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LLH: Book 3 Chapters 5 & 6


Britney strolled into her afternoon class full of happiness. Now that she’s a junior, she can start taking her major courses, which meant she was one step closer to her degree.

So I can finally leave Shaw.

Since she started college, her life has been a complete mess, mainly from the incidents she endured last year. She really wanted to get her degree so she could venture out into the real world and start her career as an educator.

She wanted to be an elementary teacher, but not sure what grade to teach. Maybe she will make a decision once she completed her Introduction to Education course.

When she walked into the classroom, she immediately saw the instructor by the whiteboard writing out a few notes. She noticed how particular he was being with the phrases, as he picked up an eraser and begin to erase the words from the board.

Britney stared at the instructor’s tall, lean frame and light honey complexion. The flow of black waves on his close crop fade gave him a distinct, but sexy look. The light stubble on his face made him even more appealing. She studied his lips, realizing they would be a perfect match to hers, among other things, as he licked them.

I’m definitely not going to concentrate in this class.She thought as she went to a seat in the center.

The instructor turned around and gave Britney a sweet smile as he goes over to his desk.

“How are you?”

“I’m good. I guess I’m early, huh?”

“It’s always good to be punctual.” he said and gave her a tantalizing stare.

Before he could say anything else, several more students walked into the class, making Britney uncomfortable. She hoped no one saw him flirting with her.

He looked at his watch, noticing the time as he goes to the whiteboard and spelled out his name.

“Good afternoon everyone, I’m Mr. Parker, but everyone can call me Jackie. I know you were expecting Professor Graves to instruct the class, but unfortunately, he will be out for six weeks to recover from hip surgery. I am the TA, so I will be taking over the class until he is able to return.”

He began to pass out the syllabus, making the first student take one and hand to the next person.

“As you can see, we have a bit to cover this semester, beginning on why you want to become a teacher. Your first assignment is to write a one-page paper explaining your passion for education and what led you into this field. Be honest and from the heart with your perception. Papers are due next class.”

Britney looked at the syllabus and sighed.

He’s sexy, but bossy.

“Now, that’s out of the way, I think it will be fitting to get to know one another since we will be together for an entire semester. I think I’ll go first. As I mentioned, I’m Jackie Parker, I’m 25 years old and I’m going for my Master’s in Education. Although I’m a teacher, I do know how to have a good time.” he said, giving Britney a sensual look.

The look Jackie was giving Britney made her want to jump him right in front of the class. He was truly flirting with her, and didn’t care if anyone noticed.

Why am I even thinking this? Nothing could happen between us.She thought as she gave Jackie a smile.

I can dream though….

*** Monica was at Donnell’s doorstep waiting on him to answer. Since moving out four months ago, the two have tried to salvage what was left of their relationship. The two were already on shaky ground before with her one-night stand from a night out with friends to her becoming pregnant and having a miscarriage. When the two moved in together, she thought it would help bring back the trust and love they had for each other, but it only made things worse.

Mainly because of my selfishness.She thought as she knocked on the door again.

Or maybe because I wasn’t ready.

The door opened, revealing Donnell on the other side. He gave Monica a quick smile before letting her inside.

“Hey. Am I disturbing you?”

“No, I was actually hoping you would stop by.”

She went towards the living room and sat down on the tan sofa. Donnell closed the door and headed to the sofa as well.

“So, how is everything? I know we haven’t talked much lately.”

“Everything is fine. Donnell, I didn’t come by for small talk. We really need to talk about us.”

He sighed and laid the back of his neck on the sofa. He looked at Monica with a sincere look.

“I know. Things have really changed between us.”

“I don’t know how much more I can take of this. We’ve both been distant from each other for quite some time now. I thought when we moved in together that we could repair the damage that was made between us, but the problems just became worse.”

“I know. It’s kind of hard to regain what we had when we can’t let go of the past.”

“You mean you can’t let go. I did.”

“I’ve tried Mon, but the things we’ve been through, it’s hard not to.”

“Donnell, I just need to know if we can fix this. Maybe I wasn’t ready to move in with you, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want our relationship to end. I just think that we need to work on ourselves before we jump into anything serious.”

“So, you’re saying you want us to break up.”

“I’m not saying that. I just want us to get back to where we were before.”

“You know we can’t.”

Monica looked at Donnell as she picked up her purse and headed to the door.

“Why are you walking away? I gave you my honest opinion on the situation.”

“Why you don’t want to fight? You’re simply just giving up.”

“I didn’t say I was. You have to face reality Monica. What we had before is gone. We will never get that back. In order for us to continue with this relationship, we have to start from scratch and get to know each other again. But from what I’m getting, it seems as if you don’t want to do that. You rather just pretend the past year didn’t happen and just continue on.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t have to. You gave that away when you were about to walk out the door.”

Monica sighed and continued to leave.

“You know what Monica, just go. Maybe we should have just ended it when we had the chance.”

She turned around to stare at Donnell.

“I guess that’s one thing we can finally agree on.”

