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30 Days, 30 Authors- Trinity DeKane 

Hi everyone!! The 30 Days, 30 Authors event continues with Trinity DeKane. She is no stranger to the Urban genre as she puts her own spin on creative storytelling. Get to know a little bit more about Trinity and her rise in the Urban genre.

Now, here’s Trinity!

author bio

Trinity DeKane began writing at a young age. Born and raised in Burlington, North Carolina Trinity had experienced alot of different experiences both good and bad which led her to writing. From Poetry to Urban Fiction, no genre will go untouched by this author. THOT’s Ambition$ is the first novel publicly released by Trinity and it won’t be the last. Gathering Lilies is the second book to be released with Loving You Until It Hurts following.

Trinity DeKane has other novels written but will be released later on in the future. Trinity DeKane believes that with the support of her family and friends nothing will stop her from becoming a great author.

author interview

Spend time with my daughter. She does so many old things and new things that keep me entertained.

2. What inspired you to write?  I went through so many life altering experiences both good and bad and started writing poetry which got published and I turned short poems into short stories which ultimately got me into writing novels.

3.What was my reaction when my first book was published.

I was beyond excited. I called all my family and friends telling them it was ready to purchase.

4.Where do I see myself in Five Years?

In five years I see myself being a well established author and owning my own cleaning company.

5. What Advice would I give someone who was looking to become an author? 

I would advise them to take their time and really research. Know your audience… Take your time to develop your story..characters etc…. if you are going with a publisher know who they are…their business ethics… know what they expect from you from the beginning and tell them what you expect from them. That way there will be no confusion afterward.

Finally read your contract..”understand your contract and ask questions if there is something you don’t quite get before you sign it.

books and links



From T.H.O.T.S Revenge  Prologue

A year and a half after the tragic fire that Jeryca and her new found crew set, Dana was still recovering from the wounds she had sustained from that fire. She couldn’t remember a whole lot about that night but one image haunted her nightly and that was the evil grin of Jeryca’s and the knowledge of Zack’s betrayal.

But to her surprise Brittany and Stephanie were there with her every step of the way through her rehabilitation.

Detective Rone vowed that he would find and arrest everyone involved in the horrific crime committed against Dana.


Thad was struggling to keep his head above water. His life took a drastic turn the day his brother went missing and soon after he received a tape in the mail of his brother Toby being beaten to death. He had also learned that Toby’s wife Tiffany had been in the same warehouse fire that Dana was found in. He had never felt so angry in his life. He didn’t understand where they went wrong. He had no idea that Tim was connected to Serigio and Ramon but what really didn’t register was how they knew it was Toby who killed him. Only one person registered in his mind as a possible snitch and he was going to get even with the person responsible for his brother’s death.

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30 Days2

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