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Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story Part 5

Posted are the final two chapters of the lost story. After reading the last chapter, tell me your thoughts to this story. Is it better that the published stories?

There are 2 other stories that have not been published that feature the characters, as they embark on more issues through their spring semester of college. I may post them in the near future (if anyone is interested in reading them). But for now, enjoy the conclusion of the lost story!


Cheryl woke up the next day feeling a little sick. Today was the day she was going to tell her parents that she changed her major and she was nervous as hell. She looked over at Chris sleeping on the other side of the bed. She put her hand on his cheek, slightly caressing it. Instead of him waking up, he shrugged his shoulders and rolled over on the other side.

Cheryl laughed and got up from the bed. Since the semester was over in another week, the campus was closed so students could get ready for finals. She was glad for the week off, because after what she will experience at her parents’ house later, she was going to need all the rest she could get.

She walked towards the bathroom, when she heard keys going into the lock. She automatically knew it was Riana since she didn’t come home last night. She and Shawn walked into the apartment, going straight into the living room. Cheryl walked into the living room with a toothbrush in her hand. She looked at the two and smiled.

“Good morning you two. You both look pretty happy.”

Shawn looked from Riana to Cheryl and smiled.

“We’re happy because it’s a new day. Why else would we be happy?”

“I don’t know. I figured you two must of had a good time considering you spent the night together.”

“When two people spend the night together, it doesn’t mean they have to have sex.” Riana said.

“I know, but it is so much fun.” Cheryl said.

“It definitely is.” Riana said softly while looking at Shawn.

Cheryl looked at the two, realizing that Riana did not tell her everything. She gave her a look that read she knew.

Riana looked at Cheryl and nodded.

Shawn looked at the two, wondering what was going on.

“What was that about?” he asked.

Riana smiled.

“It’s an understanding we have.”

Shawn nodded as he looked toward the TV. Riana smiled, putting her head on Shawn’s shoulder.


Britney walked down the long corridor of the fourth floor at Penbrook Hospital. She wanted to see Monica before they released her today and before she started her day of errands. She decided to move out of her parents’ house again to move into her own apartment. She figured after living with three other girls in a two-bedroom apartment and then moving back home was not for her. She needed her own apartment and she was determined to get it.

As she went to Monica’s room, she opened the door and seen Donnell sitting on Monica’s bed while she was packing the clothes she had into an overnight bag.

“Hey Donnell, nice to see you.” Britney said as she walked in.

“Hey Brit. How are you?”

“I’m doing fine. I didn’t think you would be here.”

“I came by last night to talk to Monica.” he said, smiling.

“We’re back together.” Monica said, looking at Donnell and smiling.

“That’s great. I knew you two would find your way back to each other. All you needed was a little push.”

“Yeah, and it was all thanks to you.” Monica said. She went over to Britney and gave her a hug.

“Thanks, but I didn’t do anything. I knew you two would get back together. You two were destined to be together. I also think it’s good that you’re back together during this time.”

Monica and Donnell looked at each other with sad eyes. Just the thought of Britney mentioning about the baby only made Monica sad all over again.

“Mon, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to talk about the baby…”

“It’s okay. I also think it’s good that Donnell is with me again. That way we can both work through this together.”

Donnell looked at Monica as he took her hand.

Monica looked over at Britney, who had a sad look on her face. She realized that she was still hurting over everything that has happened with her friends and Isaac.

“Brit, you will find true love one day. I know it in my heart. There’s a fine looking guy out there that will sweep you off your feet in a major way. Trust me.”

Britney smiled at Monica.

“I know. I guess I feel a little out of place since Riana is with Shawn, Cheryl is with Chris, and now you and Donnell are back together. I guess I’m the seventh wheel now.”

“Come on Brit, you could never be a nuisance to any of us.” Monica said.

“Mon’s right. Besides, you shouldn’t rush love. It wouldn’t work if you did.” Donnell said.

Britney smiled at the two.

“Thanks, Mom and Dad for that enlightening speech. I better go, though. I know you two have a some quality time to catch up on.”

“I’m about to be released in a few minutes and we were going to back to the apartment, but probably grab a bite to eat first. Did you want to come?”