She opened the door and slammed it, causing her to put her hand over her mouth. Hot tears began to spring from her eyes as she stared at the door again and went to her car.


Chris was enjoying the events at Pledge Week, as he was getting to know some of the fraternities on campus. Although he would probably rush Omega Si, he wanted to know his other opinions by visiting other fraternities.

As he walked from Fraternity Row and to the sorority houses, he noticed Dominique standing in front of the Gamma Zeta Gamma house giving a cheerily smile to a group of girls. Once they disappeared, Chris went over to her.


“Chris. How are you?”

“Cut the crap Dominique.”

“I don’t know what you’re implying, expect for you being so rude towards me.”

“What is going on between you and Shawn?”

“Why is it your concern?”

“Shawn is my best friend. He’s been through enough and I don’t want to see him hurt again, especially by you.”

“That’s sweet and all, but I won’t hurt him like that tramp did.”

“From what I remember, you were far worse than his ex.”

Dominique put her arms across her chest. She gave Chris a foul glance and rolled her eyes at him.

“Now you’re starting to aggravate me. What do you want?”

“All I want to say is don’t hurt Shawn. He doesn’t deserve whatever scheme you’re trying to pull.”

“Who said I was doing a scheme on him? Who are you to even judge me?”

“You know Shawn is Marcus’ brother, so whatever issues you have with him don’t take them out on Shawn.”

“What do you know about me and Marcus?”

“I know enough.”

“Dominique‘s expression changed from angry to hurt as she looked at Chris.

“Please don’t tell Shawn about that. I never meant to hurt anyone that night.”

“But you did. You nearly cost Marcus his career and his life. If you are woman enough, you would tell Shawn the truth.” Chris said.

He headed towards campus, leaving Dominique in a fit of tears.


“I cannot believe she is GZG president!” Cheryl exclaimed.

She and Riana were at the student lounge getting iced lattes. Now they were seated at a table discussing what happened earlier.

“Do you think we should pledge if we get an invitation? You know Dominique will be hard on you since you’re Shawn’s ex.”

“You really think she would haze me?”

“Are you that naïve? Dominique looks like the type to do it and she will.”

Riana thought about what she discussed with Professor Caldwell earlier and smiled.

“Technically, she can’t because that will be against college policy, but if she does, then she has a fight on her hands.”

And I will have a story to write.

Cheryl sighed as she sipped her latte.

“Enough about Dominique. What about you and Terrance. I heard you two are going on a date.”

“Yeah, we are?” Riana said while giving a shy smile.

“I’m really happy for you. I’m just glad you’re getting out of your funk.”

“I had to, right? Shawn did.”

“If given the chance, do you see the two of you becoming more?”

“It just one date,”

“It could lead to more though.”

“I don’t know. Maybe if we take things slow, then I could see a relationship in the future. For what I know, Terrance seems like a nice guy, and he’s someone I would like to get to know better.”

Cheryl smiled as she put her hand on Riana’s shoulder.

Riana sipped her latte wondering if she believed what she just said.


Marcus hurriedly walked away from the jail cell of the police department without even looking at anyone. It was bad enough that he was arrested, but was taken in at his place of employment was even worse. He couldn’t even look at his co-workers without feeling a sense of disappointment of being behind the cell instead of in front of it.

Once he was placed in with attempted thieves and assaulters, he had to determine who his one phone call would go to. He couldn’t possibly call his parents, since they were already upset with what happened between him and Shawn, and he definitely couldn’t call Shawn to bail him out.

There is only one other person I can call. He thought and dialed the number.

An hour later and Chris arrived to bail Marcus out. Now, the two were in his car heading to Marcus’ apartment. He gave Marcus a disappointed look before turning back to the road.

“What happened man? Disorderly conduct and assault!” Chris exclaimed.

“Not one of my best days, huh?” Marcus said with a light laugh.

“This is serious Marcus! You’re a detective. I’m pretty sure your arrest didn’t go well with the department.”

“No, it didn’t. I’m not sure what’s going to happen once my suspension is over.”

“You know you could have called anyone else to bail you out.”

“Like who? I couldn’t let my parents see me drunk and I definitely couldn’t have called Shawn.”

“Well, you know I would had helped you no matter what, but Marcus, you need to get help. I know things are kind of crazy lately, but this is not the way to get through it. You need to find a way to either talk about it with someone or try to straighten out your problems with your family.”

“And why would I do that? Chris, I don’t have a problem.”

“You may not think so now, but you will if you continue.”

“Everything is fine Chris. I just had a few drinks and it got out of hand, that’s all.”

“I just bailed you out of jail.”

“I know, and trust me, it won’t happen again.”

“I hope not. But promise me that you will try and get some help.”

“I will if it becomes a problem, but right now it isn’t. I just want to be able to function during the day, that’s all; and if drinking helps me do that, then let me be, okay.”

Chris shook his head and made a right turn towards Marcus’ apartment complex. He wanted to go further into Marcus’ problem, but decided not to. He looked at him with a new topic to discuss.

