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Hi everyone!! Since I have already wrapped up A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas, it’s now time to focus on my projects for 2017. One will be a new Love, Life, & Happiness spin-off, Real Love.

As many of you may know, Riana and Shawn is definitely one of my favorite couples, and to me, I felt as if they have a few more stories to tell. While writing A LL&H Christmas, I came up with this cool concept to do another story about them as they start a new chapter in their lives with Shawn being offered a position with a national news network in Atlanta (and no, this is not the network you’re thinking of; this one is completely fictional). While Shawn’s news career is going strong, so is Riana’s writing career.

With new beginnings in a new city, new problems will also arise for the couple, making them wonder is their love strong enough to get through the issues they are facing.

I’m still undecided if this will be a standalone or a series, but regardless, I already determined that the release for this book will be set in February.

And here is the cover for Real Love:


If you have not read their love story, both Love Unbroken and Love Always is available now.

To read about the couple’s decision, it will be one of the short stories in A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas, which will be available December 13th. Pre-order is available now on all major sites.

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