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The Love We Have Is Available For Pre-Order!!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I’m proud to announce that The Love We Have, the first book from the upcoming series, Forever Love, will be available on April 7th, but you can preorder it now on Amazon!

Regina & Damien Taylor are enjoying lives as newlyweds. Not only are they soaring in their careers, but they have just purchased a brand new home. Nothing could stop them from living blissfully…. that was until Damien’s parents unexpectedly moved into their home.

Regina and Mr. and Mrs. Taylor haven’t always had the best relationship, considering the two feel Regina and Damien married too young, and Regina feels they are still babying Damien, which causes a rift between her marriage to Damien. When the two begin to treat Regina & Damien’s house as their own, it sends Regina over the edge and quite possibly into someone she hasn’t encountered in years.

With the constant bickering over Damien’s parents, Regina & Damien’s marriage will be tested to see if their love will stand the issues they’re facing. But will they both realize them before it’s too late?

The Love We Have is the first story in the Forever Love series.

The four books from the Forever Love series will all be released this year, with The Love We Have kicking off the series. Check back in the next few weeks to find out more about this story, as well as other stories from the series.

Until next time everyone! 🙂

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