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What Series Do You Want To Read in 2015?


Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Since we are days away to 2015 (Wow, can you all believe that?!), I was thinking on the next books to release. Although Something Just Ain’t Right will more likely be released in January (don’t hold me to that, but it’s a possibility) I am thinking about the next series to write. The front runners are still Kevin and Elise’s stories, but I haven’t forgotten about The Love Chronicles or the re-release of Our Love.

A series that is going through my head right now is giving Zack his own story, which will tell his experience as a rookie in the NBA. It will also give a little back story to his relationship with Dominique and his friendship with Jayden (which I’m sure you miss him and Britney!)

Now that I have a boatload of ideas, I need your help in deciding which books I should write. Of course it will be after Something Just Ain’t Right, but I can always think ahead on what to present to my publisher with the next series.

I will have a poll at the bottom with the choices. The one that has the most votes will be the next series. Now, Our Love and Redemption might still be released after Something Just Ain’t Right and before my new series, but these choices will still be included on the poll.  Also, with Kevin and Elise’s stories, although the title names were the ones I included after Love Always, they may be subject to change.

Thanks in advance for your poll choices. Looking forward to seeing what you all choose! 🙂

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