“No thanks. You two need to spend some time together. Besides, I have a lot of apartments to look at. I’m planning to move out on my own before the new semester starts.”

“That’s great, Brit. Maybe we could get together soon.”

“That’s fine. Take it easy, okay.”

Monica smiled. “I will.”

Britney smiled as she waved good-bye to Donnell.

As she walked out, she closed the door and sighed.

Mon’s right, I am lonely.

She looked at the door one last time and walked down the corridor.

Monica looked at Donnell and sighed.

“I know she’s hurting.”

Donnell went to her and put his head on her shoulder.

“That’s what I love about you. Even though you’re going through something, you still put your friends’ feelings before your own.”

She smiled and turned around to face him.

“I know. Brit’s my girl so I will always look after her. Just like she does for me.”

“But she is right about you. You need to take it easy. You did suffer a lost and I know you’re still in pain over it.”

“I’m fine sweetie, don’t worry about me, okay?”

“You know I will. That’s why I think you should come back to my place. That way I could take care of you.”

Monica smiled weakly at Donnell.

“I can go home. All I need is a little rest.”

“I’m not taking no for an answer. I want you to come back to ourour place.”

Monica looked at him with a suspicious look on her face.


“I’m saying that I want you to move in with me.”

Monica continued to look at Donnell as she sat down on the bed. He sat beside her, putting her hand into his.

“Are you okay? I didn’t mean to shock you.”

“I can’t believe after all we have been through, you still want me in your life. And now you want me to live with you.”

“That was the original plan. I was saving up for us to move into a place together. I wanted to surprise you, but I guess I got sidetracked with the news you sprung on me. But everything is cool now and I want to continue with my plan. I want us to do things that people in love do, and moving in together is a great way to show how much I love you.”

It felt good to Monica that Donnell wanted a future with her. Just the idea of living with him would be a dream come true. But an sinking feeling was in the pit of her stomach and her mind was telling her that this was not the best idea.

“I don’t know Donnell. We just got back together. Don’t you think we should slow things down before we decide to move in together?”

“I thought about that, but Mon, we shouldn’t have to start over. What happened to us is now in the past. All the lying and cheating is out the door. I just want us to go back to how we were before, and that was in love.”

Monica smiled and wrapped her arms tightly around him. Donnell was taken back by Monica’s sudden reaction.

“I guess your decision is yes?”

“Of course baby. I will definitely move in with you.” she whispered.

“You made me so happy baby.” Donnell whispered in her ear.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”


It has been two hours later since Cheryl woke up and she, Riana and Chris were heading over to her parents’ house. While she was driving in her brand new Honda Accord her parents bought her, she was wondering when she tell them about her major change, will they take her brand new car away?

Riana, who was sitting in the passenger seat, looked over at Cheryl and gave her a light touch on her hand.

“It’s going to be okay. We’re here for you.”

Cheryl smiled. “ I know, but I’m still nervous.”

“Don’t be. Things are going to work out.” Chris said from the backseat.

Cheryl knew they meant well, but even their words couldn’t calm her nerves from exploding. They didn’t know how her parents were and after today, things would never be the same.

As she turned into the New Territory subdivision, she made another left and turned onto Singingmore Lane. She turned into an elaborate two-story red brick home that looked like an mansion, and parked behind her father’s Cadillac Escalade. The three got out of Cheryl’s car and walked up to the front door. Chris looked around the beautiful landscape and the fantastic cars parked outside and figured out why Cheryl’s parents acted the way they did.

He looked at Riana and pulled her to the side.

“This is Cheryl’s house.”

“Yeah, since she was born. Why?”

“I don’t know. From what Cheryl told me and from what I see now, I think her parents are probably high-class snobs.”

“Come on Chris. You haven’t even met them yet, so don’t judge them.”

He sighed and the two went behind Cheryl at the door. Even though she had a key, she figured it was right to ring the doorbell. After one ring, Mrs. Thompson answered the door with a huge smile on her face.

“Cheryl, what a surprise. How are you?” she asked as she gave her daughter a hug.

“I’m fine Mama. How are you?”

“I’m doing well. I’m just glad winter break is coming so I can see my baby girl. I miss you being here.”

