn’t love, love and enjoy reading about it? We have ML Preston with us today. So let’s give her a warm welcome.


ML Preston

ML Preston, voted one of the Top 50 Sexy Writers by Publishing Addict 2015, debuted her first novel, Unthinkable, (ML Preston Publisher, 2015) and has been bringing the heat ever since. She engages her audience with tantalizing tales of the classic boy meets girl stories and mix things up with second chances or even a one-night stand that leads to more. Her heroines are always career driven, beautiful, and independent. The heroes have a bit of an Alpha male attitude and the bank accounts to support it, but they are more hands on, independent types and do not like to exploit their wealth.

Born in Oklahoma City, she now resides in Fort Worth, Texas where she likes to sing, dance, and cook when she is not writing. ML is married with three kids and a fur baby, and she chooses to write as an escape from the mundane day to day, that coupled with a few glasses of wine.

Author Interview

  1. What inspired you to become a Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance writer?

I wanted to write the story I want to read. There are a few authors/authoresses out there that write IR/MC romance but not many write from the BWWM perspective. This genre needs exposure for the world to see that IR between Black and White is not always BMWW.

  1. Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things?

I love to cook, sing, and pretend I can dance. In addition to hanging out with family and friends, you can always catch me reading. Unless I’m writing. I try not to read while I write.

  1. Name at least two (2) authors that you admire who write Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance?

Well, before I began to write, my exposure to BWWM was Dez Burke, primarily. Since I started this wonderful journey, I have enjoyed Theresa Hodge, Shantee Parks, Lolah Lace and Phoenix Rayne to name a few.

  1. What types or genre of books do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

I read all genres to be honest, but I mainly find my interests in Contemporary Romance/Erotica. My last read was Phaelyn by Ariel Marie (I have a lot to catch up on).

  1. Are you working on anything new? If so, when can we expect it to be released?

I will be working on an untitled standalone about a teacher and student (college). The Southern Charm series will have two more episodes released in September and the untitled will come next year. I will also be working on closing out the Undeniable series 2017 as well.

  1. Do you have any scheduled upcoming events; such as book signings, interviews, etc.?

I am scheduled for three book signings next year

  1. Book Obsessed Babes –Jacksonville, FL April 2017

  1. Deliciously Dirty in Dallas – Dallas, TX May 2017

  1. Booker Author Event – Orlando, FL July 2017

  1. Where do you expect to be in your career as an author five (5) years from now?

My goal is to be able to do this full time without the assistance of a traditional 9-5. I would be able to enjoy what I love to do, and learn more about the business side of writing without having to schedule it around work.

  1. What advice can you give to new authors who’s interested in writing in this genre?

Not to borrow from a popular slogan but, Just Do It! Sometimes you have to take that leap (or in my case, my friend gently pushed me) and step outside the box, your comfort level, or the predicted norms. You will have questions, worries, and some critics, but not everything is for everyone. The first person to please is yourself, others will follow if not, then they will appreciate you and move forward with their lives.

Special message from ML to you …

This has been a long and exciting journey and I am thankful that you have decided to take this ride with me. I thank you for your love and support, until next time…Hugs-N-Kisses! ❤

Book Catalog

The Undeniable Trilogy Series

Unthinkable (Book 1)


Two years post college, straight-laced, hardworking, Amaya Davis is making waves in the male-dominated sports marketing industry. Thanks to an abusive relationship, she’s sworn off men; so she buries herself in work and her dreams keep her writhing in pleasure. But a chance encounter at an art gallery opening finds Amaya face to face with Nicholas Hansen again. He’s the star of her dreams, and he awakens a desire deep within her.

They decide to partner together in business and in the bedroom, the boardroom, the barn and anywhere else they can break away to be together. But will Amaya’s insecurities and distrust separate these two or will Nicholas show her how to overcome her past so they can have a future?

Available for purchase here.

Untouchable (Book 2)


When Amaya Davis decided to give love a chance, she had no idea of the whirlwind romance that Nicholas would unleash on her. From surprise trips, home cooked meals and thoughtful gifts, he loves her unconditionally; and to her, he could do no wrong.

As for Nicholas, well, he finally got the girl of his dreams. The one he has been wanting since he laid eyes on her six years ago. He has vowed that he will do whatever it takes to keep her. But jealousy and envy prevail and open Pandora’s box on their relationship.

Can Amaya look past all of this and continue in the relationship or will this prove to be the end?

Available for purchase here.

