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30 Days, 30 Authors – Hope Destiny 

The 30 Days, 30 Authors event continues with Hope Destiny. This person is truly a talented writer. You can feel the emotions from each character in every story that she has released. From Urban to Christian Fiction, there’s no genre she can’t do and I’m happy to have her be a part of this event.

Now, here’s Hope! 😀

author bio

Latisha (Tisha) is my name. I write under the pseudonym Hope Destiny. I was born and still reside in Orlando, Florida . I have 3 children.. A daughter who is 20 and in college and I have a 19 year old son and 16 year old son. I have an MBA in Accounting and I also have a MSAC which is a Master’s of Science in Accounting. If you strive for more, you will get it. My urban nonfiction novels will be followed by some urban fiction novels. The sky is the limit! Be Blessed!

Email address is

Twitter @athrhopedestiny

Facebook name is Author Hope Destiny

author interview

1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do? 

I love to shop and interact with my readers on Facebook. 2. What inspired you to become an author? I just wanted to write a book about my life since I had bottled it all up and tried to forget about it but it was making me very angry and my relationships were failing because I didn’t trust any man or anybody so I was always just fighting so I didn’t have to remember but I needed to and everyone else needed to know why I was like I was but I wrote my story in a 3 part series and cried thru Parts 2 and 3 and then I just kept at it. The stories just unfolded and then before I knew it, I was an author.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I was basically airing out my dirty laundry. I told my story uncut and raw, straight up no-chaser just like I felt it at the time it was happening. I felt it all over again and people loved that it was a real straight up, no sugar coating story about me so I decided to go ahead and write Part 2 and eventually Part 3.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

If you read my story then you would know why I like to plan not to plan. I used to plan and plan to the point I went to college and got my degrees after I had kids but now…I live for the moment. No planning. Just living. I like having no plans. It works now.

5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

If it is your passion then no matter the odds against you or what anybody says, just keep at it. The reviews, the sales are just a part of something that can or won’t happen and if it doesn’t then don’t worry about it. Dust yourself off and try again. Nothing you achieve in this life is easy. You gotta work at it. So like Nike says “JUST DO IT!”

books and links

You Don’t Know…My Story (published under Tisha-my real name)

Fool Me Once (Christian Fiction)-written after all the above books which is what I write now.


From Fool Me Once

Hebrews 13:4 says, Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. Why didn’t somebody tell my husband that? I watched as the man I had been with for 15 years and married to for 12 of those years enter the International Palms Resort on I-Drive. He didn’t know I was following him because if he realized it maybe he would have gone elsewhere. I hoped and prayed he would, but that didn’t happen. As I sat in my car watching him enter the building, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know who it was at all. I wanted to know why I’d given him my everything, and I mean everything. Everything a man could have wished for or dreamed of in a woman and this was the thanks I got? Lord knows I knew nothing else but my husband. I made a vow to God when I was young, and I made a vow before God to my husband. I guess the promise to “love, honor and obey” only applied to me. I should have known better than to marry a man who wasn’t a man of God. It was my own stupidity to think love would conquer all and that he would change for me. I was just like the women my church support group was always trying to help. Stuck on stupid for a man. But, I figured since it was my husband it was okay, right? No woman, married or not should be disrespected by a man and take it. I decided to not think so much and just do something about it. I needed proof, so I stepped out my car once I felt my husband was checked in and on his way up to his room. I got out of my 2016 Premium Plus Audi A6 and walked towards the automatic sliding doors of the hotel. I wondered what I would say or do to my husband once I got there. I was a woman of God, so I had to act accordingly, but what about my husband? He wasn’t acting accordingly. Our wedding vows entailed, ‘to love, honor and obey.’ I guess my husband heard ‘to love, honor and betray’, because that’s exactly what he was doing right now. I wanted to believe otherwise, but why should I hope for the best and not expect the worst? I was sitting at a hotel for Christ’s sake, so what else could it be? If it was work related he would have at least called so I had to take it as I saw it. As I made my way through the lobby to the front desk to see if I could even get my husband’s room number from the front desk clerk, I see Sasha, Toya’s home girl. She was the front desk and looked as if she’d just seen a ghost. I smiled and said, “Hey Sasha. I know you are not supposed to tell me if my husband is here or not, but I know he is here. I followed him here and stayed with him until he walked through those doors.” I pointed at the automatic sliding doors for emphasis. “Hey…hey Faith,” she stuttered. “Here is the room door key he left for his quote, unquote lady friend. He is in room 314 on the third floor.” Sasha was singing like a canary. I was taken aback that she volunteered so much information without me having to pull it out of her, and she said it all with as much disdain as I felt. I guess she thought what my husband was doing was wrong too. “Do you know her name Sasha? Do you know who it is?” I asked her. “No, I don’t. Sorry.” ”Okay. Thank you Sasha.” She gave me a sympathetic smile and I smiled back. I put my face of confidence on and headed up to see who my so-called husband was laying up with. Sasha Sasha had a name, but she hoped it wasn’t her girl. She didn’t like a scandalous female who messed with married men. Sasha had that crap done to her and had her heart broken in pieces, and now she was scared to love again because of it. Why did someone break up her happy home? Or was she too in love herself to see her home was unhappy? Just as she pondered on it and tried to shake the feelings plaguing her, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw who walked in. Sasha just knew she had to be there for someone else. Toya When I entered the lobby and saw my girl Sasha at the desk, I already knew she would give me the room key with no questions asked. “What’s up Sasha?” I spoke. “Not a damn thang,” she said with much attitude. “What the hell is wrong with you? You woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” I asked her. She smirked and said, “Nope. Who you here to see?” “I’m here for the key for room 314,” I answered. Sasha just stared at me for a minute. “Hello? Can I get the room key please?”I said again. She snapped out of her trance. “Just a second,” she said as she tapped on the keys on the computer keyboard and swiped the key card until it beeped. “Here you go,” she said and handed me he key card. She looked at me without a smile or hint of emotion on her face, as if she could stare straight through me into my soul of lies and betrayal. I broke the stare and said, “I hope there are no issues in this room like it has been in other hotels.” “Tuh!” Sasha said and rolled her eyes. “Excuse me? Sasha what’s going on with you? You acting real shady.” “My apologies ma’am. Can I help you with anything else?” I just looked at her. She was really cutting up. I had just talked to her a few days ago. I screwed my face up like ‘trick please’ before walking away. Sasha had some serious issues. I planned to hit her up later once I finished up with my boo. I hit the elevator to go up and once I entered it, I hit pressed the button for the third floor. Once the elevator stopped, I looked on the wall and followed the arrows to the correct sequence of rooms, searching for room 314 until I found it. I put my key in the door and when I pushed it open, the latch was on it. I yelled through the crack of the door, “Bae open the door! Why you put the latch on?” A few minutes after, I heard the latch being taken off. When the door swung open, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who stood at the door.

30 Days 1
30 Days2

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