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Lady Guardians: October 2018 Serial


Hey everyone!! Earlier this week, I posted the release date to my novella under Xyla Turner’s Lady Guardians series; so now, I’m presenting the entire October serial, which kicks off today with Olivia Gaines’ novella, Shifting Gears. There will be two books coming out each week starting now to October 29th, when my book, The Ultimate Risk is released.

To get you ready for each book, I will be spotlighting each book either on or after its release day, that way you can know more about the serial and purchase your copy. I’ll be starting with Olivia’s tomorrow; but for now, take a look at the promo video that has every book from the series:

While Shifting Gears is now available, the rest of the books in the serial is available for pre-order. Make sure you get your copy in time for the release date.

Here are the authors, titles, release dates, and links to each book:

Shifting Gears (Oct.10th) – Olivia Gaines |

Grace’s Redemption (Oct. 12th) – Sydney Aaliyah Michelle |

Bankrolled (Oct. 15th) – J. L. Campbell |

Riding Dirty (Oct.17th)  – M’ Renee Allen |

Freedom (Oct.19th) – Embue |

Cut: Nationals (Oct.22nd) – Xyla Turner |

Born to Ride (Oct. 24th)  – Janae Keyes |

Black Money (Oct. 26th) – Taisha Demay |

The Ultimate Risk (Oct. 29th) – Sheena Binkley |

Make sure to come back tomorrow as I spotlight Olivia Gaines’ novella, Shifting Gears. 🙂

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