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New Releases!!!


Happy Sunday everyone!!! I haven’t been posting much on here since there have been some issues with my blog, but I’m back and would like to share my brand new releases for you all.

This past Wednesday, No Other Love 3 was released. This is the final book in the series and it wraps up everything with Kevin, Carla, and Jennifer. The entire series is available on Amazon and are available through Kindle Unlimited.

Coming this Wednesday, September 9th is Reclaiming What Is Mine. This is my second stand alone novel, but I’m not ruling out revisiting these characters in the future. I really enjoyed writing this story because I was able to go back to writing a full romance story. I also loved the characters, especially Bryon. 🙂 This story is available for pre-order, so you will receive it on your Kindle at midnight on September 9th.

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