“I miss you and Daddy too. Is he home too?”

“Yeah. He’s on vacation this week. I wish he would go do something because he’s bugging the hell out of me.” Cheryl’s mother said as she walked into the spacious living room. She turned around and noticed Riana and Chris tagging behind Cheryl. She stopped in her tracks and looked at the two.

“I didn’t even notice you were here, Ri. How are you doing?”

“I’m great Aunt Traci.”

“That’s great. And who is this fine looking gentleman with you?”

Cheryl blushed and smiled. She looked at Chris as she took his hand.

“Mom, this is Chris Thomas, my boyfriend.”

Traci looked from Cheryl to Chris and smiled.

“Hi Chris, it’s nice to meet you.” she said while extending her hand to him.

“Likewise, Mrs. Thompson.”

So how did you two meet?”

“We met in our literature class this semester, but we’re also taking psychology together.”

“Oh, so you want to be a psychologist too, just like my Cherrie?”

“Actually, no. I only took the class for a requirement for my major, which is business. I want to start my own business.”

Traci gave Chris a weak smile and went into the living room. Chris looked at Riana and gave her look that read “I told you so.”

“Did anyone want anything from the kitchen? Water, juice.”

“No thanks.” everyone replied as they sat down on the plush cream colored down filled couches that were displayed in the living room.

Cheryl looked impatiently at her mother. She wanted to get the argument on the road.

“Where is Dad? I really need to talk to both of you about something.”

“He’s in the study. What’s going on, Cherrie?”

“It’s something important.”

“Okay, let me get him.” Traci said. She went up the spiral staircase to the study.

Cheryl turned towards Chris and Riana and sighed.

“I don’t think I can handle this.”

“Will you calm down? Everything is going to okay.” Chris said.

Cheryl started to become sweaty as she wiped her palms onto her shirt. She looked over towards the stairs and noticed her mother walking down with her father. Of her parents, Dwayne Thompson has always been the laid back one. He always tried to keep the peace between Traci and Cheryl, but never had a voice of his own. Whatever his wife wanted, Dwayne went along with it.

“Hey baby girl. What brings you by?” he asked as he went to Cheryl. He wrapped his strong arms around her and gave her a fatherly hug.

“Just visiting Daddy.”

“That’s good. Your mama said you had some news to tell us.”

“Yeah, but in a minute. First, I would like for you to meet someone.” she said, grabbing Chris’ hand.

“Daddy, I would like for you to meet my boyfriend, Chris Thomas.”

“Hey.” Dwayne said as he took Chris’ hand.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Thompson.” Chris said.

“Call me Dwayne.” he said while smiling. He looked at Riana and smiled.

“Hey Ri. I didn’t see you there.”

“Hey Uncle Dwayne.”

“Okay, now that’s out of the way, let me get to the real reason why I’m here. There’s something important that I have to talk to you both about.”

“What is it?” Traci asked.

“Well, it’s something that I don’t think you will approve of, but it’s something that makes me happy. This is something that I have always wanted to do, so I hope what I’m about to say won’t make you both upset with me. I hope you two can accept my decision.”

“Whatever it is, you can tell us.” Dwayne said.

Cheryl took a deep breath before speaking.

“I know you wanted me to be a psychologist. Believe me, it is a good profession, but it’s not for me. It never have been and never will be. So yesterday, I decided to change my major to pre-med.”

Cheryl’s parents looked at her as if she had lost her mind. Traci gave a loud sigh while Dwayne looked at his wife with a look that read “I told you this was going to happen.”

“What made you decide to change your major without telling us?” Traci asked.

“I didn’t think I had to discuss this with the two of you. Mom, Dad, I have tried to respect your decisions since I was little. I have done everything you wanted me to do and I have never said anything about it. There were things you told me to do that I didn’t even want to do, but I figured since you two were my parents, I had to obey your decisions.”

“Just like with this decision. We thought you majoring in pre-med was a huge mistake and you decided to choose psychology.”

“No Mom, you chose psychology for me. I never wanted to major in pysc, but since you kept pushing me to do so, I gave in. You know how hard it is for me to respect every decision you two have made for me and I couldn’t express my opinions over it? You don’t know because you were too busy to care.”

