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The Love Interviews- Riana & Shawn

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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to kick off The Love Interview series, which will be a week-long event featuring some of your favorite couples from my most popular series.

Today, I have no other than the couple who started it all for the Love, Life, & Happiness series, to start the first interview, Riana and Shawn.


SB: First off, I have to say thank you for being apart of this event.

Riana: It’s a pleasure, Sheena. Thank you so much for having us.

SB: Of course! I know both of your schedules are pretty busy these days. You just recently moved to Atlanta. How is that going for you two?

Shawn: So far, so good. Of course, it was a huge adjustment from being in Baker, but we’re managing.

Riana: Yeah, we are.

SB: You don’t sound so assuring, Riana. Is everything okay?

Riana: Of course. Like Shawn said, there has been a lot of adjustments that we had to make, but that’s part of the process of moving to a new city.

SB: I must say, I completely fell in love with you and Shawn when Love Unbroken was released. You two had such a raw chemistry that was so beautiful. Tell me, what made you two instantly click?

Shawn: Besides the fact that Ri is beautiful, she has a wonderful soul that you will instantly gravitate to. I knew when I first saw her that she was going to be in my life forever.

Riana: I felt the same way about Shawn. I tried hard to deny it, but I couldn’t anymore. I knew he was the one for me who accepted all of me and loved me for the person that I am.

SB: You two remind me so much of myself and my fiancé, especially you Shawn. He does spoken word as well; so I have to ask, do you still do it, since your schedule is so jam packed now?

Shawn: I don’t do it as much as I would like, but I try to write something every now and then. Maybe me and your fiancé should get together and compare a few poems one day.

SB: Really, wow. I’ll let him know. How’s your writing coming along, Ri? Are you cooking up any new stories lately?

Riana: I actually am. It’s top secret, so I can’t reveal anything just yet.

SB: I can respect that. I’m usually like that as well. How is Elis? Is he adjusting well in the ATL?

Shawn: Of course! I swear that little boy is just like me.

Riana: He’s not kidding.

Shawn: I mean with loving to try new things. He’s only four, but he’s an adult trapped in a little boy’s body.

Riana: That I can agree on.

SB: That’s really great to hear. What about the crew? How is everyone?

Riana: Everyone is good. In fact, you’ll be seeing Cheryl and Marcus tomorrow, right?

SB: Yup! I can’t wait to talk to them. I’m sure they have a lot going on as well.

Riana: They do; with Cher in med school and Marcus with The Phoenix ATL, their lives are pretty hectic. As for everyone else, they’re all doing fine. We’re hoping everyone can come to Atlanta soon to visit.

SB: I’m sure that will be great. Well, I think we got off track a bit with the interview. You have a book coming up titled Real Love which is about part of your move to Atlanta. I have to say, what you both have experienced was pretty intense.

Shawn: It was, but of course, we always try to see the positive in everything, right baby?

Riana: Of course. All relationships are not perfect, but it’s how you manage them and work out your issues before they escalate are important. We don’t hide anything from each other; never have and never will.

SB: Didn’t Shawn hide the fact that he was Alpha Man when you two were on Spoken?

Shawn: Besides that.

Riana: Things have really progressed between us after that. We’re a much better unit after that.

SB: I’m glad. Communication is so important in a relationship. Without that and trust, there’s no relationship.

Riana: That’s true.

SB: You both have a lot of readers who are anxious for this story. What can we all expect from this book?

Shawn: There are a lot of things that the two of us try to deal with both personally and professionally. With me, I began a new position with a new network in which I’m an anchor with and I come across a lot of different situations with my co-worker as well as with the producer of the network.

Riana: Yeah. I still don’t like that co-worker of yours.

Shawn: Do we really have to do this now, Ri?

Riana: I’m just saying.

SB: What’s with your co-worker, Shawn?

Shawn: That I don’t want to discuss right now, but I can say that she’s quite the handful.

Riana: You can say that again. And to think we used to be friends.

SB: Whoa! What?

Shawn: Can we move on, please?

SB: Sure. So anything else you would like to add, Ri?

Riana: Well, readers will be able to catch up with the crew again in this story as well as Roland and Carolyn. They visit us, which is always a treat.

Shawn: Yup, Mom and Dad are quite the pair.

Riana: Lol. They definitely are.

SB: Will you two be doing any singing in this story?

Riana: We will, especially Shawn. The network found out that he could sing, so they asked if he could be one of the acts for their celebration gala. It was nice. That and there’s also another time when he pulled a performance on-air.

SB: Really.

Shawn: There’s a reason for it.

SB: It must be a good one if Ri is smiling.

Riana: It is.

SB: Well, I have to say it was quite the honor to interview you two. I really enjoyed it.

Shawn: Thank you for the opportunity.

SB: And I still want to know who the co-worker is.

Shawn: You have to read the story to find out.

SB: I definitely will. Make sure to one-click Real Love, which will be available only on Amazon April 25th. If you have never read these two love story, you can pick up the very first story in the Love, Life, & Happiness series, Love Unbroken, which is available now.


Make sure to check back tomorrow as I interview Cheryl and Marcus as I see what they have been up to as well as the two making a huge announcement.

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