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Learning Process

Almost a month ago, my first novel was released to the public. I was a little nervous because this would be the first time sharing my work to anyone besides my best friend (who always loved my work, even when I personally didn’t). Once I saw my book on various websites, I realized that this was the official start of my writing career.

As the weeks progressed, the reviews started to come in, which again made me nervous, considering the reviews were from people I didn’t know. While some were positive, there were others that made me question my ability as a writer. Although I love to write, I usually kept my writings private because of the fact that hearing criticism is not one of my strong suits.

But as I was reading a comment, I had to realize that in this business, you have to roll with the punches. Sure, I can be upset or even sad because of a negative review, but I can also use the “advice” given and put it to something positive, whether it’s in a new story or blog.

Being an author can be challenging, especially with a particular audience. In the short time my story been published, I had to come to terms that I’m not going to please everyone, whether it may be the characters, dialogue, or the book itself. I have to know that it’s okay to take the comments into consideration, but not discourage me or question myself as a writer. This entire experience is a learning process which I will continue to embrace for as long as I can.

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