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Baker 6 Chapter 5 &6

Here’s chapters 5 & 6. Enjoy!!

5. Gerald

As I pulled up into Trevor’s driveway, a wave of nostalgia hit me as I remembered practically every memory I had with not only Trevor but with all my friends in the neighborhood. Being around the area really made me miss the middle and high school days as well as just hanging out with the “crew” as I called them.

Once I walked up to the doorstep, Trevor automatically opened the door and gave me a brotherly hug. I have to admit I missed my best friend and I’m definitely glad he’s back.

“Good to see you, man.”

“You too. Are you settling into the old place?”

“Trying to; been moving stuff in since this morning.”

“You know I was thinking all the good times we had in this house. Remember the party we had our senior year?”

Trevor shook his head and sighed. “Do I? You know I was grounded for a month for that.”

“Yeah, but you did lose your virginity to Tamika Parker.” I said while dropping down onto an armchair.

“Yes, I did.” Trevor said and began to smile at the thought.

“How’s Melissa?”

“She’s good. She’s driving down tomorrow.”

“That’s good she’s coming down to support you. But what I meant was how things between you two. Last time we talked you were having second thoughts about the engagement.”

Trevor started to get an uneasy stance as he slumped into the seat next to me. He gave a long pause before speaking.

“Everything’s great, couldn’t be better.”

“Could have fooled me.”

“Well it is. Can we move on please?”

“No problem. I do need to know one thing. Why you never got with Camille? I see how you look at her. And don’t give me that best friend crap. That’s how majority of relationships start.”

“Don’t go there Gerald.”

“I’m just asking Trevor. It seems like you two are more than just friends even though you haven’t pursued anything.”

“And it’s going to stay that way. I love Camille like a sister, so evidently I don’t want to go that route.”

“OK, I can respect that.”

“Thank you. So how are things with you?”

“Great. I’m thinking about pursuing a new venture in my career.”

“Really, what’s that?”

“I want to branch out with my career and possibly start doing hosting spots. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do at the station, but being a correspondent with a local TV station only going to get me so far.”

“I hear you. It’s good to expand your brand. What you’re thinking about doing?”

“Maybe getting my name out there and creating a positive buzz. I also want to get my own talk show one day.”

“Wow Gerald, I’m impressed. But you always were driven.”

“Yeah, and look where it got me. I mean you’re an accountant, Camille’s a big name event planner, Tamara has a PR firm, Melanie owns a clothing boutique and Rachel was a well-known actress. I’m just a third rate media correspondent for a station no one watches.”

“Why are you selling yourself short? Didn’t you say the ratings improved when you started your segment?”

“Maybe, but I guess it’s not enough for me.”

“Speaking of Tamara, you did mention she has a PR firm. Don’t you think you need to talk to her to get your foot in the door? I’m pretty sure she knows a lot of people in the industry.”

I looked at Trevor while realizing what he just said. He’s right- I should try to get my foot in door, and what’s the best way by hiring a PR firm to expand my brand.

“I think I should talk to Tamara.”

“I think you should.” Trevor said.

As Trevor stood up to go into the kitchen, I leaned my head back on the armchair and looked at my surroundings. Maybe things will change for me, I just need to believe. Although I’m considered the voice of reason through my friends, I usually wonder who will be the voice of reason for me when I really need it.



Seeing my mom always made me feel good. She can easily take my blues away with her cheerily attitude and sound advice. But as I was headed to my home, the happy feeling I was experiencing was quickly replaced with sheer dread.

I exhaled as I noticed my husband, Chad’s Lincoln Navigator sitting in the driveway. It took everything in me to get out of my car and walk inside my front door. Even though Chad was the love of my life, I lately been wondering should I have even married him. When we first dated back in college, we were so in love. No one could of tear us apart if they wanted to.

I still remember the day we met as if it was yesterday. It was in my sophomore year and his junior year at University of Houston. We were taking a business course together and were paired in a group project to create a business plan. It took us a while to actually admit we had feelings for each other, but when we did, it was definitely magnetic. I even lost my virginity to Chad, which was more than enough for me to know that he was going to be my husband.

We later got engaged a year later, but held off the wedding until we both graduated college. My friends were less than thrilled about me marrying Chad, but they supported my decision and were all presented at our small but intimate wedding. But ever since we started our careers, we just became further apart. To be honest, it felt like we were slowly falling out of love.

As I put my key into the lock, I took another huge breath before opening the door. I looked ahead to see Chad in the kitchen making dinner.

