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Baker 6 Chapters 14-17

Hi everyone! The next four chapters from Baker 6 are posted, as Camille relives a moment between her and Trevor, Melanie and Derrick goes digging, and one of the friends’ secrets comes to light.



After a rocky start, the party turned out to be pretty good. We feasted on Rachel’s favorite foods consist of gumbo, sushi, chocolate chip cookies, and homemade strawberry margaritas. Melanie called informing everyone she had to work late, but will meet everyone at The Plaza later for karaoke. Although Melanie wasn’t there, it still was a good time for us as we exchanged fond memories of Rachel and watched videos of us during our high school and college years. As a video of our prom came on, I looked over at Trevor and exchanged glances. Prom was a great time for us all, especially since Trevor and I shared our first kiss. Yes, we have kissed, but it only went as far as that.

It was during one of the last dances of the evening and I decided to dance with Trevor after my date, Chris Parker decided to go chase after Deborah Willis, who was the prom queen. Just being on the dance floor with Trevor made me feel like we were the only two on the floor, as I put my arms around him. Trevor was moving his hands up and down my back, giving me multiple tingles. As he started to breathe on my neck, I started to run my fingers through his hair. And then it happened. He leaned in closer to me as I licked my lips a little to give some moisture. The kiss was so soft and tender that I felt like I was floating. That’s when I knew I wanted to be with this man for the rest of my life. If only I was true with myself and told him how I felt instead of being a coward and let him slip away. And I did that when he went off with multiple women.

Now, I don’t know where our relationship stand. I know I should let things go, but I can’t.

I watched as Trevor was whispering something in Melissa’s ear and she started to smile. They do make a cute couple. I guess I should just be happy for them and move on.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Tamara asked as she looked from Trevor to me.

“Hey girl. How are you holding up?”

“I’m good. What about you? I could tell how you’re looking that you don’t really approve of Melissa.”

“It’s not that. For what I know of her she’s nice, but…”

“But she’s not you. Camille, just admit the truth. You always had a thing for Trevor. But stop being obvious about it when your husband is in the same room.”

“You think I’m not trying? Besides, I don’t know what Chad is doing when he’s on road trips.”

“Yeah, you don’t; but what if he’s not doing anything? Then that would make you the cheater.”

“I haven’t done anything, Tamara.”

“Yeah, not physically, but you are cheating emotionally.”

I sighed as I watched the video of Rachel smiling straight at the camera.

“Is everyone ready to go to Plaza?”

“Sure.” Everyone said as they started to gather their items.

I looked at Rachel’s smiling face once more before turning off the TV. For some reason, I feel

there is more to what happened the night Rachel died. Call me crazy, but there is no way Rachel died accidently.

“Come on girl, let’s get ready to karaoke.” Tamara said.

“Yea, how fun.” I sarcastically replied while grabbing my handbag.

I’m going to need a lot of liquid to get through tonight.



“You really think this is going to work?” I asked Derrick as we walked into HodgCo. PR Firm, which is also Tamara’s company.

I felt so guilty walking into Tamara’s place of business and going through her things. But of course Derrick knew this would be the perfect opportunity to rummage through her things since she would be at Camille and Chad’s for Rachel’s farewell party. I really wanted to go, but since I told Camille I would meet everyone at The Plaza, I didn’t feel too bad.

As Derrick went into Tamara’s office, I looked around the building trying to see if anything stood out. This is the one thing I hate about my job. Not only am I a boutique owner, but I’m also a federal agent. Yes, I work for the FBI. And so does Derrick. But that’s not all. Our current case involves a crime lord who sells drugs to youth around the Houston area. We even think this person may be using young kids and teenagers to push his dope around the neighborhood and schools. We been going after this person for the past year and a half, but do not have anything to press charges on him. We do have new evidence against this particular person but it caused a problem with Derrick and me because the new evidence is Derrick’s sister Tamara. We believe Tamara may be involved with this person as an accomplice.

Ever since Derrick heard the news regarding his sister being involved, he’s been hesitated to work on the case. Honestly, I’m just as hesitant being that Tamara is one of my good friends. Although we have asked to be taken off the case (since it would be a conflict of interest on Derrick’s part), Agent Sutton thought otherwise, giving leeway that our target would be none the wiser since she would be willing to talk to family.

While working on the case, Derrick and I became close. I wasn’t expecting to fall for my friend’s brother, but one thing led to another and it just sort of happened. I mean why wouldn’t I? He’s sexy. Just looking at his dark features, chocolate eyes, and athletic built, no woman could resist him.

I quickly came back to reality when I heard Derrick call my name.

“Mel, can you stop daydreaming and help me search this place?”

“Sorry.” I said as I went over to the reception desk and begin to do a search.

“Should we really be doing this? We don’t even have a search warrant.”

“I know, but if we do find something maybe I could warn Tamara about the case.”

“And how are you going to do that without blowing your cover?”

“Honestly, I don’t’ know.”