“That’s not true. We were only looking out for you and your future. We were like that with all of you.”

“Yeah right. If that was true, then you would had been like that with Jason and Carla. But you wasn’t because you only done it to me. It seemed as if you were punishing me for even being born.”

Traci turned her head to face the cream-colored walls surrounding the room. Cheryl noticed her mother’s expression and went over to her. She looked straight into her eyes with a horrified look on her face.

“Why did you turn away when I said that? Is it true that you didn’t want me?”

Traci sighed and put her head in her hands. She didn’t think she would had to tell her daughter this, but she figured she had no choice. Dwayne looked at the two and sighed.

“That’s not true baby. We love you just the same as Jason and Carla. We conceived you with love. And don’t you ever forget that.” he said.

“Well, part of it is true. Cheryl, we love you with all of our hearts, but we never planned to have you like we planned with Carla and Jason. You were basically a mistake.”

Cheryl looked at her mom as if she ripped her heart out of her chest. She couldn’t believe her mother would say that to her. Even if it was true, how could she sit there and say that to her?

Chris looked at Riana with the same look that read “I can’t believe she said that.”

Cheryl sat down on the couch next to Chris wondering what was going on. Traci went up to hug her, but she pushed her away.

“Please don’t do this.”

“Why should I? You just said that I was a mistake. How could you tell your child she was a mistake?”

“Calm down sweetie.” Dwayne said.

“Don’t ever call me sweetie again.” Cheryl said.

“I didn’t mean to say it like that, but during the time you were conceived, I was in college majoring in psychology, since I couldn’t go due to Carla and Jason. Your father was also starting his business from the ground. We thought that having two kids were good enough. We didn’t plan to have another.”

“So that explain why you wanted me to major in psychology, because you were. You wanted me to live my life through you because you couldn’t do it. It’s not my fault you had to drop out of college because you got pregnant. You should had used a damn condom!”

“Excuse me! I know you’re not talking to me like I’m one of your friends. I am your mother. Treat me with some respect.”

“Why should I? You don’t with me.”

Traci went up to Cheryl and slapped her across her left cheek. Cheryl put her hand to her cheek as the tears started to flow. Riana looked at the scene unfolding with a shocked expression on her face. Dwayne went over to Cheryl and Traci and stood in between them.

“Stop it, damn it! That’s enough! I can’t believe you just did that to Cheryl.” he said to Traci.

“She shouldn’t had disrespected me.”

She turned around and headed out of the living room. Cheryl ran behind her and grabbed her arm. Traci jerked her arm back quickly, as she was about to hit Cheryl.

“Go ahead and hit me again. You’ve done enough to hurt me. For now on, I’m non-existent. Don’t expect me to come by, or call. Don’t ask anyone about me or show up at the apartment to find me. Since you don’t want me, then you got your wish. I’m out of your life for good.”

“You don’t mean that.” Dwayne said.

“Let her go. Since she’s saying all that about being ‘non-existent,’ then everything she has is gone. The car, the money, and her tuition fees. All of that is gone. So I suggest you find yourself a job to pay for school because you’re not getting another dime from us.” Traci said.

Cheryl looked at her mom. She was about to walk out of the door, but Chris and Riana stopped her.

“And you call yourself a mother? How in the hell are you going to stand there in front of your daugther and say those things to her? She have done everything you’ve ever asked for and instead of being proud of her, you constantly put her down. It shouldn’t matter what Cheryl is majoring in; you should be proud of her that she’s in college making a way for herself instead of not doing anything with her life.” Chris said.

“Who the hell are you to come into my home and talk to me like that?” Traci asked.

“He’s telling the truth.” Riana said.

“I always thought of you two as my favorite relatives. I have never seen or heard anything bad come from you until today. I can’t believe Cheryl was going through so much. And I see why with a mom who’s a bitch and a dad who doesn’t care what happens to his children. Instead of seeing your daughter doing something with herself, you’re going to cut her off and let her do everything on her own? That’s something a sorry mother would say because you’re only thinking about yourself. I wonder do Jason and Carla know how you really are? Let’s find out and see, shall we?” Riana said. She pulled out her phone, about to dial a number, when Cheryl took the phone away from her.

