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12 Days Of Christmas: The Love Interviews- Tamara & Lamar

Hi everyone! I really hope everyone is enjoying the 12 Days Of Christmas. I know I am, especially since I’m reliving some of my favorite book memories.

Since this is Thursday, I decided to do something special and do a little throwback to the Something Just Ain’t Right series, which some of you may remember was my first entry into urban fiction. It was a different element for me, which definitely took me out of my comfort zone as a romance author, but I really enjoyed telling each story in that genre.

With this interview segment, I was in the process of doing a spin-off with Tamara and Lamar titled If It Isn’t Love. While I didn’t get a chance to write their story yet, I’m not ruling it out, especially since I love writing for them, along with Hayley and Morgan, who are the main characters in SJAR. You never know, this could be one of the books that I’ll be writing in 2022.

In case anyone doesn’t remember Tamara and Lamar, here is their interview from part 1 of The Love Interviews. Enjoy! 🙂


Good morning, everyone! For today’s interview, I have Tamara & Lamar from the Something Just Ain’t Right series. The two will have their own spin-off story coming later this year.

SB: Thank you both for taking the time out for this interview.

Tamara: It’s our pleasure, Sheena

SB: First, let’s talk about Something Just Ain’t Right. That series was pretty intense, especially with the relationship you had with Hayley and Morgan, Lamar.

Lamar: It was very intense, but at the end of the day, we all became closer, so I guess we had to go through those experiences to realize the importance of family.

SB: Even when Morgan put you in the hospital?

Lamar: Now that I look back on that, I kind of deserved it.

SB: Well, you did record him and your sister having sex.

Lamar: Which I wasn’t trying to do.

SB: At least everything is resolved now.

Lamar: It certainly is.

SB: Let’s talk about your story. I’m sure you’re both excited to have your very own story. Can you share with everyone what to expect with the spin-off?

Lamar: I will be running the family’s computer tech company. My dad gave me ownership after he decided to retire.

SB: I’m sure that was an honor for you to take over the company.

Lamar: I knew it would happen, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. But after everything that has happened, I guess he just wanted to live his life; I can’t blame him for that.

SB: That’s true.

Lamar: Not only that, but Tamara and I will be exploring our relationship further. In SJAR, readers didn’t get a chance to understand our relationship; but now that the spin-off will focus on us, then readers will have a better understanding of how we met.

Tamara: Also what makes us stay together. I love Lamar, but sometimes he can be a bit over the top.

Lamar: Seriously, Tam.

Tamara: Just saying.

SB: I think we all seen that firsthand in SJAR. What about you, Tamara? What will readers see from you in the spin-off?

Tamara: I will be starting my own jewelry company.

SB: Wow, that’s cool.

Tamara: Thank you. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. But that’ll be discussed.

Lamar: Among other things.

SB: Like what?

Lamar: Tamara’s ex is back in the picture.

SB: Ex?

Tamara: From college. I dated him freshman year.

Lamar: Who my dad also hired for the company before he retired. And Tamara knew told me that they dated.

SB: Wow.

Tamara: Because I know how you get, Lamar.

Lamar: I would had found out eventually, Tamara.

SB: So your story will be sort of a love triangle?

Tamara: I don’t have feelings for him. It was a brief relationship, so it wasn’t serious.

SB: Let’s move on, shall we?

Tamara: Thank you.

SB: When will readers expect for this book to drop?

Tamara: Possibly in the summer.

SB: And will Morgan and Hayley make an appearance?

Lamar: Of course they will. They’ll be a focal point in the story just like we were in their series.

SB: Cool. I think the readers will be glad to hear that. But thank you both again. I think everyone is looking forward to this story.

Tamara: We can wait to share it with everyone.

Lamar: Thank you, Sheena.


Check back tomorrow as we go into the day five of the 12 Days of Christmas with a few Christmas songs that will definitely get everyone excited for Christmas.

Until next time, everyone! 🙂

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