Summer Storm


A Georgia journalist is in the middle of a Texas drought, what’s the worse that could happen? Follow this short story about how Nicole Wilson’s version of Murphy’s Law ends with thunder, lightning, and a man named Brian.

Available for purchase here.

Southern Comfort


Returning to life in Georgia left Nicole Wilson desiring something, but she could not figure what. After discussing it with her close friends, she figured out that Brian was missing from her life. A week of no phone calls, a single text, along with work, made Nicole realize that life with Brian is not to happen. Will Nicole be able to get over that Summer Storm in Dallas that left her wanting more or will fate serve up a little comfort?

Available for purchase here.

Book Excerpt ~ Untouchable

He opens the door and I stand here dressed in my naughty nurse’s uniform and a smile. My breasts are coming out the top and you can see the red garter belts I’m wearing. My hair is curly, just the way he likes it and crazy wild. I want to make this a memorable night for him. Dr. Phan tried to call Nick earlier to advise of his status and was unable to reach him. She then called me since he left my information as a contact. I begged her not to tell him and let me do it my way. She agreed and I left work early to plan the whole ruse. The Mr. Anderson he thought he heard was actually the moving company. Samantha found me the costume at a store, and I took care of the rest.

“What the fuck, are you doing?” He grabs me and pulls me closer so his neighbors could not see me half-naked as this costume leaves nothing to the imagination.

“So, aren’t you gonna let me in? I mean, I do have orders to make sure you take your medicine.” I reach down into his joggers and twirl my finger around the head of his engorged cock. He lets out a deep sigh, grabs me by my head, and kisses me, hard. I push him off me, force him back into his place, and close the door.

“Maya, you know we can’t do this.” He says as I force him into the chair behind him. I go to his surround system and connect my iPhone to stream my music. The sounds of Beyoncé’s Rocket begins to come out through the speakers. I walk over to him, straddle him, back to front, and gyrate my hips on top of his dick causing him to moan and hiss aloud.

“So, you know that this no sex thing is over regardless of doctor’s orders, right?” He declares as he grabs my hands while they were on my breast. He begins to help me unzip my costume and I stand up allowing it to fall to the ground; exposing my red bra and matching panties with garter belt. I take my foot and place it, carefully, in between his legs while I unhook my bra, twirl it around, and toss it to him. I continue to dance for him, bending over forward showing him that I was wearing seat less panties and slowly standing erect again. I turn to face him then drop to my knees and slowly crawl, on beat of course, towards him. Complete with the hair tossing, stops in between verses to build excitement, and the occasional wink and licking of the lips. When I make it to my destination, I slowly stand, straddle him, and at the climatic part of the song, throw my head back to display pleasure as I pull his face into my tits. He licks me right in the middle of my breast and slowly up to the base of my neck slowly pulling me face to face with him.

“Why do you insist on torturing me like this?”

“Who says I was torturing you?” I whisper in his ear as I lick it then slightly tug on his ear with my teeth.

“Dr. Phan says…” He starts before I interrupt.

“Dr. Phan says you are all clear. I talked to her today. Oh, I’m sorry; did you not get that memo?” I laugh at the attempt at humor I am trying to show, but something in his eyes rocks me to my core. It isn’t menacing or sadist or even angry. It was hunger, longing, desire. All rolled into one deep gaze. I feel like I unlocked Pandora’s Box and am in for a hell of a ride.

“Clear?” He asks. I nod my head in agreement and instinctively place my arms around his neck. He stands, walks us to the nearest wall, and pins me against it with my hands above my head.

“I love you, Maya. I really do, but I’m going to fuck you into submission. It’s been too long.”

He uses one hand to keep mine in place and with the other, he pulls out his dick and rams into me so hard, the picture on the wall fell. I let out a loud yelp, expressing both pleasure and a release at the same time.

“Nick. I cry out as he rams me again. Placing his hands alongside my face, he pulls me to him and kisses me. Biting my lips and sucking at them. Slowly moving to my neck, nipping and sucking as he went.

“Christ! I. Fucking. Love. You.” His words pierce me deep; it was like an apology was coming from his lips. He starts to mumble the words I don’t want to lose you, just don’t leave me. Tears begin to fall from my eyes as I listen to the pain coming from his quiet pleas. His rhythm begins to increase until we both explode at the same time.


Enter for your chance to win an eBook copy of Untouchable. All you have to do is like ML Preston’s Facebook page and then make the following comment, ‘VIP sent me’ on her page. There will be three winners. The giveaway will end when the 1st three participants like & make their comment. Good Luck!!!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the next featured author. It would be great if you’ll follow my blog and the host of this event. Thanks for stopping by!


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