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New Book Ideas

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone have a wonderful and joyous day today as you spend it with your loved ones. As I was wrapping up a couple of presents for my little one, an idea popped into my head on several book ideas for the new year. Since 2014 is coming next week (can anyone believe how fast this year went!), I wanted to share my book ideas with you all.

Now, I already announced the books that will be released in the new year (A Chance At Love, Trust Me, & The Wedding), but there are several books that I will release in between the already announced titles. In order  for me to decide which books to work on, I wanted to get you- the readers- opinions on which book you would like to see released first.

There are three book ideas that I’m currently thinking about:

Idea #1: Fighting Temptation

This idea came to mind while watching a Rockets game (I can think of ideas anytime and anywhere).  But the story will be an interracial new adult novel that is about a romance that is strictly forbidden, mainly because the object of the guy’s affection is his best friend’s sister.

Morgan Carter always lived life on the edge. He never cared about anything or anyone, until he set his sights on Hayley Stevens. Morgan known Hayley since she was wearing pigtails and carried around her Cabbage Patch dolls everywhere she went, but as time passed, he noticed the little girl that used to follow him and her brother, Lamar around, isn’t quite so little anymore. She became a beautiful woman, which Morgan want to know, but know he can’t since Hayley is his best friend’s sister.

From the first day Morgan walked into the Stevens’ home, Hayley immediately noticed him. From his dirty blonde hair to his clear blue eyes, Hayley instantly had a crush on him. As time passed, she started to get Morgan’s attention, in more ways than one. She know she’ s playing with fire, especially since her brother Lamar doesn’t want Morgan anywhere near her, but she’s determine to make Morgan hers, even if it destroy the relationship she has with her brother and the life-long friendship between Morgan and Lamar.

Morgan and Hayley know they can’t be together, but the feelings they have for each other are too hard to resist. Will they play it safe, or give into temptation?

Idea #2: The Life She Knows

I had this idea in my head for quite some time now, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about it. The story is about a woman who is basically going through the same routine in her life without any type of excitement, until she decided it’s time to change her life. And when she does, it’s not the way she envisioned it to be.

Danielle Morris needs a change in her life. Big time! She’s at a dead end job, her live-in boyfriend of 8 years will not marry her, and her weekends consist of Lifetime movie marathons. She needed something to spice up her life, but she never imagined what she would encounter.

When she decides on a girls’ night out, she spots Brian Davis, a man that is the complete opposite of her boyfriend. Charming and sexy, Danielle is instantly intrigued by him, but also knows he could be trouble.

On a dare by her friends, Danielle has to get his number, as well as spend the night with him. Seeing that it’s all a dare, Brian goes along with it, treating Danielle to a night she’ll never forget. After their night of fun, Danielle not sure if she wants to see Brian again, but something keeps pulling her back to him.

Now Danielle must choose where her life should be- with the man she knows or the man she wants to know. But a deadly secret will be revealed that will tear her life apart.

Idea #3- Love Unbroken, part 2

I’m sure everyone has picked up a copy of Love Unbroken, and read the story between Riana and Shawn. I have received very positive feedback about the two, and how much they loved their story. The entire Love, Life, & Happiness series will be over later in the new year, but I would like to explore this couple more, mainly because this one is my personal favorite (you’ll know why in the Acknowledgement section of the novel). I believe there is more to tell with this couple, so I was thinking about doing another story with the two that will take place three years later, when Shawn is already graduated from Shaw University and Riana is a senior. While Shawn is trying to find a position in his field, Riana is on the verge of graduation, but an unexpected event parallel the two into a world they never saw coming, making them reevaluate everything they worked for and even test the love they have for each other. The story will also update each couple in the series and how their lives have changed after their story been told.

Those are the three book ideas I have planned for the new year.  A poll will be placed at the bottom to decide which idea you would like to see released first in 2014. Just click on the idea you like; the one with the most votes will be the story that will be released first. Now, since the titles already announced will be released in the months indicated, the new titles will be released anytime between or after the other books are released, but regardless, they will be available next year.

With that said, click away on the choices you like between now and the end of February and I will announce the winning idea in March.

Again, have a Merry Christmas and a joyous new year. I will return with a new post in 2014. Until then, take care, everyone 🙂

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