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Coming Soon!!

Hi everyone!! If anyone was keeping up during The Love Interview series, I did an interview with Hayley and Morgan from the Something Just Ain’t Right series. The two did mention about a novella that they will be featured in later this year. Well, I have been working on a few project lately, and their story is one of them. Hales and Morgan will be back in the Something Just Ain’t Right novella, Just Right.

Here is the cover in which I created myself. 🙂

Just Right

I do not have an official release date, but it will be sometime this summer (possibly in July or August). This story will be released before If It Isn’t Love (Tamara and Lamar’s story), so it’s best to read this story before reading the spin-off, as Tamara and Lamar’s story will be introduced in the novella.

I will be uploading the blurb and the first excerpt from the book soon, so stay on the lookout for those items. As for this story going on pre-order, I’ll keep you all updated on that.

I do have another surprise for this series, which I will announce very soon. 🙂

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