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Happy Anniversary Trust Me!!!


Hi everyone! Wow, I cannot believe it has been a year since Trust Me was released! I still remembered release day and there was a bit of a delay with Amazon and how readers were frantically asking when would it be available. That was when I knew that this book was going to be huge; and it definitely was.

Trust Me is the second book in the Love, Life, & Happiness series and it’s Cheryl and Marcus’ story. When I wrote this story, I knew the readers would love it, but I just didn’t know how much. To this day, Trust Me is still the most talked about book, not only in the LLH series, but for all of my books, period. Everyone automatically fell in love with this couple, especially with Marcus. I have to admit, Marcus is one of my most popular characters, mainly because of how he was represented in the series. He was the womanizer who changed his ways all in part of one woman. He’s likable and so damn sexy (especially with the scene after his and Cheryl’s first date). Not only did Cheryl change him for the better, but he did the same for her, as she was able to let go of her past and let herself fall in love.

Trust Me was my second #1 best-seller on Amazon, as it was the top seller on the African-American Women’s Fiction and African-American Romance lists for two weeks.  Based on readers’ interaction, this was the book that helped gain popularity for the series, as it not only focus on the two main characters, but also with the other characters in the series.

As always, I have to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported this book. I still get emails and comments from readers regarding this book and how great it is. For that, I will be giving away copies of this book for free today, only on Smashwords. This will give a chance for those who have not read the book to download and see why this story is so great. The code for the free download is: WT53G. 

If you have any favorite scenes from the story, please feel free to put them in the comment section below. 🙂

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