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30 Days, 30 Authors- Latitta Waggoner

Hi everyone!! It’s a new day and another new author that is gracing the blog for the 30 Days, 30 Authors event. Latitta Waggoner is an author on the rise with a wonderful series, Can’t Stand The Rain and a hot standalone coming soon. This is an author that you don’t and shouldn’t forget because her talent is amazing.

Now, here’s Latitta! 🙂

author bio

Latitta Waggoner is the author of the Can’t Stand the Rain Series. She currently resides in Orange, Texas. She is a mother of three very intelligent, very active children who keeps her on her toes. She loves to read, write, and travel. She enjoys her own company just as much as she enjoys the company of others. She is a substitute teacher and a home health provider. She is currently working on completing her first standalone and part one of her second series. She is on the rise. Be on the lookout for all of her werk! (No typo.)

author interview

1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

I love to read, travel, and spend time with my favorite people. 2. What inspired you to become an author?

The actual act of creation excites and impresses me like no other. The fact that I can create something with my words, thoughts, and feelings inspires me tremendously. It makes me feel very powerful and it gives me meaning and purpose. 3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

Chiiiiillleee, I was THREE, FOUR, FIVE EXCITED! I could not believe that I had FINALLY finished something. (I am a HUGE procrastinator!) I was nervous, excited, proud….just filled with emotions. 4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In Austin, Texas being the sole owner of my very own bookstore and lounge, as well as be the owner of my own publishing company. Also, preparing myself for, if not already, writing movies, plays, and tv show series. 5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

GO FOR IT!!!!!! If you truly have the talent and the gift, just start writing. I feel like a lot of people like the idea of being an author, but the gift is not there. If that is so, don’t try and force it, but if it is for you then DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR MANUSCRIPT WRITTEN AND THAT PAPERBACK IS IN YOUR HANDS!!!!!!! ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

books and links

Kale is in love with her man, Pit. Pit is an ex- drug dealer with an unfaithful heart which gives Kale reason enough to keep her guard up. He desires nothing more than to leave the past where it’s at so that he can build a solid foundation with her. However, Kale isn’t sold on the dream that he’s…


While the Six Pack is trying to deal with and recover from the storm that has come and terrorized their lives, more drama is starting to surface.

Kale is trying to deal with her man getting locked up and set up by his boy, as well as, help her sister deal with the current pain that she has been caused. But when she receives a threatening phone call from someone in her past that wants her dead, she is forced to deal with her past demons and confess to Pit all the secrets she’s been hiding.

With secrets revealed and new lives discovered, will the Six Pack once again be able to whether the storm or will they realize that they can’t stand the rain?




