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Coming Wednesday, July 1st!!!!

Hi everyone!! My publisher made the announcement that No Other Love will be available on Wednesday!! I’m so excited for this book and the entire series; not only because this is the Love, Life, & Happiness spin-off, but it’s a really good series! There’s so much drama happening between Kevin, Jennifer, and Carla; but once the story is over, you will know who you will want Kevin to be with. Will it be his wife Jennifer, or his college best friend, Carla? You will have to read the story to find out when it’s available on Amazon early Wednesday morning.

Here is the cover and blurb for the story:


Kevin Thompson always lived life straight by the book. He got a great job, married his college sweetheart, Jennifer and together they’re raising a wonderful son.

Even though Kevin is living the picture perfect life, he’s starting to feel that something is missing. His marriage is slowly falling apart leaving him in a compromising position. To make matters even more complicated, he unexpectedly runs into an old college friend, Carla Windsor. Carla just happens to also be friends with Jennifer.

When secrets are exposed between the three, will it destroy everything Kevin has worked hard for? Or, will he see this as his way out of the life that he once cherished?

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