“Don’t, Ri. If that’s what she wants, then that’s what she will get. Besides, I rather have my own money then receive money from people who doesn’t love me.”

She went towards the door and opened it. She walked out, heading toward her car. Riana and Chris was behind her, giving dirty looks to both Traci and Dwayne. Traci went to the door and yelled at Cheryl.

“I will be coming by later to pick up my car!”

Dwayne looked at his wife with a heated glance.

“Shut the hell up, Traci. After what happened today, I know what I have to do.”

He went outside and ran to his daughter. She was in the car about to pull out when he approached the driver’s side. He realized Cheryl was on the passenger side and Riana was driving. Riana looked at Cheryl, wondering whether to roll down the window. She nodded and Riana pushed the power button.

“Baby, I’m so sorry about your mother. She had no right saying that to you.”

“It’s okay, Daddy. I knew sooner or later this day was going to come. Mom and I wasn’t really close anyway.”

“I know, but that was no excuse for what she said to you.”

“If you knew that, then why did you let her say those things?” Chris asked from the back seat.

“I guess I was in shock like the rest of you. Can you come out of the car so we could talk.”

Cheryl look at her dad and sighed. She didn’t know whether to go to him or tell Riana to drive off.


She got out of the car and went over to him. She looked into his brown eyes and sighed.

“Daddy, why is this happening?”

“I don’t know sweetie. All I know is that after what happened, I know that things between your mother and I are even worse. I haven’t told you this, but your mom and I have been going through some issues lately. Business has been slow now and I have been at home. At first, it was fine, but later on things started to change between us. We’re constantly arguing; there were even times when I left and spent nights in hotel rooms.”

“Wow. So does this mean that you two are getting a divorce?”

“Maybe so. But no matter what happens between us or what happen earlier, you will always be my baby girl. I’m sorry for not saying anything about your goals or your future. I guess I was always the one who tried to keep the peace by not saying anything.”

“I know your heart was in the right place, but you only hurt me in the process. Dad, the only thing I wanted from the both of you was support with whatever decision I made. I didn’t want the material things: I just wanted my parents.”

Dwayne looked at Cheryl and hugged her.

“I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for everything.” he said.

“I know, Dad. I know.”


After the emotional scene earlier that day, Cheryl finally realized her mother’s true feelings about her. Her father also informed her that he was filing for divorce. He figured that some things in life were not worth saving and that he wanted to move on with his life. He told Cheryl during their emotional conversation that he was never happy in the marriage and that he only kept it going because of his kids.

As for the relationship between her and her mother, he told her that after the three discussed her future, the two would argue over the decisions she made for Cheryl. He just never said anything during the confrontations between her and Cheryl because he felt that things would only get worse. And he was right. So now Cheryl was in her apartment with Chris, Riana, Shawn, and Britney talking about what took place earlier.

“Are you okay, Cher?” Riana asked while stroking her hair.

“I’m fine, Ri. Don’t worry about me. Everything is cool now that I heard my dad’s side. I hate to admit this, but I’m glad they are getting a divorce. I just hate the fact that he never stood up for me.”

“At least your dad is not like your mom. She’s a bitch for real.” Chris said.

“Now, now, even though that’s true, that’s still my mom you’re talking about. Although she had said some nasty things, I still love her.”

“That’s to be expected.” Riana said.

“That’s so awful about your mom, Cheryl. I would have never thought a mother would say those things to someone she given life to.” Britney said.

“Sometimes in life, you can hit a roadblock or two, but no matter what you do, you should always pick up the pieces and move on. I know my mom always had some sort of anger toward me, but I never knew how much. Now I know the best thing for me is to keep my distance from her. Maybe later on in life I can find some way to forgive her.”

“You are a strong woman, Cher.” Shawn said.

“Yeah, you are.” Chris said, kissing Cheryl on her forehead.

“Are you keeping your car?” Riana asked.

“Yeah. My dad said he will pay for it as well as my tuition. Although I’m glad he’s doing that, I told him that I wanted to do things on my own and get a job. That’s why I wanted to talk to you Ri about next semester. I realized today that life is all about choices and what you make of them. We all have been though so much this semester and it’s only fair that we should all have our own space. I think that sharing an apartment with three other females made me think that I was going insane.”