From Can’t Stand The Rain part 1

Prologue The Six Pack was gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada for a birthday celebration. The whole crew was downstairs in the casino taking turns being down on their cash. Pit had disappeared a few hours earlier and Kale was starting to wonder where he had gone. When he left he was acting in a way that halfway had her confused and halfway made her worry. Pit was not usually the type to be nervous, but for some reason he was acting as if something made him nervous before he left. Because he had been acting weird and had been gone for so long she was starting to get a bit scared and nervous herself. Kale decided that she should take off to go look for him. She would just die if something was to happen to him and he would just die if he was somewhere being no good, because she would kill him. With that in mind, she really started to worry; she headed toward the elevators to check in the room. It wasn’t like Pit to just disappear and not let her know anything. He would have usually called or texted her to let her know something. The palm of her hands started sweating while the rest of her hands began to shake. No matter how hard she tried blocking the thought of infidelity out of her mind, it just kept making its way back in there. Until now she had no reason to question his actions; in the past, he never gave her reasons to. Well, that is, after that one incident that happened with his ex-girlfriend six years ago when they first started dating. But Kale had given her a beat down that caused her to pack up and move away a month later, leaving Pit alone for good. They both never saw or heard from her again. Kale also left Pit alone. For a whole month she wouldn’t talk to him or accept any of his phone calls. She only took him back when she realized she couldn’t be happy without him. He begged and pleaded for her forgiveness the whole time and when she finally felt like his apologies were sincere and that he had suffered enough, her as well, she took him back. The breakup had changed him for the better. His character was better and he never made her doubt or regret her decision after that. She had just reached the elevators and pushed the up button. When she brought her hand back down to her side she felt someone slip their hand into it. Surrendering her battle with her tear ducts, she allowed her tears to flow freely. She didn’t have to turn around to know whose hand it was; she had felt it in hers over a million times. Kale knew that this person knew that something was bothering her and was relieved when she felt their hand. “Big sis, can you help me look for Pit?” “What’s wrong?!” The doors to the elevator opened and they stepped inside. Kale pressed the button to the floor in which their suite was on. “He told me that he was leaving to do something, well ‘to take care of some business real quick’ but that was six hours ago.” “Six hours!?” “Yes and he hasn’t called or texted me, and” Kale said all of this in one breath and started crying harder and uncontrollably. Sanayah tried her best to wipe her sister’s tears away. “Slow down sis. Six hours is a long time, but Pit hasn’t been acting in a way to make him seem guilty of something has he? You never know he might be setting up another surprise for us. Today is our birthday Kale, your birthday. You think he is so cold-hearted as to ruin this day for you, especially after putting all of this together?” “No, but-” Just then the elevator dinged and stopped. As soon as the door opened they ran into the room and searched its entirety. No Pit in sight. They both headed out and started to search the halls. Kale’s mind then switched over to fear thinking that Pit might be hurt or worse. They got to the 15th floor when Sanayah asked, “Have you tried calling him?” “The last time I spoke with him he rushed me off of the phone. That was three hours ago and when I tried calling every time after that it would go straight to voicemail.” “His phone must have went dead. Don’t worry sis, everything should be fine.” Kale stopped in her tracks which caused Sanayah to also stop. Sanayah searched Kale’s face and asked, “What is it?” Kale spoke softly, “It’s just this feeling that I have that something is about to go wrong, I’ve been having it since last night.” Sanayah dropped her front and said, “Same thing here, that’s how I knew you were worried.” “All I could think of was you and my little niece or nephew up until a few hours ago, now it’s making me think of Pit. San, I sure could not handle a repeat of what happened six years ago. You know I’ve been so happy for so long; things were even starting to get better and I didn’t think better was possible.” Just then Kale heard voices and footsteps coming toward her from the door that she and Sanayah were standing in front of. “Shhh, listen.” Kale whispered. When Sanayah also heard it, they ran and hid around the corner in the hallway where the ice machine was located. Luckily, it was just a few steps away. The door of the room opened and the voices became louder and clearer. The voices were quite familiar to both Kale and Sanayah and when they stepped from their hiding spots they couldn’t believe their eyes. In front of them were two familiar male bodies hugging and kissing each other goodbye in the hallway. Chapter 1 Two Months Earlier… “Why are you still going to that fucking place?!” Pit yelled at Kale. He was confused and fed up.“What’d you mean why? It’s my job. It’s what I do. I have to go. I need the money.” Kale was upset. Even though she was tired of stripping and ready to give it up for good, she did not want to fully give up her only source of income and totally commit to depending on a man. Even though this was not just any ole man, but instead the love of her life, she was still very skeptical. The fact that he could not understand this had her pissed off and irate. “No, you don’t have to go. And money is one thing that you don’t need.” “Really? And how the fuck do you know what I need and don’t need?” “Because I’m your fucking man, that’s how I know! I know you. You will be sitting on a mil and still cry broke. How much money do you fucking need??? Because I am sitting on several mils and you already know what I have, you have!” “That’s the point! I don’t want your money. I can make my own.” “Yeah, but it’s how you make it that’s the problem. Now, I ain’t trying to knock your hustle or nothing, but there is more than one way to make money. I understand you have to get it how you can, but it’s time for this shit to stop. You done got caught up and fell too deep in this bullshit and I really believe that you are enjoying more than just the business of it all.” “And what the fuck that’s supposed to mean?” “Just what it means. I don’t have time for sugarcoating. We both grown, and I’ve been in these streets a whole lot longer than you. I know how to read people and their actions. And the way you been acting lately got a nigga ready to move around.” “Fuck you mean you ready to move around? Is that what this is about? You tired of this relationship and trying to find a way out? After I held you down all these years you trynna run out on me? I bet this has nothing to do with me dancing, huh? You done found another bitch haven’t you? You can try and leave me for another bitch if you want to and I will kill you and that bitch!” “I ain’t fucking nobody else. That is not what this about. You know that, so don’t even try and flip this shit on me.” “Well, what the hell is it about? Because if I find out