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Top 10 With Jonas Brinkley

Hey everyone! As part of his book tour for O’shay & Sanaa: An Urban Romance, J. Brinkley was asked about his top 10 favorites, from music to authors. Here are some of his answers:

What are your 10 favorite songs?

1) 2pac (Dear Mama) 2) 2pac (Mama Just A Little Girl) 3) UGK ( Hi Life) 4) T.I ( Still Aint Forgave Myself) 5) Young Jeezy ( Standing Ovation) 6) Commodore ( Zoom) 7) Lauran Hill (Ex Factor) 8) Teddy Pendergrass ( Turn Off The Lights) 9) Isley Brothers ( Hold Back These Tears) 10) Prince ( Adore You)

Who are your 10 favorite authors?

1) Dr. John Henrik Clarke 2) J.A. Rogers 3) Marcus Garvey 4) Amos Wilson 5) Dick Gregory 6) Donald Goines 7) Iceberg Slim 8) Omar Tyree 9) Eric Jerome Dicky 10) Michelle Alexander

Tell our readers 10 lessons you’ve learned since becoming an author

1) You Have To Be Dedicated 2) You Have To Be Willing To Invest In Yourself. 3) You Have To Educate Yourself On The Art Of Writing And Marketing Strategies. 4) You Have To Be Consistent. 5) You Have To Think Like A Business Owner. 6) Find Your Own Voice And Niche. 7) Do Be Afraid To Try New Things. 8) You Can’t Please Everybody.

Make sure to pre-order your copy of O’shay & Sanaa: An Urban Romance, before it hits Amazon and Barnes & Noble on March 21st.

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