Riana laughed. “You’re so right.”

“I know one thing though, even though we had our share of problems, we all stuck together when we needed each other.”

“That’s right, because that’s what friends are for.” Riana said. She looked over at Britney and smiled. Britney returned the smile.

“Before I moved in, I had my opinions about you Brit, and especially with Monica; but after living with you two and all the things that we’d experienced made me think that you two are truly wonderful people. People make mistakes, but that what makes us human. What I’m trying to say to you Brit is that I underestimated you. I’m truly sorry for the things I’ve said about you in the past.”

Britney smiled and extended her arms out to Cheryl for a hug.

“Awww, that’s so sweet.” Riana said.

When the two pulled apart, Cheryl looked at Riana.

“You’re not mad about me getting my own place?”

“Of course not. If that’s what you want, then go for it.”

“Thanks.” Cheryl said.

“So I guess it’s just me and Mon now.” Riana said.

The door opened and Monica and Donnell walked in.

“Hey y’all.” Monica said.

“Hey.” Cheryl and Riana said. The two went over to her and gave her a hug.

“You two are back together? That’s great.” Riana said.

“Yeah. He came to the hospital last night. He confessed his love to me. So of course I couldn’t refuse.” she said as she gave Donnell a kiss on the cheek.

“Awww.” everyone said and started to laugh.

“Real cute.” Monica said while laughing.

“Are you going to tell everyone the other good news?” Donnell asked.

“What other good news? Riana asked.

“Donnell asked me to move in with him, and I accepted.”

“Ahh.” Britney, Riana, and Cheryl said as the three hugged Monica.

“Congrats man.” Shawn and Chris said to Donnell as they gave him slaps on the back.

“Y’all taking that step. Before you know it you two will be getting married.” Shawn said.

“We will, when the time is right.” Monica said.

“That’s great though. I’m happy for you.” Britney said.

“Thanks girl.” Monica said as the two hugged again.

“This calls for a celebration. The semester is over and Monica and Donnell are back together.” Riana said.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I should. I mean everything is good in my life, but I just lost my child. I shouldn’t be out celebrating and having a good time.” Monica said while sitting down.

Cheryl went over to her and put an arm around her.

“That’s understandable. We all know you’re still hurting over your baby. I remember a saying my dad always said to me when I was upset over something. He told me that when something bad happens, something good comes along to replace the bad. In other words, when you experienced something so painful, something that you never expected will happen to help you ease the pain.”

Monica looked at Cheryl and smiled.

“You’re right, Cheryl. Thank you.”

“Just helping a friend.”

“So Mon, the ball is in your court. If you don’t want to go out and celebrate, we won’t.” Shawn said.

“We can. Just being around the people I love is all I need.”

Everyone looked at each other and smiled.


As the week progressed, the end of the semester approached. As the girls were getting ready to take their finals, Riana was getting ready to show hers and Shawn’s project. The news story was their final and Riana was nervous. During their week off, she decided to change the story they did before to create something different that expressed their semester. Shawn didn’t want to change the story, but after Riana explained what her plan was, he agreed to it. Now, the two walked hand in hand inside their journalism class, making her even more nervous.

“Don’t worry baby, everything is going to work out. Trust me.” he said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“I know, but I still don’t feel it.”

As they took their usual seats in the middle of the class, Professor Williams walked inside the classroom with a huge grin on her lips.

“Hello class. The day has finally come. The project you all have been working on since the beginning of the semester is now due. Since the class will be two hours today, we will have time to look over everyone’s stories. So, who wants to start first?”

Everyone looked at each other, wondering who was brave enough to go first.

“Come on, someone has to go first, or I will start calling names.”

Shawn looked at Riana and she nodded.

“We’ll go, Professor Williams.” he said as he and Riana stood up.

The two walked up to the front of the class and looked at the curious faces in front of them.

“Hi everyone. We did our story on what students went through during a semester of college. We went around campus asking people how they handled the pressure of college life. But a series of events happened in our lives made us think otherwise on the story and we changed to a different topic.” Riana said.

