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Cover Reveal- Disasters In Dating by Danielle Allen

Dating is hard.

Dating online is hard.

Dating online in your thirties is hard.

Dating online in your thirties after being in a ten-year relationship is hard.

What’s not hard?

Meeting men who aren’t really single.

Having your time wasted.

Receiving unsolicited pictures of genitalia.

Said genitalia.

When did dating become so complicated?

I just want to find a nice, good looking man who replies to my entire text message and doesn’t text me “WYD” every hour. I just want to find a fun loving, intelligent man who doesn’t have a Master’s Degree in Cheating, Shenanigans and Tomfoolery and isn’t fluent in lies. I just want to find a man who is actually the height he listed in his dating profile.

I jumped back into the dating scene with tempered expectations. I didn’t think all the men I would meet were going to be amazing, but I didn’t think so many of them were going to be disasters.

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