you messing around on me again, I promise, I will break you and that bitch’s neck. You saying that you want me to give up dancing, but that’s all that I have. You claim that you will take care of me, but I cannot be sure of that. In an instant, the feds can run up in here and take you away from me again. When they take everything you have, including all your millions, what will I do then? Or what if you decide to leave me for another, am I supposed to just be left here looking dumb and stupid all because I trusted my man to take care of me and he failed me?” “Is that what you are worried about? Is that the reason why you won’t give up dancing? You think I will leave you and you will have to take care of yourself?” “Well, it’s not like it’s not possible.” “Kale, what’s the point of being with me if you cannot trust me to take care of you? I wouldn’t be a man if I wasn’t able to take care of my woman. Whether in or out of prison, haven’t I always been able to take care of you?” “Financially speaking, yes.” “Of course, we speaking finances. That’s the reason why you continue to do what you do right, for financial gain? Is there any other reason why you would want to stay?” “No.” Truth of the matter is Kale is getting tired of the fast living. She has been ready to give up stripping for the longest now. Her mission to give it up has been in the making for a while now. David Harris, known in the streets as Pit, was her man. He was also a business man and all about making money, so he never tried to knock her hustle. But he was a man and no real man wanted to have their woman working the streets for long, if at all. Kale considered herself to be a ride or die for her man. She wanted to make him happy. She would do and give anything to please him. It took a lot out of her when he left her and went to prison for those three years. True, he had his homeboys take care of her financially, but she never felt comfortable around them. His main man, Butter, would never make a pass at her, but he would always give her looks that would let her know that if Pit was not his main man, he would definitely make a move. “Come here.” Pit was tired of fighting. All he wanted to do was hold his woman. He was still frustrated by the fact that she would not believe that he could and would take care of her. But he had a plan. He was determined to show and prove to her that he could be all that she needed. Kale walked into the arms of her man. She was exhausted and tired of arguing and fighting as well. She was ready to just be in his arms. “Kale, you are a strong woman. That is one thing that I love about you. You are also very smart, so you already know that sometimes you have to step down from being so strong and allow your man, who is also very strong, stronger actually, to take care of you. You are in the best hands when you are with me and you need to just sit back and enjoy this life we’ve made together sometimes.” He pulled her closer to him and whispered his words into her ear, ending it with a kiss on her neck behind her ear. He was not fighting fair. She knew it and so did he. He knew exactly where to kiss, grab, rub, lick, and hold to make her become putty in his hands. And just like that, all of her fear and frustration melted away. Kale loved her man so much. She did not know if it was because she was lost in this moment or if it was just the right thing to do, but she did trust Pit. She loved how he could be so strong, yet so gentle all at the same time. Pit slowly and gently kissed his way down to Kale’s breast and she started to hum and purr. Without full removal of her top, he pulled it down far enough to take her left nipple into his mouth as he cupped her behind with one hand and her right breast with the other. Then he ran his hand from her butt up to her back, undid her bra strap, and slid off her bra and top all at the same time. Pit scooped and lifted Kale up into his arms. He carried her over to their bed and gently laid her down on it. He slid off her pajama bottoms and panties, then after brought his face up to hers. “You have to stop worrying and stressing over things that I can easily take care of for you. You know that with me, money is not a problem. I can take care of you in every way that you need to be taken care of. So, sit back, or lay back, and let your man take care of you. For the life of me, I cannot understand why you would think that I would cheat on you or leave you for someone else, but that is the furthest thing from my mind. I love you, girl. And I ain’t going nowhere. You stuck wit’ a nigga for life. I know I may have messed up in the past, but I ain’t no fool. I know when I have something good. And can’t no bitch make me lose or leave you. Ever. You understand me?” Kale simply nodded her head. Her voice and words had packed up and went on vacation and left her to lose this battle on her own. However, her tears had stayed for the ride and she also lost the battle with them as they slid down her face. All she wanted was to be loved by this man. He was her everything. She had wanted to tear down her walls and allow him to take care of her and be with him freely, but up until now she had always been afraid. She made a silent declaration to herself that she would no longer be afraid and allow herself to be loved and taken care of in the way that she deserved. Pit covered Kale’s body with his own and her mouth with his as they indulged in a long, slow, and passionate kiss. When he finally came up for air, he proclaimed, “Just let me take care of you. I promise you won’t regret it.” Then he trailed her body with kisses as he made his way down to her treasure box. Pit was not one to make promises, especially not ones that he could not keep. But he meant every word that he had spoken to Kale. Kale was different. She was someone special. She was his someone special and he was prepared to do everything in his power to make her his forever. No other woman had ever had a hold on him the way that Kale had and all he wanted to do was make her happy. His first mission was to take her away from the dirty lifestyle that she was living and at the same time stray away from the ruthless lifestyle that he was living. He spread her legs and parted her lips with his tongue, allowing his tongue to help further persuade his woman of his intentions. Bliss is where Kale’s body was being sent. She had always enjoyed receiving pleasure from Pit, because he was so good at what he did. He had the power to send her to a million nations and back just from using his tongue. It was always better after a rough argument, because he ate her with far more passion and love. Almost as if he had something to prove. She watched him as his head bobbed up and down and shook from side to side with a faster tempo. He started to devour her clit as he licked and sucked on it and she moaned with pleasure. Kale pulled Pit’s face deeper into her as she was getting closer to reaching her peak. He fucked her hole with his tongue and when he felt her body start to tremble, he buried his tongue and face deep inside her until she exploded in his mouth. He lapped up all of her juices, and then brought his face back up to hers. He whispered to her his love for her as he slid deep inside her, showing her just how true his words were. Kale was lost in his love. She hoped and prayed that she could remain there forever. There was no way she was going in to work that night, or ever again for that matter.


30 Days 1
30 Days2

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