Shawn put a DVD into the player. He looked at the class and smiled.

“I hope you all can look into our lives and see the things we had experienced while putting this story together. I hope you have an understanding of it and I hope you enjoy it.”

He pushed the play button and the two went to their seats.

After a second, Riana’s voice as well as a screen shot of Shaw University flashed through the screen.

“Starting college is the stepping stone of becoming an adult. You graduate high school, wondering what the real world is all about. When a person steps through those doors, they think college is all about getting an education and doing the occasional partying; but after they graduate, they realize that college is much more than that. People experience some things that can be heart breaking or life changing…”

While the video was playing, Riana looked at Shawn and put her hand in his.

“Thank you.” she said softly.

“For what?”

“For being you. For being there for me this semester.”

Shawn smiled and squeezed her hand.

“I should be saying the same to you.”

Riana smiled and the two continued to watch their story.


After the video was over, the story Riana and Shawn did was so great, some people in the class gave the two a standing ovation. Now it was a week later and everyone was at The Tunnel celebrating the end of the semester and for the grades they received. They were all sitting in a booth watching people dancing and having a great time. Riana and Shawn still had smiles on their faces from the A they received for their story.

“I can’t believe this semester is over.” Britney said.

“Yeah. And we have two weeks off until we go back.” Chris said.

“Yeah.” everyone said as they held their drinks up and clank them against each other’s.

“Have you decided what you’re going to do with the apartment since Cheryl and I are moving out?” Monica asked Riana.

“I have. Since it was only for a couple of months, I decided to move out before the spring semester starts. But I have to find a roommate.”

“What about me?” Shawn asked.

“I would baby, but no. I think I would rather have my own place. I hope you understand.”

Shawn looked at Riana with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry baby; I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

Shawn laughed, causing Riana to hit his shoulder.

“I was just playing with you girl. I already knew you was going to say that.”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I already had a roommate in mind.”

“Who?” Britney asked as she sipped on her drink.

“You. I want us to get a place together.”

Britney looked at Riana and smiled.


“Yeah, I mean why wouldn’t I? We’re always going to be good friends no matter what. If you agree to it, we could start looking tomorrow.”

Britney smiled and hugged Riana.

“Yes, I definitely will. This is so great because I was wondering how was I going to afford an apartment on my own. Thanks girl.”

“No problem.”

Marcus walked over to the group with all smiles. After his recent brush with death, he still decided to accept the position as a detective. As he shared the news to his family, he told them not to worry and that if he do get into another incident, he will try to find another job.

“Only if it has some sort of gun trotting or crime solving, then I’m all for it.” he said.

“Hey man.” Shawn said. He went up to him and gave him the one-arm hug.

“Hey. Hey Ri, Chris.”

“Hey.” the two said.

“I decided to meet you since I had a day off.”

“I still can’t believe you went back to work after you were released from the hospital.” Shawn said.

“What can I say? I love my job.” Marcus said while smiling.

“I didn’t introduce you to everyone else. That’s Cheryl, Ri’s cousin and Chris’ girl, Monica and Donnell, and Britney.”

“Hey.” he said to everyone.

Everyone either said hi or smiled.

Marcus looked at Britney and smiled.

Britney blushed as she returned Marcus’ smile.

As another dance song filled the club walls, Monica started to pump her fist in the air.

“That’s my song. Come on honey, we have to dance.”

“Okay.” Donnell said as the two headed to the dance floor.

While they went out to the floor, so did Cheryl and Chris, and even Britney and Marcus.

Riana and Shawn looked at each other and smiled.

“Let’s go.” They both said.

Shawn took Riana’s hand and found their way in the sea of people to their friends.

As the music became louder and people were getting more excited and having fun, Monica and Donnell were dancing closely to each other while Cheryl and Chris were grinding on each other. Britney and Marcus were having fun laughing and dancing around each other.

Riana looked at the group of people around her and smiled.

These are my friends. Through the good and the bad we will always be together. They’re my family and I love them.

Shawn looked at her and smiled.

“What are you thinking about?”

Riana smiled.

“I’m just blessed to have such amazing people in my life.”

Shawn smiled and held her close to him.

As the semester closed, it can be said that it ended on a good note.

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