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The Future 

Hi everyone! Since this is my day as the featured author on the 30 Days, 30 Authors event, I wanted to share a few things about what has been happening with my writing that I didn’t share on my post.

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, some of you probably know that I have switched publishing companies a few weeks ago. Now, I’m signed with Ambiance Books under national best-selling author, Niyah Moore. This was a huge step for me that I had to really think about. When I was signed under my previous publisher, I knew that it wasn’t the best decision that I have made in my career. Going from a romance author to an urban author was tough and I felt the effects of it throughout my career. A lot of things has changed for me, making me wonder at times if I was even in the right profession; that’s why I decided I needed to get back on track, and that began when I decided to sign with another publisher. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what I have learned throughout the time I was signed with my previous publisher, but I knew being there was not a perfect fit for me or for my writing style.

With that being said, the first book I will released under Ambiance will be Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story, which will have a brand new title. It will either be named Pain vs Love or Pleasure of Love. That I haven’t decided on. There will be four parts to the series as I’m working on the finale now. I’m The Only One You Need will also be released under Ambiance; a release date has not been announced yet for either stories.

Also, for you In Love With My Best Friend fans, I am FINALLY working on The Love Chroncicles! I know I have been promising you all the spin-off, but it is finally happening and should be done by the end of May (crossing my fingers on that one). This might be an independent release, but I might also decide to release it under Ambiance. That decision I haven’t made yet. Regardless, it will be released over the summer. I will also post an unedited excerpt from the story soon. 🙂

As always, I appreciate everyone who has stuck by me throughout my career. I truly appreciate your love and support. As I move forward with my career, I hope you all continue to join me as well as continue reading my stories, becuase I still have a lot to tell. 🙂

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