“Did you find anything?”

“Nothing; I knew we wouldn’t be able to find anything, especially in her office.”

“We might have to search her apartment. You think we could with a search warrant?”

“Probably so.”

“I’m still not on board with this. We could be completely wrong about Tamara.”

“I wish we were, but evidence doesn’t lie. The agency has proof that Tamara is involved with Colton Brown, top drug dealer in the southwest region. They even believed that Brown funded Tamara the money to start her PR firm.”

“Why would Tamara get involved with this guy?”

“Who knows with my sister. What I do know is maybe we won’t find anything that will stick her to this case. Don’t you have to meet everyone later anyway?”

“Yeah at Plaza. You want to come?”

“I’ll pass. I just want to go home and get some rest.”

“I wish I was going with you.”

“You can always come by later and spend the night.”

I went up to Derrick and gave him a kiss.

“I’ll hold you to that. Don’t fall asleep.”

“Trust me, I’ll be up waiting.”

We looked around to make sure everything was still in place as Derrick retrieved his key to lock up. I looked around the office one last time before he closed the door. Hopefully I won’t give myself away too much once I’m around Tamara, because now I’m starting to get paranoid about everything surrounding the case and with my relationship with Derrick.



“You need to let out some frustration. What better way than karaoke.” Gerald said as we walked into The Plaza.

“I’m pretty sure karaoke is not going to do it tonight, Gerald.” I said as I headed straight to the bar.

Going to The Plaza has always been a hangout of ours. Whether we were in college after football games and parties or having the occasional get together, we always found time to let off steam by belting out our favorite tunes. All expect Camille, who hated karaoke, but came to support her friends.

As I was about to pick up my beer, I looked up at the stage and noticed a girl drunkenly singing TLC’s “Ain’t To Proud to Beg.” I started to smile as I thought back to when Rachel sung the same song the last time we were all together. I know she is up in heaven smiling down on her friends knowing that we are all here tonight for her.

I noticed Camille sitting with Chad with a depressed look on her face. Although I feel really bad about what happened earlier, I cannot be upset at how I feel. Camille has to accept that we cannot be together. No matter how much I despised Chad, that is her husband and until he decides to tell Camille about him and Rachel, they are still married.

“Are you going to sing tonight?” I heard Melissa ask as she was standing next to me.

“I might. Gerald and I usually do a rap routine but I might just sit back and watch everyone else tonight.”

“Aww, I really wanted to hear you sing.”

“You heard me sing plenty of times baby.” I said as I wrap my arm around her. Melissa smiled as she snuggled against my chest.

“You still didn’t tell me what happened with Camille tonight? She hasn’t said much after you two were in the kitchen talking.”

“It’s nothing. She still kind of distraught over Rachel’s passing. In fact we all are.”

“I can imagine. You all were so close.”

“Yeah, we were. I’m really glad you’re here.”

“I know baby. I’m glad to be here for you. In fact, I was thinking lately about the wedding and where things will be after we get married.”

“I was thinking the same thing; especially the living arrangement.”

“Well since you moved back into your parents’ home, I was thinking that maybe I should just quit my job and move down here. I can always find another job and that way we wouldn’t have to hide our relationship anymore.”

“I knew you would want to, but I didn’t think you would now. We haven’t even set a wedding date yet.”

“Is there a reason why you don’t want me to move now?”

I looked at Melissa realizing what she’s saying. Although I would love for Melissa to be here, I need to figure out what the hell is going on with me and Camille, and I cannot have Melissa here complicating things even more.

What am I saying? Melissa is my fiancée; I should want her here.

The bartender came to me with a bottle of beer. Melissa looked at me with a concern expression.

“You had four beers at Camille’s.”

“And this is my fifth.” I said as I took the bottle to my lips.

“Why are you drinking so much?”

”It just beers; I barely get drunk with them.”

“What’s going on Trevor? You’ve been acting moody ever since you talked to Camille. Did you two have a fight?”

“Everything’s fine. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Melissa gave me a doubtful look as she shook her head and walked towards my friends.

I sighed as I turned towards the bartender again. Right now all I want is to get drunk and Melissa is ruining it for me.

* * *


Why did I come out? I could have stayed at home and not have to be bothered with anyone. Chad decided to go onstage and sing “If You Think You Lonely” while the women in the audience were practically drooling. I always thought Chad had a great voice, so no wonder women were going crazy for him. Tamara and Melanie (who showed up ten minutes ago) was sitting beside me going through the song list.

“You should sing Cam. It’ll be like old times.” Melanie said smiling.

”You know I don’t sing.”

“Come on girl; stop being so uptight. Remember during homecoming when we all went on stage to sing Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’?

“Yeah, and we were drunk out of minds. That was the last time I sang too.”

”I remember Chad had to carry you out too. But Rachel just kept on singing.” Tamara said.

I didn’t even notice Melanie returned to the table, let alone left as she sat down beside Tamara and the two started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You’re see.” Melanie said.

