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Cover Reveal- Unconditional Love

Good Morning!! Here is the second cover reveal for the book Unconditional Love. This is the third book from the Love, Life, & Happiness series, which is also Britney and Jayden’s story. I will be revealing five spoilers soon, but I must warn you, there will be a death in this story 😦

So, here’s the cover:


A very special thanks to Tara from Fantasia Frog Designs who designed both The Wedding, Part II and Unconditional Love. Both covers are excellent!!


When I first met Jayden Robertson, he was just my best friend’s brother. I tried to keep my feelings hidden, but every time I was around him, they became more evident. I didn’t want to just be his friend. I knew he felt the same way, but with basketball surrounding his life, I didn’t want to interfere since going pro is his dream. Can I accept his lifestyle and what he stands for, or will I end up losing him before our relationship even begins?


Love is something I’d always wanted to experience, but I never had until I met Britney Lewis. She’s everything I want in a woman- smart, confident, and extremely beautiful. We’d always talked about a relationship but never actually pursued one. With basketball consuming my life 24/7, I didn’t have time for anything else; but for Britney, I would make time. But there is something that has pained me for years that no one knew about. I knew I should let go, but that’s something I was finding hard to do. Will she be the one to help me through my struggles, or will I end up losing everything I’ve worked hard for, including the relationship I have with her?

Unconditional Love will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Google Play July 5th!!!

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