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The Love Interviews- Vanessa & Mark


Hi everyone! This is the last day of The Love Interview series! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know more about your favorite book couples as much as i enjoyed interviewing them.

For the final interview, I have Vanessa & Mark from my latest standalone, Into You.

SB: Vanessa and Mark, it is really great to be sitting down with you two for this interview. First off, how are you?

Vanessa: We’re doing great, Sheena. Thank you for including us for your series. This is pretty cool.

SB: You’re very welcome. I have to say, Into You was a very unique story about finding love in the most unusual place. I know some readers were even surprised that your place of employment was a car wash. How did you both feel about that?

Mark: Actually, I thought the setting was pretty cool. You don’t really find that too often anymore.

SB: You definitely don’t. But you recently became husband and wife. How is married life treating you two?

Vanessa: It’s great. I have no complaints.

Mark: Neither do I. I married my soulmate, so I’m very happy about that.

SB: Even though Vanessa was being very hard on you, Mark?

Vanessa: I wasn’t hard on Mark. Yes, there were some things I probably could had changed, but I think readers understood my position on certain matters.

Mark: Like what? Not telling me about my dad and Simone.

Vanessa: That was because of your temper, Mark.

Mark: But I handled it just fine, didn’t I?

Vanessa: Maybe so. Anyway, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t come to grips with, in particular, with my mom, but Mark made me come to terms with my feelings about her and the impact she had made on my life.

Mark: Which I’m glad you were able to understand.

SB: Vanessa also brought out several things about you too, Mark.

Mark: She did. She showed me how to be in love with someone. That I’ll always be grateful to her for.

Vanessa: Thank you, baby.

Mark: Thank you.

SB: How are Simone and Enrique doing?

Vanessa: They’re doing really well. They’re enjoying married life as well.

SB: What about Suds? How is that coming along, Mark?

Mark: It’s doing very well. I’m enjoying being an owner there as well as with my restaurant, which is also doing great.

SB: That’s great to hear, Mark. How are your siblings doing?

Mark: They’re the same as always. Sebastian just opened up another sporting goods store and Carmen is Carmen.

SB: Several readers have asked whether the twins will get their own stories. I was actually thinking about that lately. Do you think the two would be on board with that?

Mark:  I don’t see why not. Sebastian, you probably have to convince, but Carmen would definitely be on board.

SB: I’m sure. She’s a little firecracker.

Mark: She’s a Fernandez; that’s in our nature to be.

SB: Now, back to you two. Will there be any babies in your future?

Vanessa: Most definitely.

Mark: I would love for us to have kids someday.

Vanessa: It might be sooner than you think.

Mark: What?

Vanessa: You know how I’ve been feeling sick lately.

Mark: Yeah.

Vanessa: I recently went to the doctor and it turns out that I’m pregnant.

Mark: Seriously?

Vanessa: You’re going to be a dad, baby.

SB: Wow! Congratulations!

Mark: Wow. I don’t know what to say.

SB: This is so cool! I really am happy for you two. Congratulations again.

Vanessa: Thank you, Sheena

SB: And you know I have to get an update; not just for me, but for the readers as well.

Vanessa: Of course.

Mark: Definitely, Sheena

SB: While they’re celebrating their great news, I’m sad to say that this is the end of The Love Interviews. Thank you to all of the book couples who participated as they gave great insight into their lives as well as to new projects coming very soon.

I will also be making an announcement regarding an Into You spin-off novella featuring Mark’s sister, Carmen, which will be coming very soon, so keep a lookout for that.

But for now, happy reading! 🙂

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