The announcer comes back on stage after Chad’s performance to announce the next performer.

“Next up is TMC singing Elle Varner’s “Go.””

“TMC; what the…”

“You know you want to.” Tamara said while standing up.

“Not cool you two.” I said as I debated on getting up or not.

While Chad, Gerald, and Melissa were urging me to go up, Trevor (who finally decided to sit with us after being at the bar for the past twenty minutes) was giving me a mixture of depression and lust.

I don’t know what to gather from Trevor’s attitude but I’m going to find out. I need to know if Trevor’s feelings are true and whether he wouldn’t cross that line he set for himself. I know I’m playing with fire right now, but Chad doesn’t have to know what I’m doing, right? He could think I’m doing it for him.

As I went up to the stage with Tamara and Melanie, we grabbed our microphones and waited for the music to start. As the lyrics started to appear on screen, I begin to give my best impression of Elle Varner (which I truly failed on), but I did have a decent singing voice. While Melanie and Tamara were having fun with their parts, I was on a mission to visually seduce my best friend. I started to roll my hips on stage as Trevor looked on wondering what was I doing while Chad gave me a suspicious glance. I started back singing the lyrics that was flashing on the TV screen above us, but instead of looking at the crowd or even my husband for that matter, I stared directly at Trevor, giving him one of my famous sultry looks.

I know I’m going to get some weird vibes from everyone after this, but I didn’t care. I needed Trevor to know I was not giving up without a fight, even if it cost my marriage.



What the hell was my wife doing? If she was going to flirt with Trevor she could at least not did it in my face. I looked over at the bastard and noticed he was trying to play off being excited. Never in my life have I seen two people act the way they do. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like this before; Camille was actually a committed wife who adored me; but lately things between us have changed. I guess you can say it was my fault with my career. I definitely let it get in between us. That and the multiple affairs I’ve been having behind Camille’s back. So yes, Trevor was right to question me about whether I’ve been unfaithful, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that. Besides he can’t really talk when he lusting after my wife while his fiancée is sitting right beside him.

Being that my career required me to travel, I can practically have multiple affairs and get away with it. I mean Camille will never know the amount of women I encountered while on the road. In fact, while Camille thinking I’m going on an away game after the funeral; I’m actually meeting one of my women, Lauren, in Austin. So my job definitely has its peaks.

I can easily let Camille go if I want to pursue other options, but believe it or not I love my wife. I would do anything for her if she asked- expect giving up my relationships.

As for Rachel, I really do miss her. She was a great woman. Being with her was one of the happiest moments of my life. We kept the relationship a secret, but of course Trevor found out during one of his and Rachel’s many arguments.

Why Trevor never told Camille is a mystery to me, but it could be lot of reasons since Rachel knew something about Trevor that even Camille didn’t know.

As I watched my wife acting all flirty towards Trevor, my jealousy started to take center stage.

Camille walked over to the table and noticed the awkward stares from Melissa and Gerald. Trevor looked like he wanted to say something but couldn’t.

Instead of me pulling Camille to the side and discussing the situation privately, I begin to express my feelings in front of everyone.

“What the hell was that?”

“Can you calm down? I was having fun since everyone was egging me to go on stage.”

“That what that was? You could have fooled me.”

“I was just being sexy Chad, damn.”

“Towards another man!”

I could tell people around us were listening but I didn’t care. I was going to make my feelings known.

“Keep me out of this Chad.” Trevor said in a slur.

“Shut your drunk ass up. You know damn well this is about you lusting for my wife.”

“Why don’t we take this outside, Chad?” Gerald said as he tried to put a hand on me.

“Get your damn hands off me.” I said while jerking away from Gerald.

“Listen Chad, I’m not going to do this anymore. I’m unhappy with our marriage. I have tried to make things work, but things are not the same anymore.”

“You’re kidding me right? You’re just going to do this right here?”

“What difference does it make where I tell you? And this has nothing to do with Trevor. We’ve been having problems for a long time.”

“You know I’m sick and tired of trying to be the devoted husband and trying to make things work while you do whatever the hell you wanted, no matter if it was your career or you wanting to sex your best friend. For all I know you two probably have.”

“You are truly a jackass.” Trevor said as he went up to me.

“You blame Camille for everything, but what about you? You barely call your wife when you’re gone on trips and when you’re here you barely recognize her.”

“Really Trevor?”

“Yeah, really. Who you think your wife goes to when she needs to talk, when you’re nowhere to be found.”

“I’m sure you were right there waiting and willing.”

“Come on you two stop this!” Tamara exclaimed.

“If you stop treating your wife like dirt she wouldn’t have to go to another man.”

“Like Rachel did with me; trust me, it was well worth it.”

And that’s when Trevor decked me. I probably shouldn’t have gone there about Rachel, but I wasn’t thinking clearly. Now everyone -including my wife- knew one of my dirty secret.

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