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Hi everyone!!! I’m putting the finishing touches to my next book, Love Unbroken, which is about two people experiencing a second chance at love. Shawn, the hero of Love Unbroken loves to write poetry, so of course he writes several poems to express his feelings for the heroine, Riana. Below is one of the poems that will be featured in the story. The title of the poem is “Love” and is written by my wonderful husband, Ethan Faulkner.

When I hold my arms open You’re the one I’d chosen When I close my eyes to sleep The thought of you makes me complete When I’m feeling down I carry your picture around The sweetest touch Makes me miss you so much When I have a lot on my mind I think how you help me shine When I’m stressed You help me be my best I can’t imagine being without you My special friend You’re the one I want to hold And to keep away from the cold What I’m speaking of Is love.

Love Unbroken will be available on Amazon December 15th!!!

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