“I need to talk to you about Dominique.”

Marcus gave a long winded sigh. Just hearing her name made him become slightly agitated.

“Why are you bringing up her name?”

“It’s about her and Shawn, Marcus. They’re dating.”

Marcus gave a bewildered look and stared at the windshield.

“How in the hell did that happen?!”

“While during their internship at Channel 2. Listen, I know what happened, but of course Shawn doesn’t know since you never identified the accused victim.”

“I know. People were already talking about the incident on campus and I didn’t want him to be bombarded by it. I tried to withhold enough information.”

“Which you did; Marcus, I don’t know what Dominique’s angle is by dating Shawn, but you and I know she is bad news. Don’t you owe it to your brother to tell him about what she did to you?”

Marcus looked at Chris wondering if this was a ploy to get him to talk to Shawn again.

“To be honest, I don’t know if I should.”

*** Once the class introduced themselves and Jackie explained the course syllabus, he let the class out early.

While Britney was gathering her belongings, she noticed him was staring at her. The two were the only ones in the room, which was fine with Britney, as she gave him a smile.

He walked over to her and gave her a sensual kiss, causing her to drop her tote bag. Although she loved the way his lips felt on hers, she knew she couldn’t continue. She quickly pushed him away while giving a baffled stare.

“You know we can’t do this. There’s no point in starting something we can’t finish.”

Jackie gave a stimulating smirk at the statement.

“You weren’t saying that two days ago.”

“Listen, what we shared was magnificent and exciting, but you know we can’t go any further than a professional relationship. You are my teacher, Jackie.” she whispered, grabbing her tote bag and putting it on her shoulder.

As she was heading to the door, Jackie went behind her and moved her hair from her neck. He bent down and gently kissed her neck, giving a feeling Britney couldn’t resist. She turned around and pushed him towards his desk. She goes to the door and locked it, making sure they wouldn’t be interrupted. She slowly walked over to him and crashed her lips to his. Jackie threw a couple of paper onto the ground before taking her in his arms and laying her on the desk.

The two knew what they were doing was wrong, but at the moment, the only thing that matter was the feeling they had for each other, and that was pure and uncontrollable lust.

*** Before heading to the Gamma Zeta Gamma house to pick up Dominique, Shawn decided to go to the student lounge. He was texting Dominique to let her know he was on his way when he ran right into Riana, who was coming out of Baker’s Hall. The two looked at each other, suddenly becoming a bit shy with each other.

“We have to stop doing this.” Shawn jokingly said.

“I know, second time today. That has to be a record.” Riana said, giving a tiny smile.

Shawn smiled back, realizing that he missed her smile.

“Yeah, it is.”

Shawn noticed how beautiful she looked, in a cream colored sleeveless shirt and a blue maxi skirt. Her dark brown hair hung loosely in waves around her shoulders, making her look like an angel. He wanted so badly to kiss her peach colored lips, but he resisted in doing so.

He began to think about the all the times the two has shared, from just being around campus to just hanging out in his apartment. The happy moments they had, which he missed so desperately.

Riana gave Shawn a once over as well, as she stopped to stare at his lips. Out of nowhere, she began to speak.

“How was your first day?”

“It was good. I have an easy schedule this semester, considering this is my last year.”

“That’s good. Mine is pretty easy too. “

“You have any plans for the semester?”

“Yeah; in fact, Cheryl and I are pledging GZG. It was actually her idea, so she kind of dragged me into it.”

Shawn gave her an uneasy glance at the news. He really didn’t want Riana to pledge GZG since Dominique is the president.

“I’m also thinking about joining the campus newspaper. Professor Caldwell is the advisor and decided to put me on a trial basis.”

“That’s great Ri. Congratulations.”

“Thanks. You have any plans for this semester?”

“Yeah. Channel 2 offered me a job working with their production team.”

Riana’s brown eyes lit up with excitement over the news.

“Wow. That’s wonderful Shawn. Congratulations!”

“Thanks. The job is not glamorous; I’m just the assistant to the production manager; but I could get a promotion once I graduate next year.”

“It’s still great news. I’m really happy for you Shawn.”

The two looked at each other with a look of desire in their eyes. They both knew the feelings they had for each other were not completely gone. Shawn went up to Riana and put his hand on her bare shoulder. He pulled her close to him, slowly moving his hand to her back. The feeling he was giving Riana gave her tingles throughout her body. She closed her eyes as she remembered the closeness she felt with him.

“What happened to make us go astray Shawn?” she whispered.

As soon as he was about to speak, the two heard someone clearing their throat. Riana quickly moved from him, which made Shawn turn around. Terrance was standing near the two giving them a questioning glance.

“You ready?” he asked while looking at Riana.

“Yes.” she said softly and looked at Shawn again.

Shawn stared at the two, realizing what was going on.

“It was nice talking to you.” she said.

“See you later Ri.” he said.

He watched as Riana and Terrance walked towards the parking lot, leaving him speechless at the fact that Riana has actually moved on.

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