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12 Days Of Christmas: The Love Interviews- Into You Series

Hi everyone! And welcome back to the 12 Days of Christmas event! Today is the second day of The Love Interviews series, as we catch up with the characters of the Into You series. I did do an interview with Vanessa and Mark from the first book in the series, which you all can read again by clicking on the link below:

With the new interview, not only will we get a chance to find out what everyone has been up to after their books have been released, but also what the future holds for each couple, as well as a surprise announcement from one of the characters.

And now, a brand new interview with the characters of the Into You series.


SB: Hi everyone, and welcome back to The Love Interviews, in which today, I have the characters of the Into You series! First off, I have to say thank you all for joining me today, especially on your busy schedules. I know I’m taking you all away from Suds.

Vanessa: Thank you for having us, Sheena. We’re making sure to take the time to talk to you.

SB: Awe, I feel so special. Thank you all, again. Now, let’s dive into this interview. Vanessa, when Into You was released in 2016, did you or Mark ever imagine how popular this series would become, especially with spinning off into two other stories about the car wash?

Vanessa: Honestly, no. I didn’t think our story would be so popular with readers. It’s just about our daily lives working at a car wash.

SB: But a lot does go on at Suds, does it Troy?

Troy: (chuckling) You’re funny, Sheena. You had to come to me on that one, did you?

SB: Well, with your story Resisting Temptation, the Richmond store was sort of running itself before Reece came into the picture

Reece: She does have a point, Troy.

Troy: It was true that the store was known for its activities outside of the car wash, but thanks to Reece, I’m definitely a changed man.

Reece: You most certainly are, baby.

Jamarcus: Amen to that.

SB: Okay, I think I went a little off track now. But going back to the series, it was first introduced because I wanted to write a story about working at a car wash, especially since I am an office manager at one. But believe me, my job doesn’t have as much drama as yours.

Reece: And that’s something that we try not to incorporate as much, but who doesn’t like a little drama, right?

Tamara: That’s true.

SB: How are things going at the Richmond store, Jamarcus? Has anything changed since the last community event you all held during your story, The Right Kind of Love?

Jamarcus: Things are going well. Our sales are booming and with Tamara and I at the reins, we’re unstoppable.

SB: I’m so glad to hear that. How is your relationship? Are there any wedding plans in the future?

Tamara: We’re still taking things one day at a time, Sheena. But we love where things are.

Jamarcus: We most certainly do.

SB: I was definitely rooting for you two with your story. And of course, Reece and Troy. I have to admit Troy, you remind me of someone that I used to know. It ‘s sort of scary how your personalities are similar.

Troy: I wonder who that could be?

SB: That’s an area of my life that I don’t discuss as much. Moving on, how are things at the Dallas store going?

Reece: Things are going well. In fact, since Troy wants to go more commercial, he wants to bring in a consultant to help with the store’s image.

Troy: The company needs to be promoted more, so I think it’s a great idea. I’m just trying to get Mark on board for his stores.

Mark: The stores have been doing fine without having commercials being blasted on TV.

Troy: You sound cheap, Mark.

Mark: I’m all for you wanting to brand the business more. In fact, I’m proud of you for doing it. But did you have to bring my sister into it?

Sheena: Wait, I thought Carmen owned a clothing store? Besides, didn’t she get out of the car wash business?

Vanessa: That’s a long story about her clothing store. She decided to go into business consulting. And Troy decided to hire her to rebrand Suds Richmond and Dallas.

Troy: It’s not rebranding. It’s just getting our business out to more people.

Mark: I still don’t like the idea that you’re putting my sister in your business, especially since she have some things going on in her life.

Troy: You’re just concerned about her and….

Vanessa: Okay, do we really need to get into this right now?

Sheena: Is everything okay?

Mark: Everything’s fine. Just have some other things going on.

Jamarcus: Even I’m curious to know what’s going on.

Tamara: Now is not the time, J.

Reece: But there is something that we all would like to announce since we’re all together for this interview.

Sheena: And what is that announcement, Reece?

Reece: There will be another story in the Into You series, which will be Carmen’s story.

Vanessa: And of course it will feature all the couples from the series as we all navigate with the business and helping Carmen deal with some romance issues.

Tamara: Definitely a lot of romance issues.

Sheena: Oh wow, a new book. Who knew there was more stories to tell from you all.

Reece: There’s always a story to tell with this group.

Sheena: That is so true, Reece! But thank you all for joining me today and I’m sure the readers can’t wait to catch up with you all as well as read about Carmen in the new book.

Vanessa: Thank you for having us, Sheena.


That’s right, a new story from the Into You series will be coming soon in 2022! The story, titled The One For Me, will be Carmen’s story as she goes through several changes in her professional life while trying to figure out her love life when an old flame comes back into her life.

Here is the cover reveal for the The One For Me.

Make sure to come back to my blog to find out about the release date as well as the synopsis for the book.

Thank you all again for joining me today for The Love Interviews. Please make sure to come back tomorrow as we do another Book Day during the 12 Days of Christmas with Love Unbroken.

Until next time, everyone! 🙂

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