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Hi everyone! I’ve been very quiet the last few days, mainly because I’ve been busy with work, my classes, and with releasing a new book!

I decided to write a book through Kindle Vella, which the first three episodes are now available to read, with a different episode released every week.

You can read the first three episodes for free by clicking on the link below.

Here’s the extended blurb for the story:

The Baptiste sisters, Chante, Darla, and Whitney, all have their own lives to live, but there’s one secret that the three has been keeping from everyone since the night their father disappeared. Can the three be able to keep their secret hidden, or will they be exposed for the crime that they committed?

Chante the oldest of the Baptiste sisters. She was considered the mother figure and always protected Darla and Whitney since their mother passed away 10 years ago. While she has a family of her own, she always bailing out her sisters, which is putting a strain in her marriage to DeMarcus. But what could potentially tear her marriage apart is the secret she’s been haboring from DeMarcus. She figures it’s time to tell him, but she knows it’ll cause a rift with her sisters. Will she be able to keep her marriage together while protecting her sisters in the process?

Darla Darla is the middle sister, but has always been the rebellious one. She doesn’t listen to anyone, which always put her in crazy situations. Just when her sisters think she has things under control and is living a normal life, she surprises them by doing something stupid. She also changes the men in her life, which has been frowned upon on her sisters, especially Chante. When she gets into a freak accident with a handsome stranger, she sees him as a potential new man in her life, but he could be more than what she bargained for. Will this be another incident that her sisters will have to bailed her out of, or will she be able to handle what’s in store for her?

Whitney Whitney is the youngest sister and always had a good head on her shoulders. She made a promise to her mom that she will achieve the goals set out for her, so she intents to make do of it by becoming Marcy’s newest mayor. She’s also planning her wedding to her college sweetheart, Garrett. But someone in her camp could also be her worst enemy, who will do anything to see her, along with her sisters, falter. Could Whitney not only be able to save her reputation, as well as her sisters, or will their secret be the talk of the town?

Chante, Darla, and Whitney have a lot going for them, but it could all be taken away from them at a drop of a dime. When old wounds began to reopen, the Baptiste sisters will need each other to get through the issues they will face, not only in their personal lives, but also with each other.

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