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31 Days, 31 Authors- Danielle Bigsby

Hi everyone! For today’s featured author, we have Danielle Bigsby! She has a lot of titles under her belt, including being an author, publisher, and she’s a host of her own blog talk radio show, Raw Sex Uncovered. She’s also the CEO of Just Live, which encourages youth to pursue their dreams and not resulting to gun violence.

Let’s get to know Danielle as she showcases her books and her inspiration to becoming an author.


Danielle Bigsby is a 31 year old mother of four ranging from age 1O to 2 years old. She is the CEO of her very own publishing company, Royal4PublishingPresents which she has currently released five titles with several more to come. They include: Braving the Storm: Life’s Cleansing Moments; Hood Love: Ain’t No Loyalty In It; Deadly Pride: Loyalty Holds No Weight (currently under revision); Nasti Desirez; Hood Love 2: The Streets Still Ain’t Loyal; From A Rock To A Diamond (Coming Soon); and Raw Sex Uncovered: Vol. 1- The Book (Coming 5/29/2017).

Danielle is also the CEO of an anti gun violence movement by the name of Just Live which aims to save the youth by encouraging them to put down the guns and just enjoy life.

Danielle is also the voice and radio personality of the #1 rated Internet radio show  Raw Sex Uncovered which airs on W646 Queen City Bullies Radio twice daily at 1PM & 11 PM EST. It can be heard at


Her only goal in life is to leave her mark on the world with her words and actions. To her, success is measured by the amount of lives you impact not the amount of money you make.


1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do? 

I enjoy reading, crocheting, spending time with my children, recording my radio show and learning to create new things.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

I always wrote poetry and dedicated it my family for holidays. My brother loved my poetry and told me that I should write a book. I ignored it but once he passed away, I was inspired to live the dream that he first saw in me in his honor.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I was in total awe when I held my first paperback in my hands. I just shaking my head as if trying to wake myself up from a dream.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I see myself as the female version of Steve Harvey with a syndicated version of my Radio Show Raw Sex Uncovered as well as a TV segment to accompany it. I see my Hood Love Series becoming a platform for stopping gun violence and my Nasti Desirez/ Raw Sex Uncovered collections as the guides to discuss sexual topics.

5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

The biggest advice that I could give to anyone who wants to become an author is expect the unexpected. On the outside everything appears to glitter and shine but only the strong will survive this industry. Every step of the journey is truly a learning experience.



Excerpt from Hood Love 2:

“Our Responsibility”

Every time another parent mourns the loss of their child, Society has a problem.

Every time that gun violence steals away another one of our innocent babies, Communities should have something to day.

Each time that a child has to become parentless due to bullets, Someone should refuse to let the media forget about it.

Each time that someone is senselessly murdered in our streets, Their memory should be more than a rest in peace T-shirt.

Each time that guns rob us of yet another individual, Their lives shouldn’t only be remembered through a candlelight vigil.

We have to do better!!!

There is no easy way to fix this problem, But unity is definitely a start.

Take back our children, Take back our neighborhoods. Fill our babies full of love, And bring God back into their lives. It won’t cure the problem, But it’s definitely a step toward making it right.

There is no one person to blame, We all have dropped the ball somewhere, Fathers, Help raise your daughters and sons, Mothers can’t be the only ones trying to get the job done.

Mothers, Let go of the anger and resentment towards your children’s fathers, Our babies need their fathers as much as they need you. Petty differences no longer matter, When it’s a matter of life and death, Come together, Before memories of your child are all that you have left.

The responsibility of saving our babies belongs to each and every one of us, So please do your best to do your part!!!


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