I had to admit Chad looked ever better than the first day we met. His smooth honey colored skin and big brown eyes were always a turn on for me. Not to mention his tall athletic frame; which was a main asset for him while being on the basketball team at UofH. His dream was to be drafted into the NBA, but his career was cut short after a fatal knee injury during one of the biggest games of his college career. He loved the game so much he decided to become a trainer, in which he proudly does for the Baker Jaguars.

When Chad noticed me walking in, he flashed a thousand watt smile which made my heart flutter.

“Hey, babe.” Chad said as he went up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, sweetie. How was work?”

“It was good. Had a bunch of drills I had to do with the players, the usual stuff. How was your day?”

“It was good. I got some work done and went and visit my mom. She was asking about you.”

“Really; I’ll have to make a visit to see Claire soon.”

I smile at the thought. If he only knew…

Truthfully, my mom couldn’t stand Chad. She pretty much thought he was an egoistic jerk who only cared about himself. She was hurt when I said we were getting married. While she was hurt by my news, my father was pretty much happy considering that I was marrying someone who could give free tickets to games when needed.

The one thing my mom always mentioned was: Why couldn’t you and Trevor gained a relationship? He’s a much better catch than Chad.

If she only knew…

I never really told anyone about my feelings for Trevor- not even my mom- so it’s kind of hard to lie to everyone when I’m supposed to be happily married. But one person knows the real state of my marriage, and that’s Trevor. I can’t get anything past him, no matter how far apart we were before.

“I think she would like that”

“I know you had a long day today with work, so I just wanted to have a night catered to you before I head off on the road again. I decided to go to the Atlanta game this weekend.”

“You’re not going to the funeral?”

“Yes, baby I am. I’m leaving straight after though.”

I rolled my eyes at Chad and went into the living room in a huff. Chad is really starting to become too committed to his job. I know with being a trainer takes a lot of time away from home, but the team gave him the weekend off to attend Rachel’s funeral. Why he asked to go was definitely a mystery to me.

Chad walked into the living room and sat down on the couch opposite from me.

“Is there a problem?

“Like you don’t know? You had the weekend off. You can take some time off to attend your friend’s funeral. Not just for yourself, but for me. I need my husband there.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going. I will be there; I’m just going to take a flight out afterwards. Cam, I’m trying to keep a good impression on the team. I just can’t drop everything when I want to.”

“Oh please, don’t give me that bull about keeping a good impression. You’ve been with the team for five years now. You’re one of the best trainers the team ever had.”

“And I want to keep it that way; that’s why I have to make an appearance and show I’m reliable to everyone. I’m pretty sure you understand with the job you have.”

I sighed and went over to Chad. I sat beside him on the couch and took his hand. Chad looked at me and smiled.

“Listen babe, I know we’ve been having some issues lately with our jobs and not finding the time to be with each other. I know you’re frustrated and so am I, but these are the lives we chose when we decided on our careers. I’m not saying we should make time because we definitely should, but I’m not going to regret the career I chose and I wouldn’t want you to either.”

Chad does have a point. We built our careers from the ground up- him with proving to be a great trainer and me by turning a no name brand into the powerhouse it is now. I can’t knock Chad for doing his job just like me with mine. With the last event I planned, I was practically nonexistent at home, which was a strain to Chad because he was actually at home during the time since the team had a four game home stretch.

As I looked into his eyes, Chad leaned into me to give me a kiss on the lips. The kiss was so passionate; I almost forgot what we were talking about. I broke away from the trance and put a hand on his chest.

“Listen, I don’t want to stand in the way of your career, because I know you wouldn’t do that to me; but we have got to find some common ground on our marriage. I want us to be happy again, and lately I feel we haven’t.”

“I understand and I want that too. That’s why I was thinking since the season is almost over in two months that we could take a long vacation in which you can choose the place.”

A huge smile spread across my lips as I threw my arms around Chad. He started to laugh at the excited gesture.

“So, I take that as a yes.”

“Of course! I don’t have any events around that time, so that will be perfect.”

“Let me know where and I’ll make the arrangements.”

A suddenly urge came over me as I began to kiss Chad. He put his arm around me while I began to move my lips to his ear. As I was giving soft, sweet kisses to his earlobe, Chad manage a moan which made me even hornier. Even though I do have feelings for my best friend, I never said I didn’t love my husband. When the times we were together, it was electric; that’s why I wanted to feel him right at that moment.

“What about dinner?” Chad whispered.

“Dinner can wait.” I said as pulled off his shirt.

Chad started to unbutton my blouse as I lay myself on the couch.

And we started to make love right there in the living room.

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