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30 Days, 30 Authors- SamQunita Nyeshia 

Hi everyone!! Today, SamQuinta Nyeshia is visiting my blog during the 30 Days, 30 Authors event. She is a new author on the scene who have four books under her belt. Not only is she a writer, but a reader first. Check out her impressive bio as well as what inspired her to become an author.

Now, SamQuinta Nyeshia!

author bio

My name is SamQuinta Capers, but goes by the Pen name Nyeshia (which is my middle name). I am 22 years old born on January 25, 1994. I am a Psychology major at University of South Carolina Beaufort. I am graduating next year April with a B.S. degree. Writing is my passion, it is my escape away from the real world. When I write I am free and off to another world, where I can be me. I am signed under a publisher name Cynthia Blue Creations. I have been an author for over a year now and love it. It is not easy considering I am in school and trying to maintain good grades/GPA and writing at the same time. I was on the quiet side and never thought of actually making it this far. I don’t want to be famous, I just want people to hear that I have a voice and I want to be heard. If I can have one or two people who love my work, then I am a happy camper. I enjoy making people happy and want to make people to understand that if you have a passion for something then you should go out there and do it, no is in control of your life but you. We are put on this Earth for a reason, we just have to figure out what that reason is. I am striving to be the best that I can be so I can make myself proud, and say that I have accomplish my goal.

author interview

1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

Besides writing, I love to do my school work (yay),  and listen to music, especially while I am writing. Music makes me calm and I cannot go a day without it. I also like to draw; I was once an art major so drawing was another escape of mine that I absolutely love. Writing, music, and drawing all go hand in hand.  I love watching TV, and my favorite shows include Pretty little Liars, Love and Hip Hop (all seasons), Bring It, and every Tyler Perry Shows.

 2. What inspired you to become an author?

Becoming an author was something that I never thought of doing. I wrote in journals growing up but I was the shy type, so becoming an author never ran through my mind. A couple of years ago, I wanted to try something new and take the chance on furthering my writing career. I wouldn’t know if I tried and I did under a new publisher and things are great to this day.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

My first reaction when my debut novel was published was a little emotional.  Tears were coming out of my eyes, because I never thought that this day was actually coming true.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I’ll be 27 years old, hopefully having my own apartment. I want to go back to school for art and getting my master’s in counseling to become a guidance counselor and/or my master’s for child psychology.  Hopefully, I will developed more in my writing and be more relevant like some of the authors that I know in the writing industry.

5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

The advice I would give anyone who wants to become an author is to make sure you have time for writing and time for yourself. I’m in college and finding time for you and writing is a must. If you want to write make sure you are doing it for the passion, and not for the profit.

books and links

The Bryson Blood Wars
If I Can't Have You cover



Excerpt from Could It Be True


As I got to the park an earlier than I expected, I just want to make sure what I’m up for was really going to be true. I had to come and clear my head, and face the fact that my crush was going to be here to meet, and I was about to face my so called ex best friend’s child. Things was going to be too much today, so the only fitting thing I was going to it’s just come to the park a little bit early and get my head together. I was anxious, nervous, and plenty more all wrapped into one. I walked around the park, and stopped at this nice view that had my attention, until I heard this nice, sexy voice. “Lailah?” The voice said. Could it be him? I turned around and was mesmerized with what I was seeing. Standing at 6’4, 225 pounds, with muscles, caramel skin, who’s holding hands with a little girl with a nice hair. She’s most definitely Kiyah’s child, but I don’t see his features in her. Mmmmm! I thought.

“Yes, that’s me. Sincere?” I said, and asked.

“Yes, that’s me. Long time no see. You are more beautiful than I ever pictured. This is my daughter Keya, Keya this is my new partner at work, Lailah.” He said, with his deep, sexy voice that always made me blushed.

“Hi, Keya it’s nice meeting you. You are so pretty.” I said, I just love the children. Hopefully I will have some in the future.

“Hi.” She said shyly. Then she asked, “Can I play now, daddy?”

“Sure, go ahead we’ll be over here where we can see you.” He said, as we walked a little sitting on the benched.

At first it was like back in the day, no words was being said between us. The only difference was we was sitting next to each other, with a little space between us. That was a major step, usually I would be far away from him, but this time I didn’t want to be. I wanted to be really close to him, hug him, and hold him. Letting him know that I was his, and he was mines. So many thoughts was running through my mind and I want to tell him everything, but that’s for another time. We are supposed to be here for work, but how that is even possible when we had history. Not really history, but I had a crush on him, who he probably once dated my best friend at the time, and wound up getting her pregnant at that to. I wouldn’t expect this to be happening like this. I would expect he wouldn’t have no children, I was supposed to be the one with his child, no friend of mine should be in the mix, but she wasn’t even a friend to me. I don’t know why women, girls, never liked me. I don’t coming off as stuck up or anything, why judge someone before you get to know them.

“So, do you want to talk about what to expect on Monday?” He asked, half looking at me and his child. I really don’t, I want to talk about other things, but decide against it. For now.

“Sure, that’s what we really here for, right?” I asked. He nodded.

“Okay, well, Mr. Cole, the CEO of Herrington Incorporated, suggested on, well I had spoken up about, and stop the feuding because we both are the greatest, so why feud on one another when we can work together. I hate when people hate on one another. So let’s come together and become one.” I said, staring into his eyes, which is staring back at me.

“That sounds like you, I remember you never used to condone that. You were and still a great person with a good heart. I really don’t know why people hated you, you are an inspiration.” He said. I blushed, and can’t believe he said that. He’s been paying that much attention all these years.

“Thanks, didn’t know you notice that after all these years.” I said.

“Really? I noticed a lot about you, but never get to show it. I guess you can say I was bit on the shy type when it comes to you.” He said while blushing. Aww! I thought. He’s blushing I can’t believe it.

“Wow! I really don’t know what to say. I’ve noticed you, and never once thought you were shy type, when it came down to any girl. To me, every girl wanted you.” I said, wondering what he’s going to say.

“Yeah, they might wanted me, but I only wanted one girl the whole entire time.” He said. Is he talking about me?

“Really, was it Kiyah? I said sadly, holding my head down to look at the grass beneath my sandals. I love the spring time.

“Kiyah? No I didn’t want her at all, but to be honest, she seem cool once we got older and yeah we kick it, that lead to us being intimate, but I never really thought y’all been good friends, maybe associates, but in high school she made it seem like you all wasn’t BFF’s anymore. She said some fowl stuff about you, and I defend them because I know you weren’t like that, but anyway I don’t know what happened one minute she was talking about you, and the next minute she apologized and told me she liked me and whatever. Then the next we were in my bed the stupidest thing I think I ever done, well the second stupid decision that I done.” He confessed everything.

“What’s the first?” I asked, curiosity now getting the best of me.

“Not being your protector, your lover and your best friend.” He finally said, letting go of his breath that he once hold in.

30 Days 1
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