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The Wedding, Part II Excerpt

Here’s a sneak peek to The Wedding, Part II, available on all major sites June 20th!!

Love. For some, it can be a pleasurable experience; while for others it can leave a lifetime of hurt and pain. At first, I believed that love was for fools and could leave you with scars that would stay with you until the day you took your last breath. But now, I can gratefully say that my thoughts have completely changed. Now, I’m one of the lucky ones to say that love is wonderful and beautiful.

I looked over at my fiancé and smiled. Charles Robinson is the epitome of perfection. Well, to me anyway. I stared at his smooth, chocolate skin, and his long eyelashes, which covered his deep brown eyes as I watched him sleep. His full lips, which were slightly smiling as I’m sure he’s having a dirty dream about us. I touched his goatee, as a shiver went through me. He was simply beautiful, which made me even more blessed that he was in my life.

He slowly opened his eyes and stared into mine, giving me a huge smile.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep instead of staring at me?” he asked.

“I should, but looking at you is more entertaining.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you’re even sexy while asleep,”

Charles smiled and touched my skin. He slowly caressed my shoulder, going towards my chest.

“I should say the same about you, but you already know that.”

I blushed and leaned toward him. I parted my lips as Charles held me closer, moving his hand toward the small of my back. I moaned as he nibbled on my earlobe, pulling me toward him as I held onto him.

“Can you believe that our friends are married?” I asked as I put my head onto his chest.

“Yeah, finally. Now, it’s our turn, which I cannot wait for.”

“Neither can I. You think we should just elope so we wouldn’t have to wait?” I asked as I kissed his chest.

“As tempting as that sounds, I know you; you would want a wedding.”

“Maybe so, but I just want to be your wife.” I said, kissing his lips.

After we watched our friends Camille and Trevor Williams get married and leave their reception, we decided to go to Charles’ place and spend the rest of the evening together. Being with him never became old. I didn’t care if we stayed in this bed for eternity; just him beside me was the best feeling ever.

“I know we talked about this before, but I went ahead and asked Camille to be our wedding coordinator.”

Charles looked at me, giving me a curious glance.

“Seriously? I don’t know about this, T. I told you when you mentioned it that it wasn’t a good idea.”

“Why not? Cam is our friend, so I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“There are a lot of reasons why I think it’s a bad idea. I’ll give you some. First, the venue.”

“What’s wrong with the venue?”

“You chose The Crystal Ballroom. If I remembered correctly, that was the venue Camille was going to choose for her wedding.”

“Okay, so maybe when I went with her to look at the venue I was impressed. I don’t think Camille would have a fit over it.”

Charles shook his head while propping his elbow up on the bed. He touched my cheek, giving me a tender caress.

“Baby, I just don’t want anything petty to go down between you two. You have known each other since preschool. I’m pretty sure she enjoyed the wedding Trevor surprised her with, but she may have some unsolved issues with the wedding she imagined. I just don’t want you to throw anything in her face regarding it.”

“So you’re saying I should spare my feelings to accommodate Camille? You’re truly delusional if you think that. Besides, Camille is not the jealous type. She will be happy for me and the decisions I made for the wedding. Now, why don’t we move on to another topic?” I said as I went up to Charles’ ear. I gave a little pull with my teeth, causing him to moan.

“What topic would that be?”

“You’ll see.” I said as I pulled myself up. Charles lay on his back as I got on top of him.

“I love this topic already.” he said and smiled.

“I figured you would.” I said, leaning forward to kiss him.

Charles moved his fingertips down my back, giving me a thrilling sensation. He looked at me as I went into his nightstand, pulling out a condom. Although Charles wanted us to stop using them, I told him I rather wait until we say I do before we take that step. Although I love him, I rather for him to be my husband in every form before we go down that road.

I tore off the wrapper, putting it on him as I prepared to slide himself inside of me. I was ready for him and the pleasure I was about to experience, but that thought was slowly fading when the doorbell rang.

“Who is that?” Charles asked.

I shrugged my shoulders as I moved from him. The doorbell rang again as he threw on a shirt and a pair of shorts that were nearby in an armchair. I watched as he went towards the door, wondering who would be ringing his doorbell at 10 at night.

He opened the door, which immediately led me to put a hand over my mouth. I knew who the person was from the countless photos I’ve seen from Charles’ siblings.

This was